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  1. Any news about: The Endorsement System Replacing the Guides of the Lotus Program. Any more New Player Experience news? The Return of Trials. How are they gonna work and what rewards will be with them? Stalker Mode News? When will the Shedu be fixed? It is broken everywhere right now. What about:  Railjack: When will we have more places and mission types to explore in railjack. When can we expect Kuva Liches for empyrean and how is it going to work? How is the Command Intrinsic class gonna work and what benefits are to gain for it? Melee 3.0 & Parazon Any news on the devil trigger like mechanic coming with the melee 3.0 Phase 3 and how that's gonna work? Is covert lethality going be turned into a parazon mod or is it staying as a dagger mod? Can we have Mercy Finishers be consistently accessible? Having to have the enemy at 5% health to do it for most content is not worth it imo. It would be better if you can do it when a enemy has to be at 20% - 30% health in order to do a mercy finisher. That alone would make some of the parazon mods be more worth using. Are there other mods that are going to become parazon mods as well? In-Game Quality Of Life: Allowing weapon mods to be equippable on both regular weapons and sentinel weapons at the same time would be great. Message of the Day of all chats like recruiting and trading but also clan and alliance chat to be in bold and to also reappear in chat after a set amount of time looking at the chat like every 30 minutes to an hour. Clan System Quality Of Life: A clan system ability to have those with ruler permissions to change the Default Clan Rank for new members joining a clan as shown in this thread. Longer Message of the Day character limits would be a very welcomed change. Ability to Sort members by mastery rank from highest to lowest and/or lowest to highest in the clan page. A separate clan role that allows to start or pause pigment projects and have that mechanic be taken away from the tech role. A clan recruiting relay Clan Management System ideas: A place to put up rules of a clan outside of the Message of the Day system and have it be accessible in the clan page anytime. Better Clan Log system to operate more like a Audit Log. With influx of clan roles within the last year and a half more clan ranks would be nice to have Changing color names on clan chat to easily identify someone who is a certain rank in a clan. This would only be changeable by clan warlords. A thread showing the idea linked here. Instead having a fabricator role; there should be a setting to allow and not allow certain things in clan research to be replicable depending on what rank you are in a clan. Dojo: Foundry in the Dojo? Custom Obstacle Course decoration limit increase; Decrease the resource costs of Dojo Decorations overall? Any plans for a Target Practice Room for the Dojo or to have moving targets like moving floating circles in the custom obstacle course room in the Dojo? Changeable statues in Temple of Honor? Warframe Changes & Reworks: Equinox being able to use combined form in combat as a new ability? Not sure how we can go about that to be honest, but I feel like it would be a good idea to try in the future. Since the addition of Secondary energy colors. I have been thinking of this lately. Are there plans for chroma to use elements like radiation, viral, corrosive, etc. in the future?
  2. Apparently the shedu can also get jammed upon doing a mercy kill too on a lich thrall, probably with any enemy as well.
  3. I almost forgot to mention this, but yes it still happens without other weapons equipped. I've had this happen in hydron and it got jammed. Though i was in a public squad. I remember my build being something like this when i did hydron last time about a week ago. https://imgur.com/a/M4YoIbX
  4. I've had this happen with a smeeta equipped. Haven't tried with no companions equipped yet. I'll try that right now though.
  5. They've had a while to iron out the issues. I just hope when they get back from break in a few days that they do a emergency hotifx on all platforms to fix this weapon because the grind to get it and the pay off of it in it's current state feels unsatisfactory.
  6. Just recently i had encounter it break after using turrets and forward artillery in railjack.
  7. I think there might be multiple bugs that causes the gun to stop shooting. Unfortunately I couldn't replicate this issue. Might be a thing that happens occasionally. Based on responses i've seen so far and from personal testing here's a list of causes of this particular issue. Buffer Overload bug which requires Magazine increase to fix. Railjack transitions render the weapon unshootable. Attempting to reload cancel with the shedu sometimes result in the weapon being unable to be fired. The weapon can sometimes get jammed when entering a public squad Not sure what else there could be that causes the gun to break, but there's definitely multiple causes for the gun getting jammed.
  8. Strange, seems to work fine for me. Maybe certain things work for certain people. There might be a root cause more complex than we thought. Maybe there are times the gun just bugs out entirely due to a major script error. I'm not sure what kind of error exactly.
  9. Actually scratch what i said earlier. I think i know what's the problem. It has to do what @Tyrrel said earlier before mentioning fast hands. I think you're absolutely correct on the buffer overload part, but increasing reload speed won't fix the issue because the gun is already being told to reload too many rounds than it's suppose to without increasing magazine capacity because it's a buffer overload bug. You would have to increase the magazine capacity and that's exactly what I did. I put on a Max rank Magazine Warp so I would have 9 rounds at a time instead of 7. The problem is fixed for me so far which means it is a buffer overflow. The game is trying put 9 rounds in the shedu when it can only hold 7 rounds resulting in it having negative ammo regardless of the UI showing it have 7 rounds. This means DE is gonna have to fix this bug by either increasing the default magazine capacity from 7 to 9 or tell the gun to only reload 7 rounds. I hope this works for you guys too. If the problem persists be sure to put it up on this thread or others like it and hope we can have DE see this and it gets fixed soon. Edit: In railjack archwing to ship transitions can sometimes break the weapon too. Edit 2: Apparently this fix doesn't work for everyone. There's so many causes for this issue like Potential Buffer Overload bug which requires Magazine increase to fix. Railjack transitions render the weapon unusable. Attempting to reload cancel with the shedu sometimes result in the weapon being unable to be fired. The weapon can sometimes get jammed when entering a public squad and more..
  10. Do you mean prime fast hands or regular fast hands. I tried regular fast hands and it didn't fix it for me.
  11. Nope, i've tried finding it and seen jack squat about mapping that control to a specific button. 😒
  12. Hello, I have been playing railjack and it's fun so far, but it would be a lot more fun if we can be able to change the aim sensitivity for the guns in railjack. Mouse and keyboard is pretty much required for piloting the railjack and/or mounting the side guns because of how bad the aiming is on controller. I would strongly suggest adding that soon because if we're fighting in the veil proxima and the sentients with our railjack; accuracy will be absolutely vital. Also I have noticed that boosting and maneuvering doesn't work either. It would be great if that got fixed too.
  13. I'm on xbox so we don't have that. It's a PS4 exclusive.
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