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  1. I don't understand why there aren't more posts about this issue, it's kinda game breaking for controller users pushing to wave 36 in Orphix Venom.

    This also happens with mouse and keyboard if you cycle through abilities (default is mouse wheel). But I doubt many people use their abilities that way when playing with mouse and keyboard, I only found out when testing after a friend informed me of this bug.

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  2. On 2020-12-30 at 7:05 PM, MisakaVero said:
    • TYPE: In-Game
    • DESCRIPTION: Orphix can spawn its resonators inside puzzle rooms of Gas City tileset. Concidering the amount of enemies around, low visibility and low amount of time it's almost impossible to solve the puzzle before failing the mission.
    • VISUAL: No visual available, mission failed while attempting to solve the puzzle
    • REPRODUCTION: Just let Orphix spawn in a room with puzzle and it can spawn resonators inside the puzzle.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Orphix doesn't spawn resonators inside puzzle rooms.
    • OBSERVED RESULT: Orphix does spawn resonators inside puzzle rooms.
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: Seen once, but probably not difficult to reproduce in the Tileset

    This just happened to me too.

    After several hundred Orphix kills this is the first time I've had this happen, but it caused the run to fail at stage 2...  (I can comfortably solo to stage 24 without ever getting a second Orphix spawn, so for this to ruin a run that early feels extremely egregious)




    I'd suggest disabling this tile from the spawn locations if this bug can't easily be resolved.

  3. I suspect this isn't Orphix venom specific, but its the only point of reference I have.

    Host migration removes the effect of all weapon mods for Archgun on your nechromech.

    • TYPE: In-Game
    • DESCRIPTION: After a host migration, arch guns equipped by nechromechs do base damage, acting as though no mods are equipped on them.  I suspect if you have multiple version of the same archgun, like how everyone ended up with 4 mausolons that after the migration happens the game is taking values from the wrong gun (that isn't equiped by any loadout anywhere).
      • Kill several Orphix.
      • Have the host leave
      • attempt to continue
      • arch gun does negligible damage and would take approximately 20 minutes to kill an Orphix at wave 20+  rather than the 10 seconds from pre host migration values
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Your weapons and mechs should be just as effective after a host migration as they were before the migration.
    • OBSERVED RESULT: After a host migration, arch guns equipped my nechromechs do base damage, acting as though no mods are equipped on them
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: It feels like 100%, but it may by that the issue happens only when you're not the host after migration, or the other way around.



    I've now sold all my excess Mausolons and will report back if that is a solution (this still shouldn't be happening and should be fixed internally, rather than forcing players to sell duplicates due to bugs and inconsistent code.


  4. On 2020-12-12 at 7:57 PM, Pizzazzz said:

    Same problem, only got the syandana, not the weapon skins nor any of the other stuff. 


    EDIT: So apparently claiming it again on the Epic Games store worked and it added the weapons and affinity booster to my inventory. Super weird. I recommend anyone in this thread to try it out. 

    I had the same issue.

    Your suggestion fixed it for me.

    It seems if you "get" the bundle before you have warframe installed on the epic store it can cause issues.

    Went back to that page and clicked "get" again and it now correctly shows as "owned" on that page, and the items show up in game.

  5. The longer this goes on, the less I like the changes.

    I keep finding weapons that didn't previously self damage, that have had self stagger added to them  (Shedu and Sonicor come to mind). Then there are the weapons that used to only do tiny self damage, which was always fine...  Shraksun Scaffold comes to mind here.


    The issue everyone had before was self oneshot, not self damage.

    DE's solution was to just make all of these weapons feel bad to use.

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  6. 51 minutes ago, Drachnyn said:

    Very good and necessary improvements for the core lich loop, we will have to wait for their integration into their game so they arent just a very distant island.

    An improvement sure but still RNG, when the initial goal for ephemeras wanted to have them achievement based.


    Currently killing thralls outside of your own lich nodes does not give you lich aggro, which makes Lich hunting with friends a lot slower. Can we get that changed so liches get angrier outside their own nodes and can also show up?

    Two good points, I would certainly prefer ephemeras to be achievement/challenge based.

    On the latter...  It's an important point. Becasue the current system activly discourages players from playing with friends.  It just makes it take so much longer to progress a lich.

    These are welcome changes as after about 40 Lich killed within the first month, I was still mission 2 weapons, only saw 1 ephemera and just felt burnt out with the whole game.

    These changes are a step in the right direction, but I'd still hoped for more fundamental changes to make the system more fun/engaging. Although I really appreciate a lot of the drustrations being removed.

  7. Has anyone else had a keybind issue since Empyrean launched?

    Changing railjack bindings wiped ALL of my keys, literally everything got set to unbound. 

    While I did reset back to default and made the changes needed, there are still some issues.

    Space does not fly up in archwing (works fine in railjack and ofc it jumps), yet there is no options menu to change only archwing and I'm not sure what else to do...

  8. Great addition to let us combine Kuva weapons. 🙂


    I appreciate the patch and that these things take time to fix and work on solutions that don't have undesirable consequences, but...

    Can we please see a change that alows us group with friends while doing our liches, the current system activly discourages grouping with friends, as you get no progress, no anger, no lich spawns.

  9. If you're grouped with friends and your lich has missions on Earth, and their Lich has missions on earth, but different missions.  

    The lich will steal stuff from both of you.

    The mission shows as controlled by both your lichs to each player respectivly.

    Only the player who actually had that lich mission will get any lich spawn or aggression increase.

    Either this is a bug, or it's a design choice that activly discourages players from grouping with friends, and I've seen no word regarding the former.

  10. 4 hours ago, [DE]Bear said:

    This is also something we are discussing. We don't want players to be held hostage in their own progression, but the execution of how to prevent that has to be handled correctly.

    Is anything being looking into regaurding grouping with friends?

    Currently if your liches don't share a system they have claimed, you get no progress/lich spawn. Even if it shows on queue up that it's <your lich's name> Territory. It still doesn't count or progress.

  11. Ever since the update, I'm constantly losing connection to host while loading into missions.

    Verified and optimised 3-4 times now and it doesn't seem to fix it.

    Never had this issue before when grouping with friends.

    No issues when playing solo.

  12. Whoever mentioned about the AI not being fixed and this highlighting a known and old issues that's still unresolved... that really helped.

    With max enemy radar it felt like I was running around holding a dinner bell.

    Got to 15 minutes solo easily and then started goofing off a bit looking for caches and still kept it going past 18 minutes.

    If this weren't a buggy mess, it could be fun.  But the fact that a lot of common CC makes enemies in the light immune to damage, and survival AI range is determined by enemy radar, it just leaves many players to have a bad experience on their first time through.

  13. I've got about 1000 kills with my primary weapon today yet this just resets to 0 constantly.  

    Even mid mission it will reset to 0.

    I thought the bug might be resetting only at the end of the mission so did a 10 minute survival and got 300+ primary kills in there, and it just reset twice, and I left with only 20/150 progress, on exit it's 0/150 progress.

    I know it's only 1k points that I don't need, but it's super frustrating not being able to finish this.

  14. Still bugged.

    Considering I'm trying to farm Broken War parts, this just adds a whole never level of hell to the extreme tedium I was already expecting.

    Is the spawning under the world bug just related to Plato?

    EDIT: Ran 3 survival missions, sentients spawned fine each time.  Ran another Plato straight after... nothing, couldn't even find them under the floor or outside the map, afaik they just don't spawn.  You get the message that they spawned, and they don't.

    EDit #2:

    On 2019-04-16 at 2:59 PM, Zakkhar said:

    Occulyst are showing, but you have to actually find them. They dont find you. Sometimes there are up the balconies  that are innacessible other way than bullet jump.

    Note that you cannot Desecrate the bodies because they evaporate.

    PS: I find Plato tedious to farm thouse. I prefer Tycho, they spawn every 5 minutes and since you are already in the middle of the tileset you know where to check for them - you dont have to run chaotically all over the place. Also the longer you stay, they spawn more of the badboys (2,3,4,5 etc)

    They really aren't spawning, it's blatantly obvious, because they shop up 100% of the time in survival, and maybe 20% of the time on Plato. I spent maybe an hour with equinox prime just detonating rooms on Plato to be sure I wasn't missing them, and you can cover most of the map in the time they are active. They aren't there or outside of the world.  I probably lack the patience to methodically check tiles and scan for them, but haven't personally found them outside the world, but I only checked twice.

    Testing was done solo, to ensure other players didn't mess up where they were spawning.

    Also, in survival they typically spawn in the tile you're on, often on top of you.

    Nekros can Desecrate their bodies, I'm not certain if Khora can strangle them, I tried a few times but it was difficult to notice, whereas Nekros you literally see their body drop, lay on the floor, they poof into smoke of your energy colours and drop more loot.

    You do make a good point though, Tycho is probably a better place to farm them.  Plato sees a lot of newer players that are after Octavia systems, or trials or generally just wandering around the map sightseeing, sentients are more likely to be spread out when they do spawn, and the mission often takes longer than the 5-6 minutes of Tycho, because you're waiting on other people.  I'll certainly try some longer runs as you suggest but I'd probably rather do that with friends and maybe when I've got the time to go an hour uninterrupted.

  15. I just had to intentionally die on an Arbitration because the host left and all the doors bugged after migration, 2 other people were able to get to extraction, leaving me trapped in the mission with no way to extract, because group extraction was removed...


    Tileset was infected corpus for the survival arbitration.


    Door to extraction showed as red after a host migration.  If I walked near it, I got the "in lockdown, find a console" 5+ minutes of checking every blank non-functioning console for the areas I could access indicated that this ship was not in lockdown, as literally, every other door worked fine.

    As is typical for the door bug, it was the large wide door that wouldn't open.



    Thankfully I got to keep the rewards (I think), but this seems to be a common enough issue at the moment.

  16. Mine bugged at 22/30. 

    I've had all 30 on my map (and explored every entrance/exit since at least the end of the first week after the launch of Fortuna.

    I've just revisited all 30, in the vain hope that at least 1 might update and show some progress towards a fix, but nothing.

    Also made sure all 30 were visited in a single instance, ticking them off as I went (again).

    I did find a few of the new data fragments and some extra secrets (cave with the underwater area than you have to drain).


    Joyride is still bugged on steam too (got it in-game before it was added to steam), not expecting these to be fixed any time soon.

  17. 22 hours ago, MineSmasher133 said:

    you can see on the screenshot that I collected all the xp from the nodes, so the counter still seems to have kept "proper" track of the completion of each an every node, I just don't know why the solar map counter isn't updated properly with that


    I was stuck at 128/129 even with full xp, had to randomly just complete some again to figure out which it was.

  18. 1 hour ago, NinjaZeku said:

    Mind you, Djinn and Diriga, with their offensive Precepts ranked up to beyond 30m,
    will still try to attack but not actually be able to hit enemies beyond that, as 30m is Artax' max range
    (barring Ruinous Extension, which would get it up to 38m).

    TBH, I much prefer Sweeper Prime and Prisma Burst Laser as my Status pwnage Sentinel weapons,
    they can make full use of long-range offensive Precepts (woo 70m on Diriga, which BTW also targets Cameras / Arc Traps / etc)
    while at the same time being useful as actual support fire, able to deliver a ~decent amount of damage (especially once Riven'd up).

    I'll probably go with Wyrm Prime for the Artax. It's only going to be used for my Excalibur Umbra loadout.

    I'll have a play around with Djinn once crafted and see if I can improve Diriga's survivability, because early tests even in invasion missions left me without a sentinel more often than not when using Diriga.

    It would certainly be nice to not just default to Helios Prime for 90% of my loadouts, and Carrier for those weapons with ammo econ issues.  Even if just to have a lazy setup where my sentinel will be able to kill most enemies and I can just wander around and watch TV or look for medallions.

    Thank you all for the input :)

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