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  1. Praise God! I enjoy weapon diversity the weapon is blinding shake up the meta
  2. DE! I just wanted to thank you for listening to feedback from some of us regarding the Silver Grove Nightwave issue, I really feel vindicated that this was an issue that I felt there was warrant to post a thread about it on the forums. Lo and behold! You tweaked it! You stay classy DE! (thank you for other improvements as well!)
  3. This guy gets it. This is currently happening with focus. The only change this hasn't applied to is the Hema. Those who argue that the Hema is good don't know what good actually is for a primary. It's a great meh weapon. Very niche.
  4. With regards to my PS4 account, I should have been more specific. Those frames (and my focus/amp) were fully geared. Still, I had not been invited to any squads. I had played these modes for a year with a break for about a few months in that year. I was lucky if I was able to join in on these groups on a given day. I knew my role, I knew what I was supposed to do, and I just didn't get picked up. Many advertisements were "Must have >100 captures" or something like that. In spite of that, I'd say "Hey, Chroma Prime here for tridolon" or something like that. Rarely get invited. Not making a big deal of nothing.
  5. Speaking purely in my own experience, since I've started playing, I've advertised as Volt numerous times seeking a group for a 1x3 and still haven't found a group leaving me to attempt to kill the beasts myself to no success. I just started getting Chroma up to snuff so I'll be able to add him to my roster. That's on the PC side. On the PS4 Side, I have Trin, Chroma, Volt, and Oberon (all prime) and can -rarely- get a tridolon hunt simply because I don't have enough captures to be considered eligible to hunt for Tridolons. I'm trying to find PUG squads. Don't say clan up, because finding a squad with a clan is just as effective. Everyone in the endgame doesn't want to lower it down to help the lesser players because of the 5x3 meta. It's a thing, and it's destroying the experience for newer players who are desperately and feverishly trying to play catch up to the elitists. That being said, you could know the fights like the back of your hand - better than some people with far more captures and you'll still be rejected because of a simple statistic. Technically, no, you don't need a real amp to start doing tridolon. But you do need people, which there aren't.
  6. At some point, everyone's going to be carrying someone. There's going to be someone who can do a 2x3, but can't find groups for 2x3, because no one does that, so he has to keep carrying the 1x3 community, yet he doesn't want to because he wants to push himself higher to the next bracket. The same is true of all brackets of all players. Most people think they're better than they actually are (in my observation.) That being said - this elite behavior does not help anyone at all. It's not such a big deal if one were to miss a set of eidolons in the grand scheme of things as it's just a game... ... Unless they're worried about the time gate...
  7. Absolutely, I agree that HP values should be adjusted for Solo play. THere's been a couple times where I kill enemies just fine, but in short of standing still in front of the target to take bullets for it, there's no way for me to defend the target. (I've actually done this before)
  8. So, because you want to be able to push your maximization to greater heights, we should exclude those that can't. Elitism doesn't solve them problem, we need another solution.
  9. That does represent a flaw within the community. It would make it hard for DE to do anything about that. How would you suggest they fix the issue?
  10. So, you're saying because players want to make money, we shouldn't make it easier for players just to GET the chance to acquire the items themselves. Doesn't seem very legit.
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