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  1. So what did you expect them/want them to work on instead ??? literally from the get go Warframe is about getting frames and weapons, if you don't want more frames then don't bother getting those frames. also pretty sure an open world at this point would need a LOT of work and overhauling to even do? Also it wouldn't super work with the whole 'flying around space' as you wouldn't be on one planet and thus would be even more work on DE if you wanted each planet to be 'open world' it's just not that kinda game from my point of view (I mean I can see them making outposts on planets or more stations - like the relays but different designs whatever - maybe down the line with more NPCs or something to talk too with quests or something but open world? Seems pretty out of reach from what I can see)
  2. normally mine is fine, yeah I'd have the occassional one once in a blue moon but today well I tried to join the same mission 4 times, every time 'host migration' and then kicked back to the orbiter :/ likely something in a recent update must have done something cause it was fine before, I'll try again tomorrow and see if I get the same problems at all.
  3. Where'd I put my bayonets. so priest frame then, figured we'd get there eventually (since Warframe is gonna have a Warframe of everything under the sun of course) *hellsing flashbacks*
  4. Thank you! C: thats a sweet Loki, I like the elegant design - he'd probably look great with the invubus-like horns too as suggested above
  5. That's an incredible Oberon :0 i gave it a go - I did Valkyr first because she is my favourite frame (well her and Excal) - I'll copy over what I wrote on tumblr about details - I was going for some kinda elegant beauty angle. "Started with Valkyr because she is my favourite frame (well her and Excal are my number one favs) - few things to note is I tried to tie her to both her prime variant and gersemi skin in that some of her looks are reminiscent - such as the placing of the various crescent moon motifs (that are seemingly prevalent for Umbra’s if Excal umbra is anything to go by) and gold pieces or the ‘energy wings’ and tail from Gersemi. Figured I’d incorporate the crescent moon into the helmet to make her 'cat ears’ - and instead of gauntlets here she has strands of fabric since I wanted to keep some of the cloth motif that might also be a signature of the Umbra’s if Again Excal umbra is anything to go by. I’ll be honest - I’m probably gonna draw more if her since I like the design and I loveValkyr - and yes I’ll draw a hysteria variant to show what her 'hysteria look’ is (such as normal valky’s bolts or Gersemi’s 'feathers’)"
  6. @(Xbox One)EternalDrk Mako love the Valkyr, who's on your list after Oberon? :0 hey you don't mind if others give umbra concepts a go? I'd like to give it a try myself aha - plus it'd be good practice drawing humanoids which I kinda need myself cx
  7. Gotta Build em all~
  8. Hell yeah! HELL YEAH! It was so worth it, made my day to see this pop up in my subscriptions.
  9. He put an image if umbra waiting I think? (Unless their got the wrong username cx ) and yeah that's what I meant, like a different look to each animation (although if it was an altered variation that maybe added in something that'd be fine too) nice work with the Umbras btw! C:
  10. I wonder if the Umbra's might get new powers (or a variation of the existing powers?) something to think about during this long wait anyhow. @Demoonic that's gonna be my new desktop background for sure.
  11. I seriously thought the reasoning would be the heavy weight the name has in music rather than anything MLP related (which would just be weird to have referenced in Warframe, a violent sci fi space ninja game that's the farthest thing away from MLP as you can get? Idk) Adagio is a nice name but it doesn't fit bardframe considering the definition, something more in line with trance or trap music comes to mind when I think of the new frame (must be the colours and fast beats that give me that impression) - guess we'll just have to see what they come up with/decided on.
  12. This plus getting mastery rank required weapons past a certain point anyhow.
  13. I would have liked better scaling - I mean when I'm home from college I'll give getting more points another go but this event is burning me out fast and I'm sure a lot of people feel that way, hence less people wanting to participate etc. feel like they went maybe a little harsh on the threshold for moon clans considering not everyone is a "hardcore player" nor is everyone active all the time, forgive me if I sound nonsensical in any parts I'm very tired.
  14. I have a lot of respect for Trinity players and what they have to put up with, sadly it's why I still haven't lvled my trinity or play her much because I don't deal well with stress and people blaming me would make that worse. kudos to you Trinity mains for putting up with everything like this.
  15. Strife Faction - Sentient Grip - Scythes Description - "A Deadly Scythe, fast and devastating, it's energy blades cut through all - Tenno, you may have mastered War, but can you master Strife?" Speciality - 'Sentient Adaptability' - whatever element is equipped to Strife, your Warframe gains immunity to.