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  1. Plans/progress on optimizing dynamic lighting in the enhanced rendering especially in open world areas & railjack? (dynamic lighting runs at a pretty solid/smooth 60fps in all other areas and clearly contributes to some lighting, effects, volumetrics, but open world, PoE, OV, CD, & Railjack, just tanks it to 20fps for lower end systems, and turning off only the dynamic lighting options brings it back up to 50-60, at the loss of a lot of neat combat effects and environmental detail.)
  2. As someone super nostalgic for id Tech 4 (Doom 3, Quake 4, Prey) I have no issues with the shiny look of the game (too many AAA games these days go in the opposite direction and mute a lot of surfaces to the point where they lose a porous quality to them), but I'll agree that the broken lighting is an issue like when the reflections come from obviously wrong sources (that orange reflection for instance coming from nowhere).
  3. Am I going deaf, or are there no sounds for the Moa when meleeing with the Hard Engage mod? I can't hear any kicking, any impact sounds, also not sure if I even notice any effects, like sparks, blood spurts, or enemies twitching/staggering/faltering on being kicked by the Moa.
  4. Guess I'm kind of lucky and can maintain almost 60fps in open world areas, but this is at the cost of certain concessions I've made when they came out. (playing on a 6 year old laptop, win10x64bit, intel i7-4710HQ 4core2.5GHz, Nvidia 840m 2GBVRAM, 12GBRAM) Before PoE I had the game at 1280x720p resolution, that had to go down to 960x540p to maintain almost 60fps, and probably with some deferred dynamic lighting update I had to toggle the dynamic lighting option off, all other areas, maps, had 60fps with it on, PoE, OV & Deimos it was 20fps, jumped up to again almost 60fps (some dips he
  5. ... Or, picture an infested glaive, a bit like those floaty deimos tendril drones, you just holding this "glaive" that's a pile of writhing tentacles, and when you throw it, it just homes in on an enemy, latches on, and leeches life, detonate to release a gas cloud and return the glaive.
  6. Yeah, would be cool if any rescue mission or those slaves in Corpus ships could have some 0.5-5% chance after completing the mission to ask for permission to join your crew, a simple animated inbox message after completing such missions would add some flavour and context and make those mission types (or opting to save) feel more impactful.
  7. Useful information @(PSN)AbBaNdOn_ ! I guess I just got lucky on my first try, didn't know about how fires work for instance, so when I played the first time, and had some of those hazards, they must have happened in such a way that when I did finally get to repairing them it all worked out well. By my second mission I haven't suffered any critical hull damage, alone, with no almost nothing, but I guess I was lucky to gain that Hull HP Avionics in my first try, that helped to boost things a lot. Also neat to know that crewships have a limit to ramsleds once they are disabled! Been able t
  8. I just want to get to the bottom of why I found it like a breeze and you're struggling with it. When I said in my tips & summary that you should never stop moving when piloting the Railjack, how do you go about it? I'm playing on mouse & keyboard, and as someone pretty familiar with old school FPS games, I approached it like a Serious Sam crossed between Descent/Overload, meaning I had a finger all the time on S (backwards), and a lot of the time another finger either on A, D, or crouch or jump, as those also helped to reorientate and reposition. And once you see a crewship jump
  9. This breaks my heart :( Is it something in how the Railjack handles, the flight feeling, or how the turrets work, in how you need to lead your shots as you shoot the fighters?
  10. I can totally understand that, you miss the Experimental Flight Controls and I hope you see them return sooner rather than later. It's just that I felt the need to be the voice echoing appreciation for the current arcadey controls because, after all, it's not like the devs just added them as an option, they removed options in the past and I don't want them to remove them again :''D
  11. Same. I want them to wander around and interact with more things on my orbiter, with each other as well if at all possible. I want Ordis to be annoyed if a doggo gets too interested in some sensitive ship equipment.
  12. There's been a bunch of new music added to the game, Noticed the Deadlock Protocol and Corpus Ship Remaster added some neat sounding stuff, Deimos of course has some new tunes. Yet no fragments to scan so that you can listen to them in your Orbiter. And Plains of Eidolon never got them either. I'm sure some other ones are missing as well.
  13. Want to echo what everyone else is saying, the extraction green marker becomes - after even a small duration - pretty useless, as it just abstractly gestures towards a direction, without any kind of crumb trail to lead the player through labyrinthine pathways that can loop over/under/around/across each other.
  14. Hope it helps! Let me know how it goes! (Refer to main topic for a summary again if you need to see the tips broken down!)
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