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  1. then just don't respond. it's as simple as that. I'm afraid complaining on the forums about this isn't really gonna do you any good tbh.
  2. Well, this is a free market.
  3. Has anyone else noticed that the clan emblems on your shoulders became semi-transparent all the sudden? I won't lie in saying that it makes the clan emblem looks bad when put on a warframe's shoulder and armor as well. The same issue is also happening to alliance emblems as well https://gyazo.com/63da2532f0359fa4335997bd84e525c3 https://gyazo.com/22b2fac85203db90dc6fd32bdda1205c
  4. I never really used the clan feature myself, but I very much agree that we need more ways to recruit for our clans with minimal hassle. I feel like you can only do so much in recruiting chat so any alternative ways to recruit for your warframe clans and alliances is very helpful especially if it's on the warframe forums.
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