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  1. That's not a statement from DE that's from someone that is as confused as me... The only thing i know is that you can prestige back to keep earning Wolf Creds Nobody mentions Series 1 rewards like slots or cosmetics. (It would be weird if it did anyway...)
  2. I didn't know it is repeatable ? I thought we get to 30 rank and we are able to still gain creds after but not the rewards like slots or cosmetics.
  3. Rotation isn't even a problem because all it means is that you spend your creds on the things that are currently in it. Cred shop has stuff that gets repeated. What I meant by pausing Is to turn the event into a quest. Let's say we get to series 3. I haven't finished my series 2 and I only got to level 15. I do my weekly for series 3 switch to series 2 in codex menu like i would do with quests and do some extra weekly challenges for series 2. Series 2 wouldn't give me creds anymore though. This means nobody misses on the content and people that missed it have more things to do in game.
  4. The reward shouldn't be for being there at the right time but for the completion of the thing. Make it so it's a quest which can be paused at any time. Make it so that players have the control over when they want to spend their time. You still have to do certain goals to achieve success. It doesn't have to be time limited. Isn't it enough that it's a long list of things you have to accomplish that takes 2-3 months to do ? We already have login rewards.
  5. -Make it so that players can repeat desired challenges multiple times for example 3-5 times each. High level players can do it faster by doing eidolons or ESO, etc. while lower level players can do it slowly on easier challenges. -Add a cap which would be increased per each new week. Let's say first week it's 45k. Next week comes its 90k so if someone missed a week they can catch up when they are free. -Cap could be only for challenges, leave fugitives as they are. -After Series 1 is done turn it into a quest which can be accepted in the codex. Remove the cred shop for the quest version. This way someone that missed it can start it along side the new series. But hey this is just my opinion.
  6. I wouldn't worry about his 4th ability right now. We still haven't seen his 4th augment which could possibly fix a lot of problems. As is this ability already has god tier CC and with the change to it's cast speed I'm not sure if it isn't going to get nerfed in the future. Just try high range, efficiency and some strength with - duration and just spam his 4 (not for damage but for CC). Almost nothing will be able to touch you and your teammates. It's already broken as is in gamemodes like Interception and missions against Grinner faction. There is enough energy to not worry about it and if needed you can just use Zenurik operator. Damage is good enough to clear Hydron map till 15-20 wave and anything tough you can just clear with a gun or melee while it's trying to get up.
  7. Just please don't limit his healing to killing enemies. I don't want Nezha to be useless against boss fights. With upcoming flying Eidolon and Fortuna's Spiderbots. I don't want Nezha to be left behind for the fun content. Fixing it would either mean adding adds to bossfights or making his heal being as it was or a lifesteal maybe. I don't want him to be limited to only specific few gamemodes.
  8. What i don't get and what DE doesn't seem to realize is that you can easily spam his 4th ability to keep enemies stuck in place and after this update it's going to be even easier. This whole change is just weird. I'm not sure what his role is anymore. He has heal that requires more work to execute than nekros' Desecrate and does much less healing than Trinity or Oberon. Before i could at least protect my allies and defense/rescue targets but now ? What am i supposed to do ? Sure I can move fast and avoid getting hit so i don't really need 100% damage reduction but I wanted it for my teammates. All i wanted was a way to be even better at protecting. Give him a way to protect lures and party during eidolon fights and a way to refresh or heal his halos. What i got instead is even more reasons to spam his 4 to get enemies stuck on the ground.
  9. Yeah and it seems like it's pretty much confirmed to be like that. Also Pablo said on his twitter that there will be no changes to augments except for Blazing Chakram augment. It's going to give chance for extra health orbs based on how many enemies you hit... So yeah.. protector playstyle RIP
  10. That's the problem. I don't really need it. I don't get hit since i'm moving so fast. What I want is an ability to keep my team alive. I'm not going to expect my team to always pick those arcanes when i play with them. This isn't going to work on lures or defense targets. It's just impractical.
  11. So what do we have ? Mediocre tank(try to stand still for 10 sec in a sortie mission even now it's not Inaros or Rhino with armor recast), still good CC but to make it actually good you'd have to keep spamming his 4 to grab new enemies, heal that requires enemies and aiming plus it's a pickup drop, energy drops when you have operators and trinity's ev. Personally I used Nezha for his CC on 4th ability and his augment for warding halo. You can keep your whole team alive by not letting enemies hit anyone. My only issue was that it wasn't enough. Sorties burn through halos really quick and Eidolons break them with a single fart.
  12. I'd say remove the heal from blazing chakram and make it so you get x% of warding halo's hp back per hit from it. No range, no burst, no pickups or explosion. You just heal all halos per hit. Yes, ally halos too. Make it so that blazing chakram can bounce between boss parts (not only eidolons i mean future bosses too). Or just turn this into an augment for his blazing chakram. It doesn't feel like he needs to be a healer since he is able to protect his allies from the incoming damage.
  13. New changes look great. My only problem is that his role as a support/protector seems a bit weaker. His heal wasn't needed since we could just shield the whole party. What I wanted to see is an ability to sustain his shields. Instead of healing give us an ability to heal his rings. Imagine shielding whole party and lures against eidolons and throwing your blazing chakram at eidolon parts to keep shields alive. I thought it would be a good alternative to Trinity. If his heal is limited to killing small mobs he isn't going to be that useful in eidolon fights and making his shields block only 90% of damage makes him even less useful then he is now. Sorry I might be focusing on eidolons too much but these fights are kind of fun to do.
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