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  1. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    It'll probably be longe for umbra but I'd like to believe they can both be out this year, but considering TWW release record umbra probably will be next year.
  2. Will the Game's Specs Change after PoE?

    I mean even if it does (I hope not too much since I am confined to a laptop myself - though one that runs games pretty well even if it's not a gaming one) there's hope it can run okay if DE gives more graphics option - like lowering draw distance, turning off certain effects, low/medium/high etc etc. just adding in those kinda options would probably make everyone happy (although maybe sad that they can't run the graphics to cinematic levels but that'd be the trade off?)
  3. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    But he's here and I'm weeping, legit I'm so hyped. also theory - maybe the sacrifice, since it's talking about giving a life to save theirs and what they mentioned about this being more warframe specific, maybe it's talking about how the warframes might have been made? - because we know they're techno-organic with links to the infested and some questionable sentience? (Unless the end of TSD was latent transference idk) so maybe someone (or someone's) had to be willing to sacrifice their life/body/flesh to make a warframe from? its pretty out there but idk it's just a theory and considering the body horror/creepy connotations that's already in this game what with Kuva/transference/void etc it's not out of the realm of possibility. i haven't read the current replies so I'm probably not the only one with some thoughts in this direction either
  4. TennoGen Round 9

    Hope that Excalibur skin gets in on the next round, that one looked really nice (sue me, I love Excalibur Cx ) but I'm definitely getting the equinox skin :0 more winged syandana's are also super cool
  5. Infested Mission Atmosphere

    I'd love for this to be added/returned. current infested missions don't feel scary or tense - it'd definitely be an improvement to their atmosphere.
  6. yeah it was something I appreciated seeing (i am autistic myself, it's kinda disheartening to be seen as a problem :c ) it made me appreciate the quest even more tbh, though i love the horror and forced solo gameplay because of it - will for sure need to replay in the future c:
  7. [SPOILERS] Man In The Wall

    SPOILERS just in case c: so we all get visited by mr "Hey kiddo" at the end of the chains of harrow. but I'm curious how everyone's operator acted? i know they all sat in different places depending on alignment i do believe, but did they act differently too? my alignment is Neutral/moon leaning last time i checked, my operator seemed to be smiling, sitting cross legged kinda bouncing then she did a creepy as hell headtilt. does everyone's act the same? or different?
  8. @Robin-da-Reaper yeah mine was kinda bouncing/happy all smiling sitting there and then did the head tilt, so idk if thats a BAD sign or not >.>
  9. [Spoiler] Harrow Quest/Lore Discussion!

    would have been nice to see, maybe getting all the voice actors again for a few lines was too difficult or something? busy on the main questline? idk. I really liked the quest tbh, also i really liked Rell - maybe it's also because i'm autistic and alot of the things mentioned (touch, difficulty with emotions etc) kinda struck a chord of familiarity hm. either way its a refreshing change - felt very Dead space-y in parts, I'll probably replay it again in the future.
  10. Chains of Harrow end...

    honestly I wonder if we're gonna get more 'hauntings/hallucinations' as we play the game now whenever we're back in the orbiter. that'd be pretty bad &#! and also super creepy when least expected :0
  11. [SPOILERS] Man In The Wall

    my alignments neutral/slightly dark last time i checked? but my operator showed up with 'hey kiddo' too (i got the 'don't forget you're nothing without me' on the end of war within) "shes just sitting there, MENACINGLY"
  12. My alignment is neutral/leaning towards moon slightly (embraced void, kuva controlled, teshin killed her, i had hope etc etc) and idk maybe it affects eyes/where they sit/how they act? but.. "Hey Kiddo" creepy :0
  13. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    anyone thinkin with the recent quest um SPOILERS below just in case. that the umbra frames might either repress the void or enhance it? or that the umbra warframes were used by those controlled/who listened to the 'void entity/man in the wall?' something to think about i guess. end SPOILERS cx
  14. Make the Man in the wall a permanent feature?

    Yeah we should get these 'visitations' from time to time, just to keep us on our toes cx
  15. TennoGen Round 9 Deadline

    I need he Excal skin like burning. anyone know what date they announce winners?