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  1. Another thing about this update - Nora became annoying really fast. Her face on alert screen aggressively invades personal space, and we really don't need a message from her every bloody time we exit her screen, or complete her mission. Achievement popups are also extremely annoying. I don't want to be notified repeatedly 20 times in a row while killing these 500 enemies. There is zero reason for this pestering.
  2. Ah, i was missing a slider, and rewards do contain at least something interesting. Umbra forma... one month of grind to get one... That does not seem right, considering that we have more than one bloody frame to mod.
  3. That is not really a content. Am i missing something? There is nothing worthwhile for those who already had all old alert reward. I am super disappointed right now. And half of the missions looks like a giant chore with unnecessary hoops attached (why sortie with a clan-mate? Why slotting 5 ayatan statues? It adds complications that are outside of player's control), if you are not already doing it, while other half is walk in the park.
  4. Secondary weapons still have the wrong offset when holstered.
  5. It does, you need to combo different tricks to keep rising it. Although Grindy is a bit buggy now. not triggering most of the time.
  6. My grinding place is not affected at all. I am getting 3k in the same exact time. I still get regular score ticks at the same rate, and multiplier rises at the same rate. I see no issue here. Edit: never-mind, Grindy is just bugged now. It sometimes not registering when actually grinding.
  7. DE, why did you take away the ability to equip lures directly? I don't want to use tranquilizer rifle to access lure each time i need it. THIS IS A HUGE PAIN IN THE BUTT. It was a pain with fishing change (you made it much less enjoyable), and now it will ruin Conservation Hunting.
  8. Mining is a bit broken - it no longer shows any text in the box with the item that you acquired. If it is an intended change, please revert it. If it is a bug, please fix it soon.
  9. Still no polarities for Exalted Stances? That is very disappointing.
  10. This game is literally unplayable for me until DE reverts Varida suit piece. I am not even joking. I just cannot play with a ruined operator fashion-frame.
  11. DE, you RUINED my operator. This piece is not supposed to be glued to the chest piece. Varida suit is now useless for fashion-frame.
  12. It is a nerf. They buffed a skill that was almost never used, and it will still be rarely used. While they nerfed the only skill that made him special.
  13. Changing Halo to 90% killed Nezha for me. He is no better than Trinity now when it comes to damage mitigation, and trinity is much better at healing. He had one thing that made him special, and now it is gone. He no longer can make armor 15 allies durable.
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