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  1. I repeat - you don't know how to build valkyr, if you think that she is weaker than this.
  2. Oh god, this entire thread is full of people who want to ruin Valkyr just because they have no understanding of how to build her. If any of you would knew how to build her, you would keep it to yourselves out of fear of it becoming the new meta.
  3. Yep, you have successfully proven, that you don't know how to build or use her. Your version of her is completely useless. You have typed a novel, yet it contains nothing of value. Ripline is cheap, and very comfortable. Best frame movement ability in the game by a longshot, and allows things that operators cannot do easily, like swinging around corners and it perfectly complements bulletjump+rolls and directional melee slams. Hysterical assault is useless. The fact that you want it by default says everything.
  4. @[DE]Rebecca You replied to some people in chat about Valkyr rework. DON'T YOU DARE REWORKING HER. She is perfect. If you break her, i will be heartbroken to the point of leaving warframe. Every single whiner, who asks about reworks, just does not know how to use her. But if you really must rework her, here is my input as a player with 36% of my 3.3k hours spent using this frame. 1) Don't touch this one. It is her most used ability by me. Only possible improvement for her 1 would be to make tapping always snap to terrain, ignoring enemies, and holding it to target the enemies. If you are feeling generous, let her drag multiple opponents on holding the button. 2) suffers from the fact that duration is the dump stat for valkyr, otherwise it is good. I suggest changing it to continuous type. 3) is not used, feel free to change in any way you want. 4) is perfect, don't touch.
  5. Similar issue with the guns, apparently. But they are also detached for the hull.
  6. It is pretty obvious, that engines are supposed to be attached at an angle on this skin, but they are not.
  7. It is not. I used platinum to bypass the time wall, but at the same time i accumulated enough resources to build just as many items of the same tiers. Not to mention that in just 9 days any clan can get access to tier III basic upgrades that are both much cheaper and completely adequate for the difficulty.
  8. Pustrels seem to be bugged - you are not collecting them in the mission. You only get post mission reward, which is nowhere near enough.
  9. Where did you get this number? Just curious.
  10. After testing new Archwing - controls feel much more responsive, thank you for that. But universal blink button must be separate from the sprint button. It is very awkward to use it right now during sprinting flight, and if you time it incorrectly you end up worse off than without using blink at all. I suggest keeping the combined sprint/blink button, and adding one for pure sprint and one for pure blink, so we can customise it for our personal preference. Itzal 1 ability is a failure. Space rip line just does not work. And Valkyr is my favorite frame, so it is not because i am unfamiliar with using it. It should be either a generic speed buff with a duration or a different ability altogether. Some new utility, defensive or offensive ability that synergises with the rest of the kit. Defensive drones? Mines? Mini-rockets with a lock-on? EMP shock-wave? Orbiter Lighting is busted right now. Arsenal room does not fit the rest of the ship stylistically - it feels like corpus style with slightly bent contours, not proper Tenno curviness. Too much wear and tear on the walls and machinery, while the rest of the orbiter looks slick and brand new, if you ignore the tubing (and i like it that way, so please don't fix it by making everything equally ugly). Scratches are uncolorable. It is impossible to color new section well, without ruining the old ones - the biggest proof that it breaks the unified Tenno design that orbiter had before. I personally would like the old one back, so please give us an option to choose. (this level or wear and tear only looks okay when you just starting playing, but for an orbiter that was in active use for years, it is bizarre that our Tenno would not apply a fresh coat of paint, not to mention that Ordis would feel embarassed to keep it in this state for long) Also can we have some lighting update for Dojos? Manual option for Removing shadow generation from objects of just fixing shadowstacking? (when you enter the dojo, the first room usually looks good because shadows use different model, but if you enter a new room or change some decorations it recalculates with ugly stacking shadows, if you at least stop this recalculation it will be fine) And it would also be GREAT if we could access object placement for decorations like in all 3d-redactors - with coordinates and rotations in numerical values, so we can just type them in. That would be AMAZING. You have no idea, how painful it is to be precise with decorating now. Arcane sorcery needed to avoid misalignment is just unreal. It takes HOURS to place things just right sometimes, since things do not always snap seamlessly. Rather they tend to snap in incorrect ways that leave unresolvable misalignment.
  11. DE, give me back my pretty orbiter. New one is a downgrade in every possible way. It does not match the rest of the orbiter. Original one had unified style - new arsenal room does not look like it belongs there, and instead of looking like Tenno or Orokin design, it looks more like corpus style, with too much wear and tear for no reason. Textures are ugly, the floor is dirty, walls and machinery have uncolorable scratches that ruin everything. There is too much unnecessary space, that is not even lit properly. Wall geometry is a direct downgrade - stylish curving protrusions between station were much better than current only slightly curved and boring walls. They even curved in such a way now that it is completely impossible to properly decorate them. Lighting in orbiter is too dark. Especially in the crossroads part. Skylight is not worth it. Give us our pretty orbiter back. The game is literally unplayable now.
  12. Orbiter: non-colorable wall scratches exist:
  13. I have a suggestion for making universal blink feel better, while combining best of both worlds. It felt really good to use burst of blinks without a pause to relocate after completing a mission in open world. And it is annoying to repeatedly press the button every 3 seconds. Over a lengthy time of not blinking players accumulate a buffer of up to 3 blinks. Subsequent blinks may be shorter, in line with old blinks. It will allow a burst of relocation after completing a mission, like before, but will not break the movement overall. Amp choice on loadout screen! Also can we have some lighting update for Dojos? Option for manual removal of shadow generation from objects of just fixing shadow-stacking? 3d-redactor style placement controls for dojo/orbiter decorations - with coordinates and rotations in numerical values, so we can just type them in. That would be AMAZING. You have no idea, how painful it is to be precise with decorating now. Arcane sorcery needed to avoid misalignment is just unreal. It sometimes takes HOURS to place just a few things, in a way that is just right, since things do not always snap seamlessly. Rather they tend to snap in incorrect ways that leave non-resolvable misalignment.
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