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  1. I like all of these ideas. It would be nice for this ability to have more utility on other frames.
  2. I've been around for 5 Years. I love the game and have about at least 5k hours in-game, but with all due respect Digital Extremes. I had quit overwatch because of the Blitz Chung debacle back when that happened and will not be supporting blizzard anytime soon. I will most likely do it again to warframe if this happens and also make my leave from the community. The very fact that founders are speaking out about this speaks volumes on how disastrous this situation can get. I hope Tencent realizes that. I hope DE will get to keep their independence, but I hate to say this but the f
  3. Yeah I don't think that's gonna happen and if it does It might not be long-term DE. Sorry to break the bad news. I think any boons that may possibly come of this acquisition will most likely be short-lived. I'm not very optimistic of this acquisition at all and I fear things are going to go downhill fast. I however am gonna hope everything works out. I hope they don't meddle with DE too, but since tencent owns Leyou now and considering tencent's past, I don't think that'll happen. They have so much money they can just simply bribe and just by doing their usual agenda they could m
  4. You message the bot, not make a thread. Making a thread with your verification code is dangerous
  5. You can request a thread deletion by reporting your own post and say you want your thread gone. I've had to do that several times before.
  6. I had a resource drop chance boost blessing for 3 hours from someone blessing everyone in the relay and I couldn't even use it because I wanted to farm steel essence to get relic packs since i used my syndicate standing already and of course when I wanted to use it barely anyone wanted to do odin. I think this blessing thing should be extended to a day because 3 hours is too little time.
  7. Would be nice if we can feed some of the ores/gems (base versions) and fish resources from all open worlds to the helminth.
  8. It isn't true and i don't think it'll ever be like that ever.
  9. i'm not sure where to put this so here it is in off topic i recently got an email from microsoft relating to FREEdom Rewards stating... Hi falconpwnch0234, Some might say you can’t have it all… but we beg to differ. Meet FREEdom Rewards, a new way to get rewarded with Free to Play titles. From special limited-time offers to tried and true faves you’ll come back to again and again, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t wait. Start playing your way to Rewards. Enjoy, Xbox Live Rewards Team i clicked on
  10. jokes aside i don't know the only thing i can think of is search warframe tv on youtube
  11. you can try this if you want you can also try a smeeta kavat for this build as well
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