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  1. 47 minutes ago, lukinu_u said:

    TL;DR : It's definitely possible but would require a huge amount of work, some decisions need to be made in order to have a workaround to each unique situation of unique material/colors applications, and on top of that, it would require a huge revamp of the Tennogen program, which is a lot of work for both DE and the artists currently participating.


    Well there's all the answers I could have hoped for

    To clarify, I don't want Warframe to *look* like Anthem. I don't know where people got that impression, I can only assume they read like 3 words and jumped to a conclusion.

    I just think it would be cool to have Anthem's customization.

  2. I suppose the title is pretty self explanatory.

            What would it take to implement such an in-depth system in Warframe? Could it be done in a way that is worth the time and money needed to nearly rewire the entire fashion system?

            I would really hope so. It's great that we have a few different options of accessories from each faction and several unique one offs. The problem is they all have unique textures that don't match, even other sets from the same faction. So even though I *can* wear Saturn Six armor with, say, Galvanik, 9/10 times I won't bc the matte of the SS clashes with the (over the top imo) gloss of the Galvanik. 

             There's also the issue of misaligned color channels but iirc Steve already mentioned that fixes for that are *somewhere* down the pipeline. If that is the case then maybe sooner than later would be the time to rewire the customization to allow for Anthem's material/texture swap tech.

              Bear in mind a great deal of what determines whether or not it's worth the investment is how much the playerbase wants it, so if texture/material swap is something we want then let's let them know.


  3. In seemingly unrelated situations, the lighting of the screen will flare super bright for a sec before returning to normal values. 
    Instances where it happens seem to be unrelated, at least from a non-developer standpoint.
    Two consistent repros: 
    Pulling up chat and selecting a tab after minimizing it -Screen flashes bright once for .5 sec, returns to normal.
    Mission Summary screen -Flashes violently for entire duration until loading into orbiter. (This could cause serious issues for anyone prone to seizures)
    I've encountered a number of instances of this screen flash in mission but haven't been able to peg down the culprits in the heat of battle.

  4. The arbitrary, forced white patches on the belly and chest flower need to go. Looks quite unsightly with anything darker than pastels. Other than that I'm quite impressed with the color maps and textures being kept in their places given its ludicrous amounts of geometry. *Cries at Excal and Mag Deluxe color map overlap*


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  5. You used to be able to use Black in an energy color to cancel out parts of ephemera to single out specific parts.
    Like here, you could put Black in the primary energy color to cancel out the fog and leave only the mist. It was awesome and had dozens of creative ways to use it. And for no reason whatsoever someone got a wild hair made everything visible all the time and even take wf energy colors on top. No one complained this wasnt how it was, noone wanted this, noone asked for this, please please please revert it. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, (PS4)sweatshawp said:

    Read my most recent post. And again while I do empathize with both parties making it so important information pops up upon logging in we get less of these threads 

    I would like to point to you that the doorknob in question has been playing Warframe for only just under 4 years, and somehow has managed to never notice the very large holo shoved in his face every load in with the word "NEWS" in size 142 font. Nothing to be gained by making excuses for people who make excuses for themselves.

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