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  1. That's not a statement from DE that's from someone that is as confused as me... The only thing i know is that you can prestige back to keep earning Wolf Creds Nobody mentions Series 1 rewards like slots or cosmetics. (It would be weird if it did anyway...)
  2. I didn't know it is repeatable ? I thought we get to 30 rank and we are able to still gain creds after but not the rewards like slots or cosmetics.
  3. Rotation isn't even a problem because all it means is that you spend your creds on the things that are currently in it. Cred shop has stuff that gets repeated. What I meant by pausing Is to turn the event into a quest. Let's say we get to series 3. I haven't finished my series 2 and I only got to level 15. I do my weekly for series 3 switch to series 2 in codex menu like i would do with quests and do some extra weekly challenges for series 2. Series 2 wouldn't give me creds anymore though. This means nobody misses on the content and people that missed it have more things to do in game.
  4. The reward shouldn't be for being there at the right time but for the completion of the thing. Make it so it's a quest which can be paused at any time. Make it so that players have the control over when they want to spend their time. You still have to do certain goals to achieve success. It doesn't have to be time limited. Isn't it enough that it's a long list of things you have to accomplish that takes 2-3 months to do ? We already have login rewards.
  5. -Make it so that players can repeat desired challenges multiple times for example 3-5 times each. High level players can do it faster by doing eidolons or ESO, etc. while lower level players can do it slowly on easier challenges. -Add a cap which would be increased per each new week. Let's say first week it's 45k. Next week comes its 90k so if someone missed a week they can catch up when they are free. -Cap could be only for challenges, leave fugitives as they are. -After Series 1 is done turn it into a quest which can be accepted in the codex. Remove the cred shop for the quest version. This way someone that missed it can start it along side the new series. But hey this is just my opinion.
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