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  1. I can tell you that you don't know that. I did read the post. Quite frankly, I have no clue how you think I didn't, except possibly by misunderstanding what I said. I'm aware that Loki's Switch Teleport is now considered to be an illicit strategy. However, 24 hours ago, I would have begrudgingly said "Even though I don't like it, it works, so I have to assume it's fair game." I had no way of knowing that killing an enemy that way was considered to be illicit. That's my concern here. The issue I have is that what was "illicit" was unknown until AFTER DE handed out the rulings. If you're going to punish someone, the rules need to be laid out explicitly beforehand. The harsher the punishment, the more clear it needs to be. From what I can tell, killing the Demolysts via Switch Teleport was as simple as teleporting them into a pit. That's expected to me since I recall enemies dying if thrown off the map. That doesn't immediately sound like an exploit, that sounds like an understanding of how the game works. We know now that it was a bug, but were I a player participating in the strategy before, I would have believed it was intended to work like that. The more I observe the strategy, the more I can imagine someone picking it up without realizing it wasn't allowed. There could be something I'm missing here. For example, if the strategy only worked under incredibly specific conditions, then I could understand that some participants should have realized it wasn't intended, and therefore wasn't allowed. However, even then, the issue stands, as such rules were not as explicit as they should have been. As far as I can see, normal players who happened to pick up the strategy, or players invested enough in the game to dedicate a large portion of their time to competing in it, may have been negatively affected in a considerable way by this decision, and if so, that should not have happened.
  2. My concerns: 1. It seems kind of harsh to suspend or ban players who put, if nothing else, a lot of time into the event. I think it would be better to just reset their scores so that they can try to participate in the event legitimately. 2. I don't think it's proper to punish them to that extent when they didn't really have anything indicating that the strategy they used was not allowed. Killing enemies via Switch Teleport is unconventional, but unconventional targets call for unconventional measures. You could call it a cheese strat or whatever and that's fine, but ultimately I don't think the information the players had access to beforehand demonstrated clearly enough that such a strategy would not be tolerated. I haven't been affected by this personally, nor do I know anybody who has been. Maybe I'm just giving too much credit, but I still find it a bit concerning that these players got suspended or banned for a strategy that wasn't explicitly stated to be illicit beforehand.
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