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  1. There is the currently underdeveloped ping system that I feel could be expanded upon to universally make any allied NPC, specters, rescue targets, special companions (Venari, Umbra, Celestial Twin) and of course general companions to either move where you ping, or target what you ping. That really should be a thing in my mind. Probably a lot of under-the-hood work, but once done, a nice QoL feature to make all allied interactions across the board much smoother and more impactful, and would get over some of the rougher parts of how the AI handles currently.
  2. Not only that, but the poor attack animations of pets is so painfully slow that in the time a kubrow readies itself to claw someone, a sentinel would have unloaded all of it's bullets/glaives into that enemy, and others, killing them much more efficiently. I can't level up my pets even with an affinity booster, that's how badly they can kill anything.
  3. I like the Wukong rework, feels fun. Good job on that! Now please rework Nightwave. Thanks.
  4. We aren't all in the game constantly reading red text, put that info in the patch notes.
  5. So still too big of a burden even that Nightwave Intermission? Just give up on the battlepass, it requires too much active work that eats away from other projects, and it doesn't fit Warframe. You removed alerts that were at least functional, then introduced nightwave which split the playerbase, and then ended it, and now are having trouble making a new one, or even providing back the old system in the mean time, it seems like it's just too much work for too little that a lot of people don't want. There's a reason Epic shut down Unreal Tournament and Paragon and forced all their devs to slave over Fortnite, and it's an unpleasant one, don't go down that route. EDIT: Maybe you should put this into your patchnotes next time since we aren't all in game 24/7 to read the redtext.
  6. ... Your argument is a general one that might as well apply to any of the examples that you raise: sceptre reduces usefulness of life strike, life strike reduces usefulness of Nekros, Nekros reduces and makes Trinity obsolete, Oberon Nezha Equilibrium Synth Denconstruct etc etc etc. There's nothing specific in your logic that limits it to making this finisher mod suggestion a special case. Having more build variety and choices is just a good thing to promote varied ways of getting the same result, enemies dead, us rewarded for the different ways we engage in combat. I'm not talking of an overpowered way of getting all your health back in one finisher, I'm talking of an additional way to keep you afloat in the middle of intense firefights, on top of all the other ways we try our best to stay alive while killing hordes of enemies.
  7. I remember seeing that which kind of put me in the mind of thinking about finishers as a Doom glory kill (I think they might have even mentioned Doom in passing there?), but they talk about the extended loot drops are at the final enemy you kill in a fight, and I'm hoping for a more direct reward to keep you still in a fight pushing forward, where you're rewarded while the fight is still going on, to risk it and finish someone for some precious health to keep you going to take care of the rest of the enemies. That's why the suggestion, to put that thought in the back of their minds in case anyone reads this in time for the finisher rework, would fit right at home to spice it up 🙂
  8. Did not know that existed, thanks! Will have to look into where it's lurking at, on to the wiki ->
  9. Seems like an obvious suggestion to make, but a potentially interesting mod to see for melee weapons would be one to dole out health orbs on killing enemies with finisher moves. Would encourage that push forward aggressive stance in combat, earn health by killing enemies, which fits with the Warframe style. Also Snipers could use something like a Drifting Contact mod to increase the combo time for them.
  10. ... Yes, I know those exist, thanks for assuming I have no clue of the game, but I like the fighty game for the fighty mechanics, not for sitting around mining, fishing, and hunting, I'll do those every once in a while, but too much burns me out quickly. Besides, those give WAY too little standing, like table scraps of amounts, to sell important resources you need for all your crafting, just not worth it at all 90% of the time, fishes on occasion could be sold for some pathetic amounts of a few hundred standing without too much loss. The point of the topic is, is that there needs to be MORE ways to earn reliably standing for all of these grindy separate syndicates that is more married with the core gameplay, bounties too get to be a bit too much with how long they take and because they rely on specific builds, like Plains you usually need someone who can defend a stationary target and defend a mobile target, and Vallis needs something stealthy for the occasional stealth stage and something to keep a mobile target defended. Plains has slightly gotten better now that we can hunt animals without elaborate tracking required (also Thumpers giving out fishing resources is a great alternative to fishing!), you can do it on the side as a bonus while focusing on more important fun matters to gain standing and resources from, in fact Vallis could use some of that QoL from the Plains and allow its animals to roam more freely instead of the current scripted way that makes the landscape feel less alive an populated than it was intended to be, and work for players to encounter more opportunities to just spontaneously tranq something that still rewards shooting without having to come prepared like a stealth sniper for everything. In fact, since bounties are a lot about us earning reputation for Cetus or Fortuna by disrupting Grineer or Corpus operations, why not just give out passively regardless of circumstances on the plains & vallis say 1 point of standing for every regular enemy killed and 5 points of standing for every eximus unit killed, whether you're free roaming or within a bounty, you're still doing the syndicates a favour by messing around with their enemies.
  11. Was talking with a friend about how we have too many syndicates to earn standing for, and you usually earn so little, but my friend had an excellent idea: Currently it feels rather pointless to capture bases inbetween bounties where you gain access to a temporary base of operations to select more bounties from, isn't it a no-brainer that you're doing something Solaris United benefits from and should earn flat standing for doing, like 500-1000 standing? (P.S. put in the Plains and in Vallis base of operations, in the tents and whatnot, ammo dispensers so that you can refill/restock/resupply before heading out for another mission.)
  12. My coop friend has had a lot of bad luck with the game forgetting her having mastered some weapon in particular over the years, and I've had at least once a case of losing progress of having done a MR test, posted picture of my account still having earned the achievement unlocked in game while MR was lower than that. What can support zendesk do? Because in my case, as I did get a ticket, they just raised their hands and said there's nothing to be done. (Luckily my MR test wasn't that frustrating to repeat, but was still worrying) Please just make a more robust system for saving the progress you've done on levelling up stuff and double checking how they add up to your MR whenever you log out/in.
  13. 1. They took alerts away. 2. Introduced a contested new system that had the playerbase split. 3. Then ended it, with nothing, no news or replacement or old alerts placed back for weeks. 4. And now, finally, introduce a temporary "patch" to their setbacks, which tells me that the battlepass system isn't sustainable, not with their development cycles and other content they need to worry about, it just doesn't fit Warframe and clearly is too big of an investment to make for them and continue to support regularly without having it cut into the development of other projects. And frankly I don't want Nightwave to take development time away from other interesting projects, it's just too boring and tedious to deserve the effort.
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