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  1. In all languages the Buff00n glyph has the correct name, but in polish it's spelled with 2 'O's instead of zeros. English: Polish:
  2. Permanently? Please elaborate, did you perhaps meant unvaulted relics will permanently be there?
  3. Bump, the issue has been recently 'partially solved'. Now I can only equip GREATSWORD holsters, which don't work at all... good job, you broke it entirely.
  4. The Zenistar is a heavy weapon type, and it uses "heavy weapon" type holsters as seen below: However, equipping a Heavy Blade Dominion skin changes the holster style to "Greatsword" Not only this makes no sense; the Greatsword holsters do not work after being equipped: I just wasted 20p on something which does not work; my hope for a fix is that the holster types for heavy weapons will be unified, and the platinum will be refunded for those who purchased the wrong kind of holster.
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