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  1. On all Kuva Lich Defense and Interception missions at the end the squad is kicked, dispersed, whatever you call it. We can regroup after but it is a very annoying issue as we are all grouped trying to just grind murmurs. You can recreate it simply by doing one of those missions with a squad.
  2. This also applies to Interference missions. I've really noticed it now that I've started doing Kuva Lich missions ans it is extremely frustrating that we have to avoid Defense or Interception missions as a party since they always disperse us after and we have to regroup after. It completely messes up the intended flow of having a squad to just flow from mission to mission together.
  3. : In-Game Railjack Transitioning from one Mission to the next player gets stuck on "Mission Complete" screen. Cannot exit that screen or pop open the Menu. Can type in chat still but cannot do anything else. Complete a mission in railjack. Try to navigate to a new node. Sometimes it breaks.
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