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  1. Basing riven dispositions on popularity in combination to these new changes just outright kills the riven system for me. It was already bad that they would nerf rivens because certain weapons were being used with rivens. Making it worse by making rivens for new weapons weaker to begin with and possibly not getting the chance for the disposition to get increased because they may be popular just kills all incentive of farming rivens. This in my eyes has got to be the dumbest move you can make with rivens This is like putting salt on a wound and then hitting the wounded spot again.
  2. When you trade there should be a button that shows you the rules of trading. This is also accessible when you put things up for offer in maroo's bazzar or when you trade for the first time. https://imgur.com/Hn6v1Dd I do agree though that it does need to be something that's more easily accessible.
  3. To be honest I'm getting so tired of these riven nerfs I spend like 2.2k for the kohm riven I had and the bramma riven combined now they got nerfed. Yeah they're strong, but that's what makes the game fun for me is good weapons that are satisfying to use. These nerfs kills it for me. I'm not gonna lie I'm very upset and I have all right to be. These riven nerfs are just getting so old. What's even the point of grinding out the good rivens if they're just gonna get nerfed later. It kills a good part of warframe for me and many others as well. DE needs to change their mindset on how rivens are handled. Nerfing stuff to oblivion is just gonna get people Including me more angry with this game. Need I not mention the fact that some of us are paying Plat and our hard earned money for these rivens.. Seriously with the fact in mind this makes riven nerfs all the more upsetting seeing your investment get destroyed. 2.2k plat Is like almost the price of a game if not more. I'll be honest I'm not messing with rivens at this point if this is what's gonna be like. We're sick and tired of this crap.
  4. Deadpool & Domino (Marvel Comics) Me as Domino (Mesa) furiousmage as Deadpool (Excalibur Umbra) Platform: Xbox
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