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  1. The added sortie rewards don't sound good.

    3 Day boosters are ok for me. A big downside to buying a booster from the store is that I can't choose when the booster starts. Then there are all the players who are using boosters all the time anyway and who don't get anything out of this.

    3 Nitain is not worth running sorties.

    Completed forma is always nice to have, but again not something I would want for running 3 high level missions.

    Exilus Adaptor Blueprints are easy enough to get anyway and I don't use them at all. If this was a completed exilus adaptor it would be fine imo.

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  2. Just now, Top_Kekkonen said:

    Carrier probably would still be used 80% of the time.

    It really depends on how 5m feel in practice, but I'm pretty sure carrier would be used a lot less. Probably also depends on how far behind walls the loot drops.
    And even if it still gets used that much after the change, I would be fine with that.

  3. Seeing that war within is still more than a month away really sucks, especially when we don't get information about the reason behind the delay.

    When it comes to vacuum, I think the 5m aura should be for the warframe and not for sentinels. There are a lot of reasons to run around with a sentinel instead of a kubrow or kavat and having vacuum shouldn't be added to that imo.
    Also leaving the vacuum mod in game, so carrier can extend the aura, would be a good idea. This way carrier keeps its function and players don't feel like they get less than before.

  4. We were promised, that all the void keys would still be relevant after the update. This is only partially true, because for all the new prime items we have to farm new relics now.
    All the other relics are more or less worthless to a lot of us now until they get vaulted and players who weren't here before want to buy the items.

    The biggest problem here is that we can't prepare for the new prime releases anymore. Will this be addressed soon?

  5. 11 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Sorry guys, between the Hotfix fire and other issues we wanted to get the Repair script out ASAP for those in the affected group (Update to Hotfix 1), and I'm just catching up on last week after TennoCon consumed my life. I can see here that you all think this is not a satisfactory result to the change, and I will audit my own inventory as well pre/post SotR to see how things played out here for another possible round here as Dev sees fit. 

    The 5 relics definitly are nice, so we have something to do for now.

    Thank you for still looking into this.

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  6. 55 minutes ago, AurumandArgentum said:

    Thanks for fixing the double V1 issue, that confused the hell out of me.

    And yes everyone, there should have been more but lets be honest here, they can't give out too many for several reasons or else we can throw the econ out the window

    Well we don't want any keys for free. We just want an even distribution, so we don't have to farm a bunch of keys again, just because there is this one type we are lacking.

    I think the best solution would be to allow players to trade in relics for different relics of the same era. This would solve the problem for most people, because we have a ton of relics, that we don't need anyway and it would be nice moving forward.

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  7. 52 minutes ago, Lord_Azrael said:


    Not every mission has 4 people in it, and those people won't always be able to run CP. You can't say "the strun wraith is no good" and then explain that statement by saying "you can use 4xCP."

    IF you're using 4xCP vs corrupted or grineer then raw viral damage is obviously better. But I can take my Strun Wraith into a solo mission and kill level 150 heavy gunners with 0 problems. If that doesn't make a weapon good, I don't know what does.

    And anyway I almost never have 4xCP in missions. For one thing, it's often just two or three of us, and nobody wants to nerf their build to fit coaction drift. There are many ways to strip armor, but it's nice to have that reliable status chance, so that you can just shoot things and not worry about deliberately stripping their armor using a wf ability.

    I'm not saying that the weapon is bad. You could argue that the strun wraith is better than the sancti tigris or vaykor hek, because it still deals very high damage when the others struggle because of high armor, so if you can beat that you can also beat the rest with it. In practive the other 2 just deal more damage most of the time, because it takes so long to get into the level range where the status procs actually become relevant. 

    8 minutes ago, Knightmare047 said:

    I believe the Strun Wraith is unpopular due to how the other shotguns easily outclass it. The Strun Wraith seems to have no chance of competing with the raw DPS that the Tigris and Hek series can. Some people are still hung over how the weapon got a huge nerf in its reload time. It used to have the fastest reload time of all the shotguns at about 1.5s. And it now has a shell-by-shell reloading mechanic which is slower and a nerf in general. It takes 0.5s to reload each shell, and a total of 5s to reload an empty Strun Wraith.

    Just that they don't "easily outclass" it. Most of the time it won't make a huge difference and when the armor gets higher the other shotguns just can't keep up with the strun wraith at all.
    The reload mechanic is only a real problem when you are constantly fighting and then you can just use the boar prime.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Lord_Azrael said:

    This is true, but I feel like you're forgetting about gas damage, which is very fun and strong at any level. See my above post for my build.

    I should probably try out gas. It's just that it doesn't have good multipliers outside of the infested.

    3 minutes ago, D4K4R said:

    Until lv 100. After that, armor stripping becomes better than raw damage

    That's what I was talking about. It actually becomes relevant a lot earlier and it's not like you can just point at a specific level and say, that status becomes better at that point. You pretty much need the armor and it's better to just deal with that using CP.

  9. Depending on the mission type the reload mechanic can be quite annoying. That's mainly in endless missions where you are fighting constantly. When you are running around in between fights the reload mechanic is actually pretty nice. That's only my opinions tho.

    The strun wraith also isn't as easy available as the sancti tigris or vaykor hek, so a lot of people don't even get to trying it out.

    Corrosive projection is also a factor. With 4 CPs status weapons are a lot less effective. The big difference is really when you can make use of the corrosive procs. Blast procs are generally more annoying than useful imo. Sure they are knocked down and don't kill you, but they also take less damage because you don't get headshots. Viral + radiation is nice, but raw damage is generally better.
    The thing is that status isn't just straight up better in higher levels. I feel like that's what a lot of people think- you just have to go really high and at some point it makes sense to use status, but since they aren't going that high they don't actually think about what is more effective. Status is a lot better when you are up against high armor enemies and has utility for the rest of the time.

    Btw I wouldn't use ammo mutation on the strun wraith or the boar prime. If you run out of ammo just use your secondary or go melee.

  10. It's not actually that bad considering that the game is f2p. As mentioned earlier this is a lot better than p2w.

    Also to all of those who think forma should take less time. 1 or 2 hours less would be nice. This way you can actually get 1 forma/day instead of it being delayed every day.
    If you really need more forma you have to buy it for 20 plat. That's also what you have to do with reactors and catalysts.

    The first time I built a new warframe and I realized that it takes 3 days to put all the parts together I wasn't that happy with it. I got used to it tho and now it doesn't bother me anymore. There is enough to do anyway. The only time I got really frustrated was when I was trying to get chroma. Part of it was that I also didn't research volt in advance, but I think interupting quests like that isn't a great idea.

  11. Trinity giving 75% damage reduction to everyone in a large radius seem ok. I would honestly like a change to how the mechanic works. Keeping buffs going all the time is already annoying enough and it's not like better players can keep buffs up better. Trinity is even more annoying. Blessing requires extra setup and EV is lot worse, because it's actually really nice to spam it all the time, but then you basically don't do anything else.

    If EV just converted damage dealt to enemies in an aura around her into energy for her and her teammates it would be a lot better and would allow the trinity to focus on dodging enemy attacks and killing stuff.

    When it comes to blessing my idea would be to let trinity share her link with other players. Damage taken by other players would be redirected to the enemies around trinity. This way trinity could focus more on her enemies instead of having to deal damage to herself before the blessing.

    Also can we please get improvements to the way other defensive abilities work. I'm mainly thinking about elemental ward (chroma 2) and pacify (equinox 3).

    Elemental ward is a lot worse than 75% DR and the range is really bad + you need an augment if you want other to keep the buff when they leave the aura.

    Pacify is great when you have peaceful provocation stacked up all the way. The thing is, that it is kind of hard to get the stacks without dying and then you also have to be really careful, because there are way too many ways to lose the buff. You can fall off something, you can get nullified, you can run out of energy and when you switch forms you also lose it. Also why does this ability have falloff and even worse- Why is there no word about this in the game?! Pacify should just get the full effect at the range it currently has and then a lesser effect for both the basic ability and the slow outside of the current max range.

  12. 4 hours ago, Geraion said:

    No, that's silly for Excal. You can build for his abilities as you see fit, chaining them just makes him a muuuuch worse Nezha. It's fine as it is now. The changes to EB are ok as well, means I can go back to not using it most of the time and not feel awful for not using it, because it's so strong, you'd almost be $&*&*#(%& not to. Even on a finisher build.


    Bleed proc for everything? No... Why?

    ...you can't use any other abilities while you spam 4, no point. And no point in using shuriken either, it sucks, and costs valuable time to use on -2- enemies. And not always the 2 you aim at.

    Er...I smell Zed here. Also...why?


    Leaving that to DE, as long as his stealth and TP still work more or less as they do now, I'm fine. Because I actually really dig the finisher TP. Which would render the change (or vice versa, if it happened) moot.


    I agree with the armor reduction, it would help a little against insane enemy scaling.


    As for healers, can't say much there, I despise spamming Trin's 2, and nothing else. Ever. Ugh.

    I overall like the changes, but I would personally like to use excal more like an actual melee frame (most players don't even know that you have a combo counter with exalted blade- it's just that the waves don't add to it) + radial blind is extremely strong when you compare it to other "2" ablities.

    Now the idea I had for a bladestorm rework is, that you actually don't just start jumping around when you use bladestorm. You would mark the enemies and then kill them actively yourself.

    Every attack adding a bleed proc, not only gives you a lot of extra damage, but the rest of your team aswell.

    The shuriken part could be changed so shuriken would just deal more damage to marked enemies- that might actually make more sense.

    Leaving shadows at every enemy you attack would mean, that it can be used in a similar way that it is used right now.

    I actually think the change to armor reduction would make a huge difference. Let's say you have 1 corrosive projection and you manage to proc corrosive 1 time. This would result in the armor being reduced by 55% already. Then you can use stuff like frost ultimate, abating link augment etc and you would only have to reduce the armor by 45%, rather than the 100% that is required right now if you want to remove armor completly.

  13. 8 minutes ago, Arkvold said:

    Okay DE.  I'm going to step back from the actual decisions being made here.  I want to talk about the philosophy behind them, and what you, as developers, need to be thinking about when you make these changes.  They smack of kneejerk reactions, without understanding the deeper meanings of why things happen the way they do.  So as someone who's worked in game development myself, I'm going to help you bridge the gap between player's-eye viewpoint and dev's-eye viewpoint.

    Now, with any content you make, people are going to look for strategies that beat it.  That's the nature of the game.  It's the nature of every video game - to overcome the challenges the devs have put before you and reap the rewards, then use those rewards to meet and overcome the next set of challenges.  Your goal, as a developer, is to provide a challenge to your playerbase that is difficult enough to require strategy and tactics and preparation, but is also winnable within a margin of error that is humanly achievable.

    Warframe's highest-end content has a serious problem with that.  Once enemy levels get into the 60s, 70s, 80s+, survival becomes increasingly binary.  You are either alive and strictly invulnerable, invisible, or sheltered behind tens of thousands of intervening effective health points, or you are dead the moment you are exposed to enemy fire.  First it's the bombards, who deal ridiculous damage over huge AoE.  Then you notice that seekers and eviscerators are one-shotting you too, and soon enough you fear stepping outside that Frost's bubble for even a half second lest you catch a stray Grakata round and spontaneously evaporate into a cloud of gore.

    Some people look at that and go 'nope, not playing that, that's not fun.'  In the interest of full disclosure, I'm one of 'em, typically.  I've never been fond of games where one slight mistake will end you.  This is why I don't play sorties, despite the rewards.  I don't know a lot of people, I don't like trying to put together a team for it, and it has such strict requirements on what you can and cannot bring to the table that most of my arsenal is useless in it.

    Others, however, look at that and go 'challenge accepted.'  They will look for ways to overcome even this extreme difficulty.  Like Ivara surviving while invisible and using sleep arrow and covert lethality to score kills regardless of armor and HP.  Or Blind Mirage rendering entire spawns comatose across an entire map and then merrily obliterating them one after another.  Or Ash using a combination of invulnerability and finisher damage to kill enemies he could never take in a straight fight.  Or Excalibur utilizing EB's range and blind-spin to get free finishers and stay out of reach of enemies while still benefitting from his sword boost passive.

    The fact is, players look for ways to trivialize content because there's content that's very good at trivializing players.  It is, in fact, using content-trivializing strategies is the only way to survive player-trivializing content.

    When health and armor don't matter, and shields are merely a formality between enemies and your health, your best guns take off mere slivers of enemy health, and all the buffs in the world won't fix either of those situations, that's when players reach for the nuke options - invulnerability, invisibility, scaling damage absorption, finisher damage, finisher openers, and instant-kills.

    What's important to remember is that players are right to do this.  You made the content capable of obliterating anyone without these tools; therefore, players are going to use the tools you gave them that work.  And they're going to keep using them, until you either take the tools away (nerfing), or the tools are no longer necessary and there are more efficient and less-drastic means of accomplishing the mission.  If my guns started to deal damage again, and my shields and health could actually survive a bullet or two, I might decide to use them over wtfhax bladestorm/stacked snowglobes/BLIND BLIND BLIND SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP FINISHER FINISHER FINISHER.

    So here's what you, as game devs, need to do.  Ask yourselves the question, "What are players SUPPOSED to do to defeat this content?"  And gear your changes towards THAT.  You need to make a hard decision as to what gear and what methods players are allowed to use, and which are exploitative and need to be either nerfed-out or compensated for.  The answer "Players aren't supposed to defeat this content" isn't an acceptable answer; it's a terrible GM that measures success in trashed character sheets, and likewise it's a terrible developer that measures success in Game Overs.

    Finally, you need to look at rewards in the light of the effort required to get them.  If defeating a piece of content is supposed to be a difficult task and a momentous event when you and your cell succeeds, then the rewards should be commensurate.  The rewards need to be something immediately good and useful.  If you throw out player-trivializing content, and then say to those who beat it "Congratulations, now run it five hundred times more if you want a reasonable chance to get the actual good rewards from it" then they're going to look at you, scoff, and walk out.

    This is how you make good gameplay.

    A lot of this post is true, however-

    It's not like every enemy in sorties will just kill you. Actually using defensive mods makes a big difference and modding your weapons correctly to make sure they are effective against the enemy type in that mission is very important. Sure there are some enemy types or sortie conditions where there is not a lot the players can do, but - and this is very important- it's not like the balancing doesn't work at all even at that level. Level 80-100 is where the armor scaling becomes a big problem and where the defensive options fall apart, but small changes to the system have a huge impact. So it's not like the cheesy tactics are actually needed.

    Players are right to use whatever tactic is the best way to beat the mission. They will however not stop using those cheesy tactics, when they aren't needed. Blinding the whole T4 interception map on mirage is absolutly not needed, but players still do it, because it's an easy way to complete that mission.

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  14. 4 minutes ago, DxAdder said:

    I see where your coming from but at least 50% of the player base are casual players who almost depend on OP frames abilities to get any where in void missions or to participate in Sorties. Will it affect Hardcore players ? Nope . 

    I would be concerned about how much of the "Fun"  Factor is being removed for casuals, there the ones who will rage quit.


    Those casual players don't actually rely on any OP frames. They just play whatever they find fun no matter how bad it is. These changes affect those who want to be hardcore players, but can't because all they are able to do is grab OP frames and spam 1 ability.

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  15. These changes look pretty good overall.

    I would've liked more reason to go into melee as excalibur. Maybe changing exalted blade so it doesn't generate waves would be good. Instead of every wave it would be on charged attacks and then a combo that sends out a number of waves at the end.

    I also wouldn't mind if enemies blinded by radial blind were only vulnerable to finishers after being hit by radial javelin aswell.

    Really looking forward to trinity changes. I like link, but it is overshadowed by EV and blessing. Spamming either of those abilities is't really fun imo. EV should be changed to a buff/aura, so it doesn't have to be recast as much and the blessing DR should probably be linked to every single players hp and/or project the DR from link to other players rather than buffing the whole map.

    When playing as a healer I also found that there is way to much burst damage in the game right now. Most of the time players are either at full hp or almost full hp and then dead within seconds, leaving no time to react even for a trinity. This is a problem with enemy scaling and while I don't think endless missions have to be balanced perfectly, at level 80-100 this is already a problem. There should be a reasonable time to react to anything that kills a warfrae this fast. Sidenote- I would like an option to show the hp of other players companions, so healers can also take care of them.

    For ash it would be great if bladestorm worked better with the rest of his abilities. I would change it, so enemies within range are marked.

    • Anything dealing damage to marked enemies causes a bleed proc, this includes teammates
    • Using shuriken on marked enemies doesn't cost any energy.
    • Using teleport on a marked enemy also doesn't cost energy and causes the current bladestorm animation. If the target is not killed immediatly one of the shadows is left behind.

    I also thought that it would be great if there was a augmant that slowed down enemies affected by bladestorm, but maybe that would make it too similar to Novas molecular prime.

    Finally a change to the way armor reducing effects work would be great. If they stacked additive, it would make them a lot more useful. This way corrosive projection wouldn't be the only effective way to remove armor completely. In this case corrosive procs would still stack multiplicative and then be added to the rest of the armor reduction, otherwise it would be too easy to completely remove armor with corrosive procs.

  16. How exactly is Vaubans passive going to work? Is the bonus armor affected by mods? I would also say, that vauban and vauban prime should get the same bonus, so the prime version doesn't get a big bonus beyond the base stats. And finally I would rather have this bonus be granted to every teammate in a radius around the powers he uses rather than to him and only when teammates are nearby. Even in a defense it often happens that players run out of a 10m radius and it would completly useless without a group. If it was around his powers it would make him a lot better at defending stuff, where currently frost just feels a lot more powerful, because his globe protects against ranged attacks.

    Embers passive also sounds pretty bad to me. I guess it's great when used with quick thinking. Maybe add elemental resistance to her along with the other elemental based frames (frost, volt, saryn).

    Also chromas passive doesn't help him all that much. From what I've seen from other players and what seems to be most effective to me, is that the extra armor available from the ice colors is just the most useful, because an armor tank is really what most players want out of chroma. It would be nice if maybe the passive would allow him to regenerate shields when he is using electricity based colors, so he can use vex armor better, without having to rely on his sentinel or arcanes. Just something that makes his whole kit complete, because right now it is very hard to mod him effectively and the potential to give buffs to teammates isn't really used.

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