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  1. Will you ever separate some of the blur and distortion effects from being bundled/held hostage with Motion Blur & Depth of Field? Currently you can't for instance have that lovely Predator cloak distortion effect without suffering through either needing glasses because someone keeps smearing Vaseline on my screen on anything not in whatever the game "thinks" should be in focus, or by thinking that I should be suffering from a migraine and concussion at the same time whenever I turn my head. I have a fantasy of turning the Void, which currently feels utterly redundant and forgotten, into a sort of roguelite dungeon run type thing, where you go in as usual with your stuff, but then once there, it leads to going from room to room, with mini bosses at the end before an option to leave with the loot you got so far, or continue down another set. And you find temporary buffs or penalties in risky altars in some rooms and secrets that last for as long as you remain in the Void (none of that 60second buffs like Lua), and you can run into shopkeepers, people who are looting and willing to part for their stuff for some price (say, Baro surprised to meet you while artifact hunting). Also hopefully you'll spice up Plains & Vallis with more dynamic encounters in the wild, not just spawning/patrolling enemies, but wildlife interactions, some guerilla forces from Fortuna or Ostrons who might be doing some little side gig and you can help them, perhaps returning sellers or fishers/miners who might be willing to part on some of their bounties if you'll escort them back to the entrance of Cetus/Fortuna. And put ammo recovery dispensers inside every tent and safezone on the Plains/Vallis where you can select new bounties. Looking forward to hearing more on how Nightwave will improve with S3, season/series 2 has been more tolerable than S1, and that whole Emissary Derelict stuff has been a fine optional additional way of earning standing while actually fitting in with the story of this season. Would like to hear more about the solo experience planned for Railjack/Empyrean, hopefully you're not limited to cloaking about and can also engage in some kind of combat, I remember someone on a stream mentioning perhaps giving the Cephalon AI some optional combat ability to take control of a turret for instance.
  2. What if we'd make a compromise? Take aspects of Archgun deployment mechanics and blend them with this echo system? One Disruption node drops blueprint for this echo to be crafted and added onto any warframe like a forma/exilus adapter, then parts for the blueprint drop on the other node, but also dropping cooldown resets we can farm and stockpile, and on any mission we are in with a warframe that has the echo permanently installed, we can choose to use a 30min echo to activate sentience for warframes like Umbra, but with a 2-4 hour cooldown once it passes, reverting to normal behaviour, timer tracked across missions. The normal gear item is infinite use, but we can also use our farmed cooldown resets if we want to keep using our sentient Warframes past the 30mins.
  3. A cute touch would be if they'd add some idle stuff like Moas, Kavats & Kubrows going out of curiosity to poke some machinery or console, prompting Ordis to angrily yell at them to stop touching everything. Would have to be rare so as to not become too repetitive, with different lines from Ordis, and different reactions from your pets, and not take up too much time overall.
  4. Really excited for Empyrean, I suspect it's coming before The New War, correct? Tough question but any plans to address Nightwave further? Narrative Dissonance with Nora and her bedtime stories that work against our weekly chorelist, The chores that incentivise not doing things until we get the act (forma, ayatan slotting & gilding), & the conflicting structure of people who need creds the most needing to put more effort in that the people who don't need them (new/casual players needing to prestige above & beyond 30 rank for steady creds, while vets with everything in the store just not caring beyond that). Hopefully the stream doesn't overlap with Doom Eternal news!
  5. I like the Wukong rework, feels fun. Good job on that! Now please rework Nightwave. Thanks.
  6. We aren't all in the game constantly reading red text, put that info in the patch notes.
  7. So still too big of a burden even that Nightwave Intermission? Just give up on the battlepass, it requires too much active work that eats away from other projects, and it doesn't fit Warframe. You removed alerts that were at least functional, then introduced nightwave which split the playerbase, and then ended it, and now are having trouble making a new one, or even providing back the old system in the mean time, it seems like it's just too much work for too little that a lot of people don't want. There's a reason Epic shut down Unreal Tournament and Paragon and forced all their devs to slave over Fortnite, and it's an unpleasant one, don't go down that route. EDIT: Maybe you should put this into your patchnotes next time since we aren't all in game 24/7 to read the redtext.
  8. 1. They took alerts away. 2. Introduced a contested new system that had the playerbase split. 3. Then ended it, with nothing, no news or replacement or old alerts placed back for weeks. 4. And now, finally, introduce a temporary "patch" to their setbacks, which tells me that the battlepass system isn't sustainable, not with their development cycles and other content they need to worry about, it just doesn't fit Warframe and clearly is too big of an investment to make for them and continue to support regularly without having it cut into the development of other projects. And frankly I don't want Nightwave to take development time away from other interesting projects, it's just too boring and tedious to deserve the effort.
  9. You fought him, but it didn't change the story, it was just there, even more grating to why we should fight him. Thanks for seeing that, acts go against the "story", and make us as players question why Nora Night had to even be tied with the system of Nightwave, they might as well have been two independent systems, and they make us question why these chores earn us reputation, are demanded of us, they go against anything meaningful. Another major problem is that these "acts", they were fine when they were originally the affinity bonuses, they served their minor role, they didn't annoy you, grab all focus on itself, but were on the side in missions. They can't carry the weight of alerts all by themselves. Now, they removed alerts, and put the side chores front and center, and they nag you and remind you wherever you go, in navigation, within missions, you'll get a big reminder on the center of your screen to remember to do your chores, that's annoying and puts pressure on many of us, we might just want to do something completely different in the game and not constantly be reminded of boring stuff. I can ignore the existence of Conclave. I can ignore Archwing, I can ignore specific mission tiles like Defection or Infested Salvage. I can't ignore Nightwave, the game won't let me, and even if all the UI prompts and Nora could be shut off, still they tie many important things behind it as well, creds are limited, you need to go above and beyond rank 15 or 30 to earn steadily more to get necessary universal resources. Yeah, this is a video game, not the world. I guess I should expect less of Digital Extremes then. /s We'll agree to disagree, I can come to terms with that, it's just that you came across (before reading my point of view) a bit dismissive without knowing the context of the discussion. That's why the harsh tone.
  10. This just comes across like you're straight up trolling. The "story" was just delivered in mumbo jumbo form with little cohesion and worst of all was completely disconnected from the interactions you had, it was bedtime stories with Nora, while she wanted us to go around and hunt animals and do sorties, she would flip the page of her book every once in a while and tell us of what is happening somewhere else, where we get to play no part in it. That's worse than a walking simulator, at least those are tied to when you walk somewhere triggering telling us more, Nora just drip feeds whenever she wants this unrelated snippet of "lore" to us, while we slave on doing house chores. A pirate radio would have had so much potential combining it to tell stories through alerts, as they could radio us with personal stories of someone needing rescuing, that would lead directly to a rescue alert, or of intel someone picked up on a corpus commander, leading straight to a capture mission, and then just build on that, have more context, punch up the dialogue, tweak the way alerts behave (say cooldown instead of random, like Clem survivals), and that would tell infinitely better stories that tie with the universe of Warframe, have us be mercenaries, heroes, warriors, spies, us Operators impacting the universe. But no, Nora tells us of things happening out somewhere, and we are tasked with narratively dissonant "acts", that are the laughable side bonus filler content everyone laughs at in games about collecting 10x mods, hunting for 10x animals, killing completionist achivement hunting style 150 enemies with radiation damage. That stuff takes you OUT of the world, out of immersing yourself in your role, and back into the busybody boring grind that is your checklist of chores to get through this particular day. But I'm sure you won't read a word I say and repeat yourself.
  11. LOL. You've not been reading what people have been saying, clearly.
  12. Which makes the entire Nightwave system all the more bizarre as it just feels so sluggish, unrewarding, boring, annoying, tedious and like it was designed to be a paywall. (Which fits the evidence of them just copying battlepasses without any tweaks or foresight) Nightwave seems so obviously like tacked on short-sighted trend chaser that was thoughtlessly cobbled together without any consideration put into how it all fits with the pre-existing systems and world of warframe. (Unless of course we put on our tinfoil hats and speculate that the point is not direct monetization, but indirect, to push people to buy potatoes and resources instead of banging their heads against the wall of Nightwave, but I tend to favour the simpler explanation of short-sightedness and thoughtless actions driving these kinds of blunders.)
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