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  1. Hi! i'm musicframe DNexus According to feedback and i played a lot shawzin, so i wanna drop my personal conclusion here about shawzin: 1. pls make console players be able to copy and paste codes that same as PC. 2. add slots for us to save few songs like mandachord, we don't wanna lose it when log off. 3. make shawzin be able to hear from others in Dojo and relay, maybe can add a button in setting to let us decide to mute others' shawzin or not, hey this can just pack with mandachord's setting! that's pretty much it! ty sound team for this contents, we do have fun with it especially friends.
  2. congraz all winners! amazing stuffs :d @MordenWex that's my favorite \o/
  3. Buff00n, don't tell me you typed those codes for link description in your video by hands :v ah nvm, you have to copy one by one to clipboard , :l damn
  4. Clan Name : Deluxe OctaveClan Tier : ShadowClan Platform : PCClan Role : Warlord (Red: Important and lore, Green:Featured Design, Orange: tour experience, Blue: Dojo update) Our Dojo doesn't have QUANTITY projects, but we have one of the most efficient Dojo structure design you don't even need portal because you never get lost and No room been wasted. All our projects has highly accuracy position control and no logical mistake. Whole Dojo can be fully upgrade and modified in the future. Some of them are still in plan or design progress, so here are some already been made. Our Dojo has Lore and Tour story, Our project is not just in ONE room, Please notice the description i will give in following project, the orders will according to dojo tour order 😎 Full presentation images are linked in Imagur Album, click to check out! 1. Robo Exhibition Hall and Bar Giant Robot show case with bar and trading function, welcome hall dojo entrance. https://imgur.com/a/ZFj8kEN 2. Museum (set) One this side of Robo Exhibition Hall we reach the museum. The Grandest Hall Decoration, Museum is the best topic for me to put this topic for this hall, here is basically a mini Codex that you need quite time to finish tour 🕵️‍♀️ Many amazing details, best one are those 3 orokin dinosaurs! They are king of Land, Sky and Sea, the design is a bit fantacy. And around museum attached those sub projects, they are part of museum as well, those including: -Ayatan Garden -Orokin Lab -Contribution Vault Oracle -Souvenir Shop -Floofs Chest room https://imgur.com/a/kLoORLt 3. Military RDC (set) Now back to welcome hall we go another direction, and after elevator cross hall we reach the Military Research and Development Center(RDC). Build in Grander hall, this project has the highest accuracy basically "Made in Germany" quality and highest modified ability, rendering with industrial lighting system, and in the middle the Space ship/aircraft can be replaced with new design in the future, around this facility are 4 Labs https://imgur.com/a/2ZeOrSu 4. Clan Council (Lore reference: New War) The meeting room of our clan, build in one of Inspiration hall with magnificent scenery, rendering with Sentient lighting color. In the middle Round Table has Atlas, and has 8 seats with sculpture on table, they are referencing to: - 6 Syndicates - Clem (Alliance) - Baro Kiteer (Supporter) And in one of corner is the hot spring fountain, the portal are ancient design and trading post are merged in a cave. The whole place is ancient alien planet design. https://imgur.com/a/JYPT85l 5. Command Center - Hangar (Lore reference: Railjack) Through the council, we arrived in the cross hall of honor(in progress), each side are keeped for railjack and more future updates, lets pass here and logically we reach the Command Center and Hangar. You can equip arsnal and use Navigation here, ourside this command center is the hangar where your fellow space craft landing and take off, we got a unique orokin design ship, and light scout model jet, 2 light cargo ship and one light battle jet. can add more space craft in the future this room is highly modified. https://imgur.com/a/NlYQP4l 6. Miamas S27 Crater "Aye Aye Captain!" alright everybody now we are about to take off, the captain will drive us to one of our explore spot on Miamas, as known as the Saturn's first Satellite. We'v found a rare crystal on this asteroid in S27 Crater. https://imgur.com/a/Pa1vlQQ 7. The Cave of Puck Alright lads! here is the crystal, and under this crater is a dead old volcano Cave, quite big, those plants are very interesting, Beware the humidity in this cave is very high. https://imgur.com/a/UAbYfTg 8. Sakura Valley "After we back from a Space tour, feel tired and need to find a good place to give a chill, do you know any place in Dojo?" "Ah ofc we do, Sakura Valley is the best place to recover you both Physically and mentally." Build in One of Inspiration hall, a Snowy Valley covered with Sakura forest, which is the genic species from orokin era, those flower tree never fade. In the end of this Valley is the ancient Buddha Temple, this is the holy place where you can find peace. 🙏 https://imgur.com/a/NiSLDtJ 9. Operator Outdoor Camp (set) Meanwhile, our reporter are in the preparation progress with members from "Teenager Scout", in this year, Operator Outdoor Camp will be opened for public, you can bring your star child here, have a happy family time. Around this room attached 2x duel rooms and Obstacle, you can get your Tenno well trained. 💪 https://imgur.com/a/nqAymRd Ok that's all the completed Dojo projects in this tour, hope you enjoy our story and report. cheers! 💜 Here is Youtube Video showcase:
  5. Finally finish the cartoon version of Octavia band ❤️ here is a huge time spend lovely drawing By Spidercake2208 and Kerunii Thx model offer (from left to right) : @Nilliski @RevBreak @-Xomnia- @PsYcKo46 @zueskiee @Spidercake2208(x2) @Chocooo @---yunoctavia--- @el_Butterz @Zephyr
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