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  1. (XB1)falconpwnch0234


    Yeah, that should be changed, how it works the way it does mentioned here is beyond me...
  2. (XB1)falconpwnch0234

    Why PVP would benefit DE (not a rework conclave post)

    Isn't everything in warframe behind a wall of some kind? Mind i explain Some in the spoiler tab below? To be blunt, that's a very weak response if you ask me. There must be a reason for everything. With that flawed logic it's like saying if there's a reason it's something that should always be avoided. You can't please everyone it's not going to happen. Embrace that and we can move on with this discussion and hopefully things will go well. I bet at least some of the people complaining about conclave has played at least several games that have some form of PVP in them (not counting battle royales). assuming that's the case we could try to talk about ideas or systems from said games and what makes them work and how it can improve PVP, be beneficial for long term, and possibly even generate future PVP ideas DE could have in the future.
  3. (XB1)falconpwnch0234

    Why PVP would benefit DE (not a rework conclave post)

    This is very true. Not sure if the changes I have proposed below would help, but those are the only ideas I can come up with.
  4. (XB1)falconpwnch0234

    Why PVP would benefit DE (not a rework conclave post)

    It would be clear to me that they would have to make sure no exploits are able to be done with future conflicts if they were to bring something like this back or something involving clans vs clans and alliance vs alliances. Maybe they can try to figure that out to make it more fair for everyone. Only one can hope.
  5. (XB1)falconpwnch0234

    Why PVP would benefit DE (not a rework conclave post)

    Here's some other points I would like to bring up. Add something like stamina back into PVP and have it be exclusive there. At least in CoD: Advanced Warfare & Black Ops 3 you can't bunny hop infinity than you can with bullet-jumping in warframe. Have a reason for doing it in the first place and make it worth while doing and make it enjoyable, right now PVP is very hard to enjoy due to the myriad of problems it has. You can even try to add back in Clan Vs Clan & Alliance Vs Alliance conflicts but have it be different.Those obviously to benefit clans and alliances. This part might be wishful thinking but that in a railjack-like setting would be awesome. Warframe bans like for example; banning mag due to her ability to kill a lot of enemies quickly with her 4th ability and has a absurd range.
  6. (XB1)falconpwnch0234

    Coming Soon: Devstream #121 - Happy Holidays!

    Yes please, I would most certainly like those changes too. Also can we have a better audit log for clans as well DE?
  7. To be honest, I think the monocle on the mask should be separate if it hasn't been like that already.
  8. (XB1)falconpwnch0234


    Can we get back on topic? This thread is getting derailed.
  9. (XB1)falconpwnch0234

    Date Announce: Devstream #120 Dec 7!

    Same, I have been wondering if it's making progress too for a while now. Can we please get some news on that??
  10. (XB1)falconpwnch0234

    XB1 Chimera: Update 23.10.6 (Prime Vault + Hotfixes!)

    So I have noticed that the winning Xbox clans for Dojo remaster contest have not been featured on the star chart yet, do you know when that'll go live?
  11. (XB1)falconpwnch0234


    It very much does. I don't necessarily have a huge problem with the rewards as a whole just as long it's fun, it's mainly the Celestia Syandana that i kind of have a bit of a grievance with which is what this thread is about.
  12. (XB1)falconpwnch0234


    I strongly agree with you on that, in all honestly it is a mechanic that me and some other people will not welcome as you have probably seen from the points i have been trying to make here on this thread. All this just do is forces you to play conclave like you've said and it's not a good way to treat a cosmetic item at all, look i get requirements for the syndicate syandanas to go off, but this mechanic is absolutely atrocious. After all by the time you are even eligible of getting the syandana people might be burnt out of conclave or even before that point and knowing that you have to continue playing the mode everyday just to keep a cosmetic lit up completely is just bad design period. There's no Ifs, Ands, or Buts about it. Do i really need to keep explaining people why that's the case again even i already did before? As i stated previously, i've played conclave and i had to dealt with trolls and some aggressive people myself. Being a witness to how OP some stuff and most of the stuff sounds good on paper end up with making the enemy absorb bullets like a shamwow. Low amount of players on the platform i primary play on Xbox, to even having to get separate mods that's specifically for conclave and some of those mods that could be ok for playing around with in the main game is just conclave exclusive. I honestly think the Celestia Syandana very much needs to be changed because not everyone's going to have the time or even try if this gimmick stays intact. I much rather get to max rank on conclave & get 100k standing and get the syandana and not be forced to play it again unless i want to and still have the syandana lit up all the way as it is shown Look i know this thing has been like this for well over 2 years at this point, but i feel like it's about that for this change.This thing could be a potential reason why some people would not try conclave. I don't think you all will agree with me, but it won't make much of a difference for the conclave's longevity, for some people like me it's basically dead now. I think it's best that after fortuna or after railjack, figure out a way to revitalize conclave and make it more fun, making it actually sustainable somehow. Right now it's clear to me that PC has the most players for the conclave community, but everywhere else, it's beyond niche.
  13. (XB1)falconpwnch0234


    On PC that may possibly be the case, but on other platforms that isn't the case at all, on xbox you'll run into the same people almost all the time and lobbies fill up to about 2 - 4 people most of the time from my experience and sometimes it'll go past 5 people in a lobby. There are also times where nobody is playing conclave at all. Keep in mind i'm at max rank in conclave and I have the celestia syandana and tried to keep it lit before and it just gets very repetitive. Look having to do the dailies every singly day and week just to keep the celestia syandana lit is just doesn't work. How about we have it to where ever everytime you complete every single weekly missions for the week and have a light be lit on the celestia syandana permanently until it's completely lit or the celestia syandana comes fully lit no requirements added. either one would work for me, but i much rather perfer that when you get the celestia syandana it stays lit permanently. As a bonus maybe an option to choose which lights get lit and which ones don't get lit.
  14. (XB1)falconpwnch0234


    Not many people in the warframe community play conclave at all especially on xbox, changing it won't make much of a difference because the majority of players as of right now play PVE. If DE counts on people to continue playing conclave just to keep the celestia syandana fully lit then they need to figure out another way to keep people interested in conclave like Better rewards and events that happen on a weekly or monthly basis that are worth-while and possibly even Clan VS Clan or Alliance VS Alliance mode. There is no point being elitist over a syandana that's arguably more obtainable than the Day 1000 syandana let alone any syandana to begin with.
  15. (XB1)falconpwnch0234


    Well the reality is that regarding conclave, there isn't a lot of reasons for people to get involved with PVP not to mention the balancing of the warframes and weapons is terrible compared to balancing to other games. There isn't enough variety in conclave either so it's not really fun game mode at all to 95% of the community. The more variety there is to conclave and if they can actually balance stuff out better for conclave, maybe people will start playing PVP more often. This is the main reason why i said it's a bad mechanic to have for any cosmetic item that you get, let alone a syandanas you spent days to get only to be forced to keep playing conclave for the syandana to stay fully lit all the time. This shouldn't be a issue in the first place and just have the stay lit fully like it is shown in the picture. I agree with that statement, i have the same issue with that too. I feel conclave is in desperate need to be revamped and have more variety and reason to play it. Even with that being the case there is absolutely no reason for the celestia syandana to be a cosmetic item that you have to be forced to play a mode just to keep it at it's full effect. and like i said earlier, you earned it you should keep it at it's full effect no matter what.