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  1. Again, moved, not removed. There are 10 nodes in Deimos. One for the Open World, one for the hub area, and guess what the other 8 nodes are? The derelict nodes.
  2. During Tennolive. They didn't say they were retiring the Derelict. They were retiring the Derelict KEY system. Meaning no more keys. They pushed all the Derelict nodes into Deimos. You can even see the nodes for Lephantis and the Emissary on the map during the demo.
  3. That would make a second thing they don't work on, they attach to Eidolon Lures for example, but do nothing.
  4. Expected norm would be fine if they did not imply anything else. But they did imply what it would reward.
  5. And i've actually played all 3 of those, quite a bit in fact, and have totally seen what you say doesn't happen. And, yeah, you can cater to different groups. That doesn't mean there's no negative effect that happens when you try to make something for a group different from the usual. This is one of the bad mentalities I see around. If a developer provides information, in a place designed for said information, such as forums, it is NOT their fault that players choose to be ignorant of it. It's not wrong for player's to be ignorant of that information either, but if they try to play the "I didn't know" card, that IS on the player.
  6. And? They chose to be ignorant to the information, that's all on them. Again, it's fine to be disappointed in something. The issue comes when you try to use that as leverage to get said something changed for your benefit, when it was never designed for you in the first place. You can choose to be ignorant of the information, but that's never been a valid excuse for much of anything of note.
  7. Actually, in quite a few games, casuals make up the majority of the playerbase. In many, they literally overpower the people you might call "hardcore" and try to make everything for them. Try to throw said Hardcore players a bone, and they won't have none of it. And in many cases, the devs will go where the money is.
  8. Don't, or refuse, to understand? Perspective? Again, if they tell you something is going to be far more focused on the difficulty and or challenge and not to expect increased rewards.. you should of been disappointed before it released and realized it wasn't for you. People can be disappointed with that all they want, that doesn't mean it's valid criticism. You expect it to be "harder content, better rewards," then get disappointed when it was never intended to be such. Said ahead of time even. But no, still gotta complain and try to get it changed instead of going "this just may not be for me." So, yes, it kind of does matter what they said.
  9. It's pretty clear what the negative aspect would be. It's been described in a few places as it is. When you amp up the rewards for something that is designed to be a challenge for the better players, it makes those less skilled or less willing, feel they need to do it. Some will, some will complain and so on. Some will ask for carries or try to sneak into groups they aren't prepared for or don't belong in. The bigger the carrot, the more likely this is to happen. And lastly, not everything has to be worthwhile to everyone. So ask yourself, does something really need to be changed because some people find it not worthwhile, if it was never intended to be for that crown in the first place? "If you don't like the reward/effort ratio, don't play it" is a completely valid argument. Now, if they didn't intend from the beginning for it to be difficulty/challenge first, and not so much emphasis on rewards, your argument might make more sense. If I don't like the direction a developer goes with a certain piece of content, I don't play it. I know it's not for me. Can that feel bad at times? Sure. But that doesn't mean it should be changed. Again, if the intent wasn't clear before it was released, then the arguments would make more sense.
  10. But you see, it was described to us to be this way BEFORE it released. They said this was the intent for it. It's fine to want something changed, but to straight up ignore the fact that some people like it as is, is selfish. You're seeing it as a piece of "content" or whatever for everyone, when it was never designed for everyone. Not everything needs to be for everyone, and that is something that is seemingly very difficult for some people to grasp. Asking for it to have more rewards, is asking for it to cater to you enough so you're willing to do it. So give your opinion, fine. But use a proper comparison. What you used, was not. It's not a job, do not compare it to one.
  11. The flaw in your comparison is you're comparing something that is a livelihood or a job, to something that isn't. If you choose to treat the game as a job, that's your choice, but that's on you.
  12. Or a nully sneaks up and destroys your bubble and now the horde of enemies are shooting you.
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