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  1. Wish people would stop complaining and just enjoy this beautiful skin! My only concern with the pigtails is if they block menu visibility or a lot of visibility in general. (Like the wing syandanas go down when you open the menu because otherwise, you wouldn't be able to read it, stuff like that.) I bet that issue has been addressed though. Now just waiting for DE to accept this beauty!
  2. Oh joy! Zephyr would be nice but I'll always say that since she's my fav. I do look forward to seeing what you do next Lukinu! Love the Octavia skin as well. I need it in now! Keep up the good work!
  3. I honestly love both so much! I feel like the right one however if it was a little smaller I might like it better. As a person who almost mains Nezha that's really my only concern. But I'm sure you know that already and it would be something like Raiji and it wouldn't even affect his ring. I also wish the floating pistol shaped parts were more on the top of the syandana but that's just me. (I like them the way they are too! That's really just a suggestion.) As for the right one I love it! I don't have any complaints but for ever one you do (I hope both) I'm looking forward to it. I love M
  4. Honestly in love with this Mirage skin. If I had this skin I might use are more often, even though I suck at her. I'd like to see Zephyrs fins/wings (Idk what they are) with that transparent style. Love the Atlas helm... wish I had him. Is this your only Halloween submission or will you possibly do more? Keep up the good submissions, I love your work and I look forward to more!
  5. I agree with what lukinu_u (reminds me of Tron lol) and alexmach1 said. Along with that have you considered putting tiny strips of energy along the spine and separating the back of the legs into smaller parts. (I don't have all my art programs downloaded yet to show you what I mean and I'm not doing it with Paint :/) Sorry I know that's kinda unclear just a suggestion. Also, will you do the vanilla frames first and then move on to the others or is it just whatever?
  6. YES PLEASE!! *throws all the money at you* SHE WAS BASICALLY MY FIRST FRAME! MY SOUL NEEDS THIS! (Especially since her actual deluxe skin still isn't here??? Not mad just disappointed at this point.) But that would be awesome. (Seriously good luck, her model is weird but that could be just me) Also if you need any help with the naming process there are so many players that would jump on that bandwagon. :) Follow-up question. Will all your future skins be corpus or will you do corpus themed skins and some other skins for fun or a break, etc.? (Like a Halloween skin or something)
  7. Would love to see Corpus Nidus, Zephyr or Titania... I feel like those would be interesting. (Especially, Zephyr because she's my favorite despite my name.) Looks great, can't wait to sacrifice my money for Corpus related things; I'm already broke because of Graxx but what're a few more skins? Also, are you gonna name them individually or do them like Graxx? Just curious. If it's like Graxx I can't wait to see what you'll call them.
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