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  1. In any warframe mission after completion i feel like it's boring and tedious to run or jump like 50 times to get to the extraction point,in railjack we have the omni tool that can transfer us directly to the ship,why not make one for extraction points after finishing the mission.
  2. some players just like to get umbra formas and beside like i said it doesn't have to be easy plus the DE can add super hard missions in the future you never know
  3. i have been playing warframe for a long time and i was excited when i first knew that there are umbra formas in the game but the thing is i feel like we don't get more opportunities to get umbra formas and i know that they have to be very rare to obtain but also it is just not enough to get only 1 or 2 formas per year,it doesn't have to be easy to get it but it won't hurt anyone if there are more chances to get it anytime and since we're talking umbra forms i feel like more mods should be added to the mix like umbra redirection or umbra range,duration,you can also add umbra mods for primary,secondary and melee weapons like umbra damage,etc,someone might say that adding them will make the player overpowered but since the hard and ultra hard mode will be updated sometime,i think it will be just the right amount.
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