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  1. This would make void damage a lot more viable overall and more useful and the operators could be decent outside of very low levels not to mention xaku being even better. I agree that this change should be made.
  2. Why do I not have my dark theme? I hope this is bugged and we get it back soon.
  3. Not sure if anyone else has had the black screen bug in the Cambion Drift? If you haven't, basically what happens is that while exploring and doing conservation to get tags required to get to rank 3 in the entrati syndicate most of my screen turned black or should I say that 3D graphics and skyboxes randomly turn pitch black. Aborting the mission and returning to the necralisk doesn't work nor does going back to orbiter, the only way to fix this issue is to restart the game. At first I got teleported underground, but then I aborted to the necralisk and still got the black screen effect and
  4. They said that abilities on the list were subject to change for another ability in a frame's kit at least that was the impression given on the post. They said nothing about ability stats being changed Before the list of abilities show it said "The following table outlines the current Ability a given Warframe will provide on the Subsume action. This is subject to change before launch." I would be a bit disappointed that some of the picked ability was changed yes, but my issue that has summoned me here on this forum is that they are just nerfing the abilities without giving numbers inste
  5. I'm sorry, but half of these nerfs are far from needed and in fact it's a very hard slap in the face to all players alike who are prepping for this update. What's the point of getting frames to sacrifice to helmnth if the abilitiy stats are gonna be very bad in comparison to the warframes said ability comes from. Also why have you not given us numbers regarding this change? This makes us more worried as if it's gonna be for example half of what it was on their respective warframes then this nerf will cause great upset with the entire community. First off you guys broke your word re
  6. Do people need to do this in order to get access to trades again? Kind of like how you need to do 2FA on PC to have trade access?
  7. I'm on xbox too and I run a clan. I can confirm that the same is happening to me too where the rank up messages are not seen by others besides myself .
  8. Basing riven dispositions on popularity in combination to these new changes just outright kills the riven system for me. It was already bad that they would nerf rivens because certain weapons were being used with rivens. Making it worse by making rivens for new weapons weaker to begin with and possibly not getting the chance for the disposition to get increased because they may be popular just kills all incentive of farming rivens. This in my eyes has got to be the dumbest move you can make with rivens This is like putting salt on a wound and then hitting the wounded spot again.
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