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  1. I really like the idea of buffing the other abilities so their useful on more frames. and maybe just buff them on the actual frame as well in that case.
  2. On that note, I don't like that a bunch of the subsumed abilities are damage buffs from various frames. It certainly could have been other abilities on most of them.
  3. Not another choice from every frame. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I meant which would you want instead of the current option. Like instead of molt on Saryn I'd like anything else.
  4. No matter what DE does it pisses people off. I'd use stomp on my duration frames probably.
  5. new idea: make iron skin Rhino's 4 and then subsume stomp. Ironskin is his iconic ability anyway.
  6. I forgot stomp was his ult. it's the ability I use the least.
  7. There's a third option: one of his other abilities. How weak is the subsumed roar compared to having a friend bring rhino, and do they stack?
  8. I am disappointed that all of the damage buffing abilities have "Altered: Inferior" written on them. If the devs have deemed them too powerful to allow as is, why not give us access to other abilities that are fun? Just one example: If Roar is too powerful, why not give us Stomp instead? I've heard a LOT of criticism from friends, randoms, and people in region about both the choices of subsumed abilities as well as nerfing the ones DE chose. Why did they choose them if they didn't want us to have them? I felt like the idea was to create interesting builds, but some of the subsumed abilities aren't good, and so NEVER get used by anyone. That's not very fun for the players. Do y'all have any subsumed abilities that you would replace if given the choice?
  9. Thank you so much! this is very helpful. not optimal, but still a great alternative to no transmissions at all.
  10. I found it, but the description doesn't explain much about what it is. I would have never known this was related. It'll turn off the lotus transmissions, or switch them back to what they were before? Do you know what spoilers it hides?
  11. I have gotten to the point where I turn off all transmissions in between important story. I frequently don't notice instructions from NPCs which can cause problems when I'm playing in a squad. I cannot have it on anymore when she's giving directions several times throughout a single mission or I'll be in agony for several hours afterwards. When the change was first added I thought it was a cute idea, and I thought, "I'm looking forward to the update that lets me get the old mission directives back". It's been YEARS. If we're never going to get her back, please give us the option to set it back to the way it was before. I'd be okay with the image remaining blue and corrupted, but the sound is making me not want to play until we get a quest that can change it again, and that could be several more years. I've had a lot of life happen in those two years, and it didn't used to give me headaches. I can't be only only one. I know almost all of the people I play with absolutely hate her garbled speech, even if it doesn't cause them headaches like me. If I'd known this was going to be a permanent change I wouldn't have done that quest mission. That said, there was no way I could have predicted it'd still be like this years later.
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