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  1. Tedious as it might seem, it's not new. Refreshing the "state" in the orbiter is actually nothing new. Many things don't update while you're just sitting there. And depending on how it's coded, there's a possibility that it's incredibly difficult to change. Going to a relay or dojo and back takes less than a minute, so likely not a priority.
  2. I've gotten all the drops since the change, some claiming during the stream, some after. The error here happens when you claim AFTER the stream is over. Refreshing the page or hitting again puts it into claimed. Again, i've gotten them ALL, including today's, which I was asleep for and claimed 3 hours later.
  3. It's not even really doing a mission. It's leaving the orbiter and coming back, it gets new data every time you do that. It's like the "use a forma" Nightwave challenge. If you're sitting in your orbiter when the weekly reset happens, and you get that challenge, it won't actually work if you do it right then. Navigation will show it as a challenge, but your current "world state" has not gotten the updated data. Leaving and coming back refreshes it. Granted, it should normally do this upon login.
  4. You can claim it after the stream ends to, have about 24 hours. I've done it several times already, hours after the streams ended.
  5. Then go complain to Twitch about it. They're the ones who phased out the original drop system.
  6. 24 hours, ish. However, if you used chrome it's possible it simply didn't work. I've had issues with chrome in the past doing that.
  7. Click on the word "Warframe" below that, or the chat tab. It opens the stream page. Hit play. I'd suggest not using chrome, since I've had long streaks of not getting drops and i'm not sure what chrome is doing that causes it.
  8. Except you can. If you open up the stream page and hit play, it will just sit there with a loading circle, and when the stream does actually start... it starts. I got both the helmet and shawzin this way.
  9. I don't know about clicking the chat button, but when you open the client, and then choose the Warframe channel, it loads what you were seeing. There's the Warframe name and logo right below it you can click on to get to where you need to be. They basically do the same thing though, after testing it. You just need to make sure that "video" is set to play, even though nothing plays til the stream starts. Works in browsers too, but Chrome has been iffy, likely it's doing something in the background that makes twitch think you stopped watching or something.
  10. I started Twitch several hours before Wednesday's stream, before sleeping basically. Hit play and it just sits there and "loads" woke up, hours after it ended, claimed the helmet BP just fine. Note that i've tried this with Chrome and the previous drop system and had it fail on me often. I use the standalone client when I do this now, or use firefox when watching normally. So you absolutely can still afk watch.
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