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  1. It does still give credit. I was at 9,450. Went into ESO and "finished" them, now at 450 and the next rank. Both are still there of course. I believe it dragged out the one from 2 days ago and that's what's slipping it up. Only one of the daily challenges is for today. Any others showing up are old ones you most likely already did, and completing them does not give you anything since you already got credit. Much like the Index one months ago.
  2. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Plasma_Grenade "Grenades can be heard by a loud, analogue-like beeping which will rapidly grow in pace as time grows closer to the grenades detonation." Obviously as you got into the thick of it and started blasting things it got harder to hear it. But before you started shooting, at the 0:18-0:20 second area, it's clear as day it's beeping off to your right. Also. "Damage scales with enemy level." This is why the second one one shot you, while the first did not. When I learned to play shooters, your ears were a very important tool. So I don't really care if you believe me or not. They beep, and they did in your videos. And they're grenades, of course they're going to hurt.
  3. If the mission is on a T4 Void node, I believe it still applies. And yes, I heard the grenade beeping in both clips. They beep before they explode, for a good 4 seconds. I heard it off to the right as you ran up to the group. In that situation I would of not run up to that group til it went off, or went another way.
  4. Except he's not wrong. You don't have to use absorb at all times. You could of just used it to face tank the grenade damage in a pinch.
  5. It was a grenade both times. I heard it clearly in the second clip to your right, hence why you blasted off to the left. As for the first, they usually can't hit you with the grenades so they usally just hit the ground and explode there. Like it did in the second clip. Also, the second clip looked like it was T4 void, which means enemies have 300% damage. Though even if not, the grenades are still pretty deadly. If you were on PC, you could use Semlar's Death Log.
  6. But that's it though. It, barring certain situations, eliminates a player's PC from being the host, not their connection, their PC. It prevents players from exploiting the nature of P2P systems for their advantage(one example in my previous post). Granted that issue is less of an issue, if one at all, in a PvE dominated game such as this one. But that's also why I said "in almost all cases". P2P as a theory, as a concept, is great. No argument. The problem is the real world is not always so fitting for it.
  7. Oh, i'm not worried about it being seen. But i've played enough P2P games where people got upset or thought they were smart, to do things like DDoS someone. Yes, DDoSing is illegal, yes it's not a common thing. But that doesn't stop them, because it's honestly hard to track depending on how they go about doing it. When you connect to a Dedicated server, no other client knows your IP and can no longer do this to kick you out of the match. Which for a PvE centric game, is not likely to happen... as I even stated.
  8. The issue with the way P2P is done here, ie where one of the clients is a host... Is just that, they have to HOST the game, this means their computer has to handle all the server tasks on top of playing the game. This is on top of any connection issues there may be. So you could have a great internet connection, but a low end computer, making you a terrible host. This is one thing dedicated servers remove from the equation in most cases. They're designed to only run the server aspect, and are much more suited to it than many people's home PCs. It also solves other problems with P2P which tend to be more common in PvP centric games, in that players have access to other players IP addresses and such, and we all know where some people go with that information. Not that i'm advocating they use dedicated servers, but they are indeed a better solution in almost all cases.
  9. It gives you the item same as if you bought it yourself, ie the BP.
  10. Yes it was a booster, and people are saying they didn't get said booster. I got one from the Tennocon code no problem, but not one from this stream. I'm ok with not getting it since i'll be gone the next 3 days anyways, just throwing my name into the hat as evidence more than anything. As for other comments about this stream and Tennocon, it's very possible the issues are different. Might be related, might not be. Don't assume something not working means the same issue as it not working another time.
  11. One speculation was PSN players NOT getting the Tennocon stuff at all since many of the people claiming they didn't get it were actually on PSN.
  12. No, just means you didn't keep up to date with what they said.
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