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    No you can't complain about Nidus on the forums! People gonna eat you because they consider him god amongs gods! /s Seriously tho, I've never seen a warframe so overrated. Ever since helminth released, this guy is pretty much irrelevant for me. In order to be "unkillable" I need to continuously gain stacks, get proper arcanes and mods, and spam Virulence which is "what if melees were clunky to use and dealt mediocre damage." And he is "toptier" somehow because of it. Meanwhile here's Ash - the "bad" frame. Ash presses 2 with no duration mods and has immortality with stealth multiplie
  2. I do. But good luck activating finisher when Teleport lands you somewhere finnicky. Fatal Teleport not only guarantees an oneshot but also activates finisher in situations where pressing X wouldnt work at all. So obviously I assume that anyone building Ash for finishers uses this augment.
  3. I mean I wouldnt mind it being the full value - I like mobility and my build would only benefit from this. I was just too worried that we would never use the targeted version outside the Fatal Teleport niche.
  4. I don't think it's good enough for the clunky usage. I definitely think the range without target should be lower than with it. Maybe the value I suggested is too low but just like with every single numerical value, I would leave it up to devs to decide the number.
  5. Because with full range build and natural talent you could travel 162 meters in 0.5s which is a bit ridiculous even for warframe standards ;o. And I actually run full Range build since I use Ensare w/him. It works great and Smoke Shadow has 42m stealth range. So I CC whole room, and give my entire team stealth multipliers and immortality. Adding such mobility on top of that would be a little bit too crazy imo. But then Titania exists so IDK. If we didn't add such drawback then from design standpoint a question arises: why would you even bother teleporting to enemies if you can c
  6. This ability is kind of bad outside of Fatal Teleport niche build. But conclave's version is actually useful! How about we: Give Ash's 3 a "hold" functionality, that when the button is held Ash teleports where he aims instead of at enemy/ally, at reduced range. The hold/tap functionality would obviously be reversable in options like every single other tap/hold ability. Make it so that pressing 3 while Bladestorm is active doesn't cause Ash to join the Blade Storm - just let Ash press 4 again to do so instead, so that Ash can be mobile even during Blade Storm Th
  7. Oh boi do I want an ugly helmet that downsizes my energy economy at cost of one of my arcane slots just so I can wall latch a few seconds longer. Hell yes.
  8. By that logic they shouldnt use Kubrow and Kavat specific mods either. Heck Vulpaphylas can be even invected with Vasca disease.
  9. Yes please. These pets are ugly af and all those gorgerous skins are going to waste. Their Larva form doesn't even change colors with your vulp. I would expect it to just be default as well with skins.
  10. Yeah scalling in this game is absolute garbage. You either oneshot everything, or nothing dies You have infinite energy or literal zero And Nidus has either max stacks or struggles to get 10 of them. But hey, what do you expect when each mod can easily double your damage output? For it to not scale through the roof?
  11. My point exactly. 10 waves, for getting max stacks, is increeeedibly slow and you can get max stacks within 2 waves easily with the full use of Nidus' kit. Which is why I don't see the problem with what I am suggesting. In teamplay, Nidus is almost useless, so it is better to be more dependent on team and it's is not going to hurt him because it's slow. But slow is still better than the turtle speed we have now. Unless you have an idea on how to make Nidus kit be more usable with a killstealing team, while keeping the full control over his stack generation to himself, I will stick to it b
  12. I don't understand your concern at all. In order Nidus to be at his best the use of his 1 is almost a must. You're forgetting the fact that his 1 is needed to detonate Maggots, and his double virulence synergy with his 3. And I think you're overestimating the power of the changes bring. In an exterminate mission, that averages at 100 kills/mission, using Larva only will generate him 20 stacks of mutation, and about ~23 if he used his link. And this assumes you larva every single enemy, and assumes that you and your linked target are the only ones scoring kills on these foes. 24 stack
  13. I mean, that was literally the point of the changes. I wanted it so that Virulence isn't the only reliable source of gaining stacks. This solves 2 issues: This makes his 1 subsumable, enlarging build possibilities and even enabling weapon-focused playstyle This makes him better in teamplay where killstealing would become less of a problem I don't see a problem with Larva giving more stacks than Virulence, because conditions for these stacks are rarer. Getting kills from ability that cannot be spammed vs getting hits with ability usable over and over again has a clear differenc
  14. Counting to 4 and checking if it was 4th hit is literally 2 lines of code and isn't going to collapse entirety of warframe in no way or form. Besides, I wouldnt call it overcomplicating when literally nothing changes about use of Virulence. My main issue with the 25 stacks idea is how it would make the stack counter very hard to read because it would be divided in such tiny pieces. Anyway. My idea still stands. I wish that we could shift the power generation from his 1 into his other abilities. But I do agree that this idea is not too bad. It would be easier to ba
  15. bbbut literally in the quote you took I wrote which solved the issue already ;-;
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