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  1. Just like i said previously... I wasn't * aware people used glich on my run ! but I got my score wipped and froze I don't blame them really ! . Did i deserve it ? no i don't think score reset why not but score froze definivley not
  2. consideration of our competitor ? first you're definitively not a conpetitor... 2nd i mean mobs where at 10hp for every one not only for us... (did it ?) isn't that consideration for our competitor? i mean mobs stats are equal for every one...
  3. just like i said 10hp cap is DE fault not player if your aware health pass 2 142 mil don't put it in 32bit vallue people just got wipped for no reason they didn't have used glitch nor exploit they just have played....
  4. my event score got frozen cause someone used a bug i wasn't even aware of... that suck ! I don't blame people who used the bug, i main there is a leaderboard people want to have the best score as possible, and release an event with all these bug it's all dev fault maybe the event should have been realeased a weak later... anyway froze the glitch user score... why not but froze score of people that don't even know about that glitch... that sucks really
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