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  1. I imagine that the trade-off of Deimos conservation tokens being worth less in terms of converting to son tokens and standing is because you can save them up more easily, they won't go away and you can strategically turn them in when you need that standing and not waste excess standing if you've reached your max cap but are limited in your current ways of spending that standing. I agree it could earn maybe a bit more, but I understand them being overall worth less.
  2. Railjack Invasion mode plans? (Invasion in space with actual Corpus vs Grineer capital ships bombarding each other) Railjack crew member AI improvements? (Pilot AI strafing, dodging, avoiding missiles, lining up Forward Artillery & Slingshots, defenders/engineer roles, overlap) Railjack & normal missions integration/blending? (Removing hard separation between e.g. Exterminate and the Railjack portion, allow warping back and forth with Tactical, make space still a presence, backdrop in missions, addressing mission failures where they make less sense if we have a way out,
  3. Yep same, no creds for rank 28 despite already having the emissary collection.
  4. Same, no creds for already owning the Emissary operator collection.
  5. Same here, had the Emissary Operator Collection already from previous Nightwave, reached that rank today, didn't get any intermission creds.
  6. Could you let Pilot AI be able to strafe with the Railjack? That way players could use the Archwing slingshot & Forward Artillery more reliably. (They should also use dodging-sprinting, and keep a healthy distance from more dangerous targets that can instant kill the Railjack) I think the limit of only 3 crew member where Tenno take the space of the others is a bit limiting (especially under current limitations of AI listed above, them not really crafting in forge, using artillery or that you have to either assign repair or defender, when those feel like they should come packaged
  7. Great stream, was fun to see all the stuff and the update is looking promising. But the Volatile gamemode looks too busy and micromanagment-heavy, especially for solo players, like disruption with a bunch of added worries where you can't sit and protect the point but have to both look and parkour for vents to vent before failing the mission and kill targets before they cripple your efforts. The game's busy visually already, to worry about all the added things is a bit meh. But hey, just one game mode while everything else is looking stellar, not bad! And I'm sure there are people who'
  8. A r e w e t h e r e y e t ? Was wf launcher autoupdating a thing BTW? I vaguely remember there being something about if you leave the launcher on it'll periodically recheck for new content? Just wondering if I should leave it open as it's sort of getting late here and I want the update ready asap
  9. With core warframe being integrated into Railjack, with fissures coming in the future, I was wondering if Invasions could also enter Railjack. I've posted years ago suggestions of this ilk, I'm more or less repeating myself, but it would be great to have proper Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) -esque space battles with a Corpus capital ship on one side and on the other a Grineer capital ship, both just bombarding each other, with fighters inbetween just going at it. Invasions could have the normal ship reactor sabotage, defence, exterminate, with maybe extra stuff, taking out hardpoints,
  10. Plans/progress on optimizing dynamic lighting in the enhanced rendering especially in open world areas & railjack? (dynamic lighting runs at a pretty solid/smooth 60fps in all other areas and clearly contributes to some lighting, effects, volumetrics, but open world, PoE, OV, CD, & Railjack, just tanks it to 20fps for lower end systems, and turning off only the dynamic lighting options brings it back up to 50-60, at the loss of a lot of neat combat effects and environmental detail.)
  11. There's been a bunch of new music added to the game, Noticed the Deadlock Protocol and Corpus Ship Remaster added some neat sounding stuff, Deimos of course has some new tunes. Yet no fragments to scan so that you can listen to them in your Orbiter. And Plains of Eidolon never got them either. I'm sure some other ones are missing as well.
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