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  1. Well... again, i never said atlas was lacking damage, i said he prevents it, and literally any frame that can deal with large groups is good in onslaught. Especially the basic one. Add to the fact, enemies ehp is significantly reduced in that mode. There will be a moment, if you keep playing, that you may do a longer run with atlas in actually difficult content, and you will start seeing the chinks in his*tee hee* armor, or not, maybe you play the content youre comfortable with and dont really need to understand the inner workings of the games mechanics. Thats fine too. Or hell, maybe i'
  2. You have to status proc BEFORE petrification. Then the status stays locked in. But status procs just dont happen if an enemy is petrified. Sure you can use a healing weapon, but atlas already has rubble, so healing really isnt his problem. Take him on Mot and stay longer than an hour. The cracks in your build will begin to show, and you'll start to see the problems with atlas from a design aspect.
  3. at least someone actually brings up that the lack of status hurts him later on. I've done the huras thing tho. I actually have no problem surviving with him into the high level 100's. The thing is, i think from a design perspective every frame with the right player and the right build should be able to play for as long as they want. Every frame should scale with enemy level, regardless of content, either through cc, or through damage. Atlas does a LOT of damage, but it has a limit, and his cc actively removes the ability to do your damage as well in the later stages. Yes, i'm speaking f
  4. I keep forgetting most of the community doesnt play scaling content lol. Atlas' landslide has a limit, because as you go further, the second you stop punching, you die, and status procs are extremely necessary to maintain a decent level of kps, which landslide doesnt provide, and petrify wont allow. But hey. I get you guys. Atlas having invincibility on his 1, and rubble being a consistent selfish heal, instead of venari being a team utility, makes them totally different, with different strengths. I'll leave it alone.
  5. Arguing the point about petrify being an inconvenience really just depends on the level of content you play. When you can one shot everything anyway, sure, atlas' petrify is a boon. But eventually, you begin to notice how important status procs are. Its just an objective fact that its a loss in dps, even with the enemy debuff on it. And how does stealing atlas' kills impair his kit? If you wanted to be a distraction bot, you very well could. Try it actually. Play full range+duration and dont use landslide. Dont even rely on rubble. Its very doable. Thats just your playstyle preference sp
  6. I have no idea why people dont like khora. She's not like the very best, but she provides good camping cc, and fantastic damage output. I've seen her compared to vauban a lot. I can see why, but comparing her to him is kind of unfair imo, because she actually does damage, and her cc can minorly inconvenience a team, whereas vauban does no real damage to speak of, but has cc that saves lives and can create a run all within itself. Thats why i compare her to atlas, because he has cc that can minorly inconvenience a team, but he can do metric craptons of damage using that cc in conjunction
  7. I didnt say anything about a bugfix lol. Ok i think we're done here. Not so sure on your english. Thanks for your input though brother.
  8. I dont think he needs a rework. I think the mechanics of the moves he already has need QoL tweaks. I think the coding on his petrify needs fixing, his landslide needs supplementary stats, and his tectonics needs to be cast based on camera position and not atlas' position. All of this was said in the post. Unless you just read the title and made up your mind on what you were saying already... They both have "exalted" 1's, and ways to amplify those 1's damage output Atlas through his internal combo counter and petrify enemy debuff. Khora through both ensare and strangledomes enemy debuff. I
  9. It might seem like a stretch to compare them, but as a player that likes atlas, it sucks to see that i could take khora, and do what he does, but be safer while providing the team with cc (not to mention, cc that doesnt turn off status effects), still provide a distraction with venari, with even venari herself providing more utility. As a tradeoff atlas gets... armor? The comparison in my mind of course started with the fact that they had "exalted" 1's. And thats what made me mad when i realized what was going on. Atlas gets 350 base damage which, at a decreased cost, can increas
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