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  1. They didn't say specifics, Devs are working out what they can do without changing code.
  2. According to Prime Time they are rushing out a Hotfix for console that doesn't need to go through cert... So seems they could have made some changes some time ago.
  3. Yeah and know they are only acknowledging their predatory behavior after a month of keeping us on the terrible drop rates by offering only a 7 day booster. It should be double resource booster for railjack for every day we haven't had the update that increased the resource drop rate. Because hey, some of us are already burnt out running mission after broken mission with the terrible drop rates that now they want us to Grind as hard as we can in a small 1 week window.
  4. Should have been a 30 day resource booster considering that PC has had double resources since pre-Christmas patch.
  5. According to the Dev stream, Nightwave is a very long way away.
  6. PC has had more than a month of double resources... No matter how you look at it, the resource grind is PREDATORY in it's unchanged state, making Rush Repair drones the only viable way of making any progress. They have now removed rush repair drones from PC creating a false demand for them on console, now players are stocking up on them and spending more plat. If you are going to make changes to one platforms economy the drastically changes the acquirement method of resources, it should happen on all platforms or when it does come on the console it should have quadruple drop rate to make up for the time lost. It's not like there was a several months between the release of Empyrean, it literally was a week and no matter what, the first hotfix that came out should have been a quick fix to the resource economy that the PC got just before Christmas.
  7. PC has had double resource drop since the pre-christmas patch and you said the other day you were giving Switch a credit booster to make up for the fact that their patch took so long where as PS4 and XB1 has spent almost a month without the increased resource drops from Railjack increasing the need for us to use Rush Repair Drones more than any other platform because of how rushed Empyrean was.... So what exactly are you going to do for us seeing that we spent a month without increased resource drops?
  8. Yeah I seem to be having the same problem, I was on legacy too and people have been telling me light tap l1 or xx and no blink.
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