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  1. I can agree with that, that's kind of the point, they shouldn't have been rushed considering the time scale, but the big problems seem to be that their development team/company structure, priorities, work environment-- a bunch of factors one only sees glimpses of, seem poorly suited for the job, they appear to be crunching, they appear to be allocating resources inefficiently, they appear to struggle with the harsh reality of making and maintaining a live service game. Those are big problems. Have you seen how nihilistic they can sound in some of the interviews they done, recently for instance?
  2. It's rushed in the sense that they have been developing Liches, Melee rework, New War, Empyrean, open world stuff, Nightwave, Remasters and some other stuff in general, all of these at the same time over the last 2 years, making them all suffer as a result of juggling these projects all at once -- That's the point, all the other ones also feel half-baked and rushed, because they didn't get their proper focused development time, because they to worked on them all, slowing down all of their dev time, but mounting up pressure to release something, so they released them incomplete to get them out of the way and as something to show for their work. Empyrean could have been a game in itself, that usually takes a couple of years to do already. Instead it's buggy, unpolished, unfinished, unbalanced, with more to come that was cut for now because they needed to rush at least the base barebones experience before the rest of their promised content for Empyrean, that's probably even more incomplete at this stage. It's getting tiresome to say "hey, that's Warframe for you, all updates are broken!" Starts to sound too much like Bethesda & Fallout 76 at this point.
  3. Like for instance? -Revolite, scratch the entire concept, at best it should be like an instant heal thing when used, while regular omni tool has the current repair rate, just infinite ammo. -Enemy health/armor being completely out of whack with the rest of the star chart. -Making Railjack actually worth something on lower levels and not just a glorified paper thin taxi you need to keep from being picked on by all the swarming bullies. You know what? Just in general, everything needs balancing, something you all noticed and even pointed out during the devstream while playing the incomplete build, but decided to rush out anyway because of the game awards with little tweaks since.
  4. Another thing I hate about the rushed half-baked unbalanced content is that the devs clearly suffer - like all of us, it being a universal human quirk - from the anchoring bias, where they launch with horrible balancing, stuff that just is completely out of whack, and then they have a hard time to properly balance them, instead just tweaking them a bit, but still sticking close to the broken launch, leaving us getting just accustomed to the way this always goes and accepting that cheese is the only viable path to living with this poor state of affairs. I doubt the Railjack will get tankier with better weapons while enemies get balanced in the opposite way, they will stay poor, only serving as glorified orbiters taxi-ing us across the solar system to the places we need to do missions in, where we just accept that archwing and hijacking sturdier enemy vehicles with their superior firepower is the only viable path to success. Liches will remain a sore point for the community. I'm still put off by Nightwave.
  5. Did we just get the half-baked beta that you showcased on stream with little to no changes? Even the simple matter of unbalanced fire extinguishing, that I remember Scott saying wasn't the gameplay experience he wanted in the final product, seems to not have been addressed judging by the feedback from many. Was it worth pushing it out for the exposure from the game awards?
  6. Which is painfully relevant here aswell, since Steve also talked of Railjack connecting all the isolated islands of Warframe (something they hoped to alleviate with the open worlds but failed at), and they showed briefly very minor work of the open space and some of the challenges of that, but now, this latest stream showed, you guessed it, isolated nodes floating in the star chart, their own little play-areas where you fly around in your Railjack, separated from the rest of Warframe content. To be fair, they have for a while now said that this is only the first step (or 1.5 step, if counting drydock) and they will expand on it, but, can't discount the possibility that they'll have to scale it back yet again as they bite off more than they can chew. They have really been juggling with too many massive projects all at once (Railjack, New War, Duviri, What they talked of Liches before scaling that back and releasing it half-baked, and earlier this year while working on all of these, the ones they've released that we mentioned, the remasters, Nightwave, etc, one reason again I suspect Nightwave also feels half-baked alongside Liches).
  7. We also had the PoE "remaster" and the Jupiter Remasters, which were fine, I haven't had much reason to play Jupiter, but it looks nice and all. Wukong rework was nice, some of the basic stuff like a few of the weapons, I sort of am okay with the melee rework. But Nightwave, I absolutely hated that, and the tiny changes haven't done much to change my revulsion of that system as something that enhances the feeling of a free-to-play live-service chore list to get through, I don't want the game to remind me of it sharing so much with all the other psychologically manipulative work simulators out there, to the core a conflicted system trying to cater to both "veterans" and "casuals" in one system and thus being torn in different directions incentive-wise. I've also felt that the PoE and Orb Vallis have kind of been disappointing massive expansions with not much to do, day one I advocated adding more dynamic encounters, more varied factions, more wildlife with their own ecosystems, more secrety stuff to explore, not just boring scans with gibberish lore. They have potential, and it's been neglected because there's that massive pressure to move on to the next thing that substitutes for content. meaning for the last two years the game has stretched very little content over a very wide- albeit rather pretty - surface.
  8. Yeah we do, we even see them bumming around in the ship while docked, only to vanish when we fly out. I've seen you post this before, and your narrative misses the point. It doesn't matter so much WHEN we have to craft the consumables, though it is an extra added nuisance to slowing down mission time and adding another thing to balance while being busy with other stuff. But what matters is that the Railjack is a slow big singular target floating about with less of a way to regain health and stay competitive with archwings without burning through your stockpiles, they haven't shown other ways apart from fire extinguishing to be important with keeping your ship in one piece. Fire extinguishing could maybe be a thing to make sure all systems are operating at 100% capacity, and/or make sure ship health regen stays at its 100% (with a hard cap of not falling below 33% capacity, unless health drops to 0 in which case the ship goes into stasis until you fix it up), with more fires slowing things down, but if it turns out to be more vital, then the thing will turn into a sinking ship intentionally designed to be weak, inferior, necessary to access new content at the cost of constantly leeching on farmed resources like a per mission tax to access some area. The point is that they remained very vague and indeterminate about it, we only heard in passing at some past point about stealth being the main solo method, a bit limiting, but let's stick with it. That latest stream? Raised some nasty questions when combined with resource use. Like, say, what if Stealth will be a "power" ability, that you need to feed energy for to maintain, but if you're solo, hundreds of miles away on foot in the middle of some intense section as you're retrieving some artifact or another, but then your stealth ship runs out of energy, how will you feed it more while being away? We don't know, this is speculation, and the point is that they didn't do anything to answer questions we've had about these issues for months now. Ideally what I'd hope to see is that stealth would be infinite energy but using any other ability or weaponry of the ship disables it and puts it on a short cooldown (obviously if you will have different manufacturers with different levels, those would influence how long a cooldown before stealth reactivates and maybe your speed while flying camouflaged). Those kinds of things would have made for a good devstream, instead of bumbling around in a messy fight unprepared while not clearly signposting all the incomplete and buggy things and just having that jokey "f it we'll do it live" approach while being dismissive and terse on issues.
  9. Raised more questions than I think anyone wanted. The way you dismissed concerns about liches was just cold. That new resource sink in Railjack missions is just off-putting. Win or lose a mission, you'll still lose on a lot of resources as you spend so much time putting out fires, crafting energy to use powers or munitions to fire. I understand using resources to boost potential, but needing resources to even simply keeping yourself afloat is a troublesome path to take. And it makes the Railjack seem inferior to just using your archwing, just park that delicate transport somewhere away and deal with the threats in your free archwing. Solo remains vague with even the stealth option having a lot of questions hanging over it. Even 4-person squads seem to have their hands full, I wonder how horrible the experience will be with 2 people trying to deal with the inferior tech ship compared to efficient archwings. Please consider taking some time to thinking these design decisions through.
  10. So liches still a skill-free russian roulette that doesn't engage anyone else except the nihilists who have been in war for so long that pulling a trigger against their skull is the only way they can feel anything at this point. Got it. And Railjack will be a constant resource sink that you will desperately keep afloat by shovelling the last of your crafted extinguishers to put out those never ending fires, with the end of the mission maybe gaining a few resources here and there, maybe that one ship mod, at the cost of your farmed copernics etc. And Solo is left vaguely as "not optimal", meaning stealth is the only viable solo option, and even then questionable? What about 2-man crews?
  11. I don't quite understand why, don't get me wrong, I do like playing solo most of the time, but I play Warframe with one other friend a lot, and in the past, quests were these big events we wanted to experience together, but then more and more quests just became locked behind us needing to do them by ourselves, and it feels especially odd in this situation with our joint ghost clan, with our joint effort to build the dry dock, now just again sending us on quests in our separate isolated ways. Haven't done much of it yet, reached the first repair, and 1 million credits isn't the end of the world, or the 100 cubic diode-thingies (it's no Hema, so far... *shudders*), they seem to drop pretty generously on Ceres defense dark sector, and credits isn't too hard to obtain in the index. But there was nothing about the first salvage mission type that screamed it having mechanics that can only function in solo-mode. It's just, are all quests from now on going to be only solo? Look, I don't want quests forcing me to play with people either, but sometimes you want quests to be experienced with friends when you feel like it. P.S. Cephalon Cy seems very quiet, are his voice levels tied with the Ordis volume slider?
  12. Those are the ones probably meant to be easy to choose for converting then. There seems to still be issues with converted Liches that need addressing, to make them seem at least a bit more useful and interesting, but if that's tweaked, then I don't see why it's a problem when you have an easy choice to convert while waiting for that next lich with the other weapon(s). Assuming the other problems will be faced.
  13. Ah I see, I guess I should watch that prime time to get more questions answered. I guess it's quite user-friendly if people have the option to do the Lich-influenced missions or not so that they can avoid the chance of getting their loot stolen, or any unwanted surprise visits. And if they add in the future those Clan "deposits" where you can "donate" a Lich, as long as anyone can build those, even solo clans, then the system would also be rather fair - though amusing in a way, picturing a solo clan where someone has dumped all those unwanted Liches to collect dust in in their own Kennel of unwanted puppies 😄 Hopefully story content (a Lich side quest would be fine I suppose, but not New War) won't get gated away behind more and more escalating power-requirements and challenges, as there are so many people who want to enjoy a story with minimal filler, the old problem seen in many RPGs that lock story missions behind endless grinding and power-checks, except here it's a free2play game that hopes most grinding/farming will last people for years and years, instead of a single one-and-done RPG designed to be played around 40-80hours.
  14. Soooo.... If you can't do whatever it is you need to do to unlock the "Requiem" mods that are needed to truly get rid of your Lich, then you are stuck with having a Lich that is making your life harder in the Solar System with their presence and influence? Is there a way to just avoid ever meeting the units that eventually turn into Liches? If you just don't want to engage with that system? BTW I'm saying this as someone who is genuinely positively curious about the Nemesis system, but at the same time, I'm starting to see this as a potentially really frustrating system to anyone not prepared enough or who doesn't like the 60+ level content and plays for more relaxing reasons and not to measure ones e-peen with how hardcore they are at melting enemies.
  15. Don't burn out guys and gals, Liches and Melee (plus Ember, Vauban & Heat rework), all sound great, Kind of an unexpected surprise as I was expecting Empyrean, but still a welcome one, looking forward to dusting off my older melees possibly next week give or take!
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