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  1. It's not that, it has to be something else because the same happened to me and i was using helios I had 12x combo when my crits turned yellow suddenly, then i was afk for a minute saving my SS, when i came back to the game, my combo was still at 12x and my crits were red again.
  2. That's all i needed to start farming kuva weapons, so how do i extract the weapon from the Lich?
  3. They won't add a punishment, but if they do, i'll do the same, this would be my only enjoyment in this update 😂
  4. Well done, i tred but i couldn't get past the "identify murmur" step, it's just too much grind to be true... it's not fun nor healthy. Also, please copy ur analysis and repost it under the feedback section( ) so DE can read. edit: done 😃
  5. I never asked for anything... but please DE change the ammount of captures needed to identify murmur, it's too much to even try rn(reduce from 150 captures to 15 is enough)... and our relics are being stolen, even the alert ones, fix pls.
  6. I was going to say it, this is taking too much time, it's rly depressing when we execute mobs and the bar barely move, i can't enjoy the update because i hate long missions and it frustrates me when i got to do 10000 times useless short and long missions just to identify one murmur. Wrong move DE, this system to identify murmur is completely opposite of fun. T_____T
  7. OMG, DANIELTHEDEMON has the best fking glyph ❤️❤️❤️
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