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  1. Did you have another twitch account attached to your warframe account in the past?
  2. It's fixed for me, been getting them every hour since it was fixed yesterday,
  3. Who are you watching? How are you watching? And what did you get in the first 24 hours? Seems for most of us it is fixed, so maybe you might want to troubleshoot some more.
  4. Free stuff is free stuff... If you are going to complain about it receiving Free stuff from Free to Play game then maybe a AAA game with intense P2W micro-transactions would be more your style.
  5. So the past 8 hours I have been getting drops... Definitely they have fixed something on their side. I would like to thank the first person who noticed that the drops were uniques only... Had I not read that post then I would probably still be thinking that I wasn't getting drops and we never would have worked out that it was from their server side. Now I can start complaining about only credit drops and fireworks like the rest of the PC players... I feel part of the community again... Nah just kidding I love free credits, but we missed out on a whole weekend of free credits.
  6. No, I think it's just a rare drop rate. Look at the loot table already, then compare that with santuary onslaught for a piece of Khora and you'll see the odds are worse than farming Khora on your own because you need 1 hour per streamer.
  7. Yeah I wouldn't mind 40x 7500 cr... Don't know why people are complaining about free credits.
  8. Yeah I only got one display instead of the two, much like i am only getting one of each of these drops, I have been streaming just in case, sometimes after 20 hours of nothing I will get a relic i don't have.
  9. Honestly, don't listen to the PC player solutions, they are all trying to sell snake oil when the solution is server side... But people need to stop saying they aren't receiving drops and make sure they are saying they are only getting unique drops and no repeats.
  10. CONSOLE PLAYER Please take time to tweet @sj_sinclair @rebbford @moitoi @playwarframe And say that you have only received unique drops but no repeats, not that you haven't received drops or you will get the same "unlink and relink response" Do not take advice from players without (PS4) or (XB1) in front of their name because they are not having the no dupes problem and this issue is only happening on console.
  11. I believe your problem is not the same as what console players problem... I have got all those rewards, I have twitch prime and I have been streaming since the start, I am only getting unique drops, no repeats like everyone else on console. Has nothing to do with unlinking and relinking accounts, for console it is obviously something wrong server side that has been set to not allow dupes.
  12. Well probably now the weekend is over we can spam tweet the community managers about fixing the console drops.
  13. Yes I only get mail when it is something i haven't had before and it can be 20 hours in between... However be nice to have those man hours of 7500 credits and fireworks that we are missing out on.
  14. Which drops have you had already? If it's most of the common drops you will not get them again... So 10 hours you might have just been getting drops you already had. I only get a drop if it's something I haven't had before, sometime after over 20 hours of streaming.
  15. Yes i am just making sure you understand that majority of the console problem is server side rather than getting side tracked by having to clear browser data, change browser or making sure we don't have things minimized. I am also pretty sure this is not how they intended it to work or they would have made it very clear that this promotion is PC only or limited console drops.
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