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  1. You've missed the point. I could swap the Crit Mods for Status ones (CC is 25 while Status is 23 so it can built either way) with no impact to the base damage and in no circumstance is the increased Status Chance in this scenario going to compete against the Crit setup. If you want to do good Status damage, you take a Crit based weapon. Which is just plain backwards. In the scenario of my Shedu being built for Status rather than crit, It would would take multiple shots fired to stack up Viral and DoT effects in an attempt to get closer to the damage offered by crit. Meanwhile the crit build simply deletes the target in one shot. To put it another way, Kuva Nukor in maximum Status chance mode can apply a ridiculous number of Heat stacks to a target extremely quickly. But which kills the victim faster, the accumulated DoTs being boosted by Viral stacks or .. Building the Nukor for Crit and letting the monstrous Crit Multiplier outright kill it's victim in half the time? Despite that the Nukor is obviously not a crit weapon, By abusing crit multipliers it becomes a more effective weapon than building it for Status. Fixing Crit Multipliers alone wont fix the issue of damage in general, But the difference Crit makes in damage dealt is a lot higher than you give it credit for.
  2. You call it a small part of the problem, However, with some simple testing with my Shedu against a level 155 Charger shows a rather different picture. To elaborate, A non crit from my Shedu which has a listed damage per shot of 900 with an 8.6x crit modifier resulted 420 Electricity and 388 Heat, dealing about 5% of the total HP of the Charger, which at level 155 is about 10k. A follow-up shot resulted in a crit (With no viral stacks) of 8060 and 3322. Killing it instantly. Thats why i say that Crit is simply the biggest damage multiplier we have. It takes our base damage and then doubles, triples or quintuples that damage. Or in Rubico's case, multiplies the damage of the shot by 11x before you even add in headshot multipliers or its scoped boost. DE needs to do something about ALL the modifiers, But Crit is the one that will result in the most noticeable reduction.
  3. The point of fixing the absurd stacking damage multipliers is specifically to reduce DE's need to stack enemies with 99% Damage Reduction Armor or millions of EHP worth of Shields. Every time someone suggests bringing the numbers down to a manageable level, the response from part of the community is always, without fail: "But muh numbers / but muh fun!" Q: Why do Steel Path enemies have 200% more HP/Armor/Shield? A: Because players can stack so many modifiers and multipliers together that we reach millions of damage fairly easily. Q: Why do Liches, Sisters and many bosses have awkward damage caps? A: Because if they didn't, players would absolutely trivialize those encounters into a one shot 'blink and you miss it' situation. DE is forced to put awkward damage gating mechanics into boss fights such that we spend more time throwing objects at the boss instead of actually fighting it. The game needs our damage output at the top end brought back into sensible realms in order to allow them to be more creative with bosses and enemy units in general. Ask yourself, Do Stances REALLY need to just have 200 - 1000% modifiers on combos? All it does is inflate the numbers. Do we really need Frames like Chroma to achieve +1000% damage dealt, or Mirage with similar numbers on Eclipse or Rhino with his Roar? All it does is make DE inflate the EHP on enemies to compensate. If DE peeled back all the excessive modifiers they could then give us Grineer Armor that wasn't just 99% DR and Bosses with fun, engaging mechanics without worrying about them being deleted if we so much as sneeze in their direction. Crit is just the biggest source of damage multiplication we have. tl:dr i guess, By fixing the runaway top end power of our weapons, DE can scale back the absurd mechanics put in place specifically to combat that high end damage, which has the side effect of bringing currently underperforming weapons up to a level that allows them to not just be wet noodles and pea shooters.
  4. The only bits that poke through on his default and tennogen akin is the energy bits, Which you can just make invisible anyway. I initially only used it with mephisto skin but it looks amazing on the tennogen one too, with the energy color changed to look like flames. He kind of just looks like he's on fire and I love it lol. Also, it disables Sigils entirely. Which is unfortunate. Even though I agree other frames would look pretty great with the syandana, I also think I'd rather THIS one be exclusive for Revenant and we get new global syandanas in a similar cloak like style for everyone else.
  5. Going above 100% Status is fine, I think. A Status based weapon applying multiple status' at once with enough investment is a decent way to boost its damage without relying on excessive multipliers. Crit i agree 100% on. Pun intended. Once you achieve 100% crit, the critical multiplier just becomes a flat, unconditional damage boost with Orange and Red crits just making it worse. And hilariously, Crit is a better source of Status damage than a Status weapon because of how it triggers a bleed based on the damage dealt instead of the base damage of the weapon ... Leading to my Chakkhur regularly leaving slash procs that tick for anywhere between 30k and 350k. But probably a more egregious problem with how Warframe does damage is just how many multipliers there are that all work together to produce some insane numbers. DE badly needs to rework how we deal damage in general. The reason we have absurd 99% DR Grineer in Steel Path and awkward DPS caps on bosses is a direct result of how many multipliers we can get running at once for some silly damage output. In no world is it necessary for a gun with a total listed damage per shot of 7000 to achieve a single shot that deals 17 million damage with virtually no setup or effort required, but thats the world we live in right now. Or my Shedu, whose on paper damage is 900 per shot, yet in mission does anywhere from 5k to 300k ... Hell, my Bonewidow's sword sweeps just casually do 1 million or more per swing against anything that isnt armored to hell. And as a direct result of that, DE has to put in awkward mechanics to curb that excessive power. We need a rework on damage dealing so that DE can properly balance armored enemies so that more weapon types and builds are viable in Steel Path and beyond.
  6. Chroma mainly just needs some small tweaks with the only major issue being Effigy badly in need of a rework. I recently picked up his Prime and have zero issue with how he functions in general. Vex Armor is absurdly easy to max out and maintain. Just the press button every 30 seconds and you're all good. I dunno if it's a bug or what, but being able to melee while Spectral Screaming makes the ability super fun. That needs to be a feature if it isn't. Elemental Ward is fine, it just needs to be recastable. Effigy is really the only thing that needs a rework. And the rework I propose for it is to turn it into an Exalted Necramech in Dragon form. I've never seen the value in nerfing my own defenses to get a massive energy drain, stationary credit booster that does mediocre damage. Let the Dragon be a Dragon already!
  7. Cetus when it's raining legit has me take off my headset to make sure it's not actually raining outside IRL. The Environment Mode is super nice on every game that supports it... except FFXIV for some reason. Makes footsteps loud, metallic and double echoes lol.
  8. You can equip it even on his tennogen skin. Which IMO looks pretty damn good, So its not uniquely usable when using Mephisto. I kind of like the exclusivity on it being for Revenant alone. It really does change his silhouette. When you see a Rev using that syandana, its unmistakeably a Revenant. If they let every frame use it, it loses that uniqueness.
  9. To be fair, Desecrate and Shadows are both basically set and forget, shadows just need to be recast every now and again. I could absolutely see a world in which Shadows was merged into Desecrate. Think about it for a moment. Instead of Desecrate just incinerating a corpse, just have it loot the corpse and then raise it to the ranks of your Shadows while active. Then replace the Shadows button with an ability similar to Khora with Venari, where it just gives you a bunch of commands you can give to your Shadows.
  10. Anyone who wants efficiency probably shouldn't join public runs or leave their run open to the public. If you have a specific gameplay goal in mind, search for people with that mindset. If you set it public, you're kind of acknowledging that you get what you get. I'll never understand people who get angry about imperfect play in a random pub match.
  11. I recently started playing Revenant specifically due to the Mephisto skin (The syandana can even be put on his default and tennogen skins, which looks pretty damn good too imo). He is super fun in solo with the self sustaining thrall army drawing aggro and boosting my gun damage. But coop people murderize my poor Thralls constantly. BUT! Since alpha Thralls turn into damage pools on death, I just started turning everything in sight knowing full well that allies would kill them instantly and it just turns whole rooms into damage fields lol it's kinda funny seeing a whole room covered in death traps.
  12. Dual wielding should be a stance option rather than a default state for secondaries and specific one handed melee. Such a stance would simply incorporate shots from the secondary into the melee combo without breaking the combo flow. Sort of like how Gunblades mix shots fired with swinging the blade. Could make for some interesting choices in secondaries to couple with the melee option. Would be fun to see seamless weaving of shots with slashes.
  13. You dont have to have played it to see what they've done. But I'll save you the effort of looking. Every expansion introduces an entirely new progression system that gets deleted at the end of said expansion to make way for a new progression system in the latest expansion. AKA, Blizzard Logic = spend hundreds of work hours building systems with the specific intent to delete it later.
  14. Blizzard logic lol. Seriously, have you seen how they've developed WoW over the last few years? XD
  15. If you're going to use a mod slot to fix his energy issues, Just use Hunter Adrenaline or Rage. The more damage you take, the more energy you regain. If you're capping energy this way, eat more things until you aren't perma capped. Thats how i play my Grendel and i regularly run around in survivals with 20+ mobs in his gut. I run out of energy only if i clear spawns too fast and run out of things to shoot at me.
  16. I replaced it on mine with Parasitic Armor. Needs Redirection as well to make good use of it, but it removes the shield entirely. Works great with having Rage on there as there's no shield layer to get through to grant energy.
  17. I'm actually annoyed they 'fixed' the Technocyte skin. I bought that skin explicitely because it didn't do ANY Mutation at all with Prime Details toggled on. Made a whole theme around that lack of mutation, kind of made him look like a mech Then they fixed it, And now the mutation happens. Now I'm sad.
  18. I actually like the effect being on the other arm. The energy is external on his other skins, flowing outward from him, But Mephisto has the energy flowing inward instead. So it not only only reversed the energy, but also the arm on which the energy flows. Never was a fan of his default skin and never played him past MR fodder. So I'm really quite happy with Mephisto, as it's gotten me to play with him a lot more and found i actually like his kit (Except the disco ball. That's still silly looking)
  19. It's a bug. I've had it happen when modding other weapons while in the Necralisk. As I understand it, the bug started popping up after the Catabolyst (I think? The one with the reload grenade mechanic) was added. It's purely a visual bug, the gun doesn't actually have that reload mechanic so you can safely just ignore them.
  20. People learn in different ways. Good teachers will understand how best to teach a student and adapt their method for that student. Some people learn best through written guides. Others prefer videos with on-screen context for what's being explained. Still others prefer to be left to work it out on their own. No single method is best for every person. Vors Prize is, in my opinion, an excellent introduction to how Warframe plays in a mission. The problem is what comes AFTER. That being, nothing. The game does not explain that every weapon and frame in the market can be built by farming for it. Instead, the market and arsenal present the platinum price only. There are very few f2p games that operate like Warframe does. As such, any new person unfamiliar with the game will finish Vors Prize, check out the market to see how bad the monetization is and slam face first into what appears to be a fully pay to progress market with everything locked behind premium currency. So now that player has 2 options. Go investigate everything or just find another game. The hours played achievement is a good indication as to which option these players choose. The solution is absurdly simple. Quests. Simple quests like upgrading a mod by having an objective be to locate an Endo cache mission followed by an objective to use Fusion on a Mod. Further, having a simple questline to unlock all the junctions as an actual objective would go a long way to leading players into missions where Warframe parts can be found. Even something as simple as adding a line like "Hydroid Warframe parts can be acquired here" on Vey Heks mission node or "powerful mods can be stolen here" on Spy missions would give new players reason to go and clear nodes. You can't expect all new players to start diving into the depths if you don't show them that there's something to be found down there.
  21. What it boils down to is the game assigning an ability to a Config. In the same way we can save mod layouts to Configs. Helminth shows us that Configs can have some pretty fundamental changes done between them in the form of custom abilities. Do you also rationalize Helminth as giving us 3 free frames? Giving us the ability to Forma configs independantly at our discretion is only beneficial to us all. We shouldn't be forced to build duplicates as a workaround to a flaw in the polarization system. Iron out the flaw and the system as a whole is improved. If they could figure out a way to have abilities tied to Configs, they can figure out a way to tie forma applications to a specific config too.
  22. Hmmm. From what i understand .. The OP would like to be able Forma a config seperately from each other. We can already apply Helminth abilities to specific configs. Just take that system and apply it to Forma as well. Select Forma -> Select Slot -> Select Polarity -> Select Config Loadouts to apply Forma into. Result: Ability to have one weapon or frame Polarized 6 different ways. When/If buying a new Config Slot, just bring up a clone option to copy an existing Configs Polarizations or start with a clean slate. Then you don't need an entirely new frame/weapon built (which is a hard ask when some Primes are in the vault) if you want to min/max multiple builds. Literally like what they did with Helminth. There is literally no downside to anyone to have this in the game.
  23. No, Theyre really not. Loot in an ARPG like PoE is replaced upon finding a higher level version of it. Mods are Rank 0, always, no matter where you find them. Need a new weapon? Just kill things. A new weapon will find its to you. Got the weapon you wanted but need a higher rarity? Just kill higher level mods and the sort through the loot. New drops of a higher rarity simply replace the existing item. How is that in any way similar to mods in Warframe? - Get Mod drop. - Rank up Warframe/Weapon for Capacity. - Farm Endo. - Upgrade the mod. - Do Nightwave for a potato. - Potato so you can fit more than 3 mods. - Farm Relics or Railjack for Forma Blueprints. - Forma so you can fit all the mods in. Compared to: - Kill things. - Equip loot. - Kill higher level things. - Equip the higher level loot. And this comparison works for PoE and even more similar games like The Division. The Codex itself needs a massive overhaul. As of right now, The main menu option to go directly to the Codex is listed as 'Quests' and takes you to the Quest section of the Codex. Upgrading Mods is listed under Training and then you get a 5 page info dump that doesn't even back up the tutorial with a screenshot of the process. Nor does it bother to tell you anything about Endo, it only points out the upgrade dots as being the upgrade level of the mod. It is indeed correct to state that the Codex has most of the information a new player would need to understand what they're supposed to be doing, but what good is the Codex when the game itself obfuscates its presence and then barely explains some of the most important systems in the game even when it's located?
  24. The biggest problem is that after Vors Prize, which is a solid tutorial and introduction to the various systems, All guidance just stops dead. Something DE could consider is making the Starchart itself a Quest. Not a deep cinematic one, Just one that leads the player through clearing nodes and junctions. Even something as simple as Lotus popping up and saying "more information can be found in the Codex, should you require it" would help. Yes, There is a ton to discover and the enjoyment of finding new things is great but the game needs to do a better job in telling people there is something out there to discover at all. Having system tutorials take the form of guided quests introduces new players to the system in a way that isn't just a boring infodump in the codex they aren't told has the information they need. And telling someone to go read a wiki before playing the game is the absolute worst thing you can do for player retention. Who really enjoys reading a game manual these days? Upgrading mods for example. This could be done as a short questline where Ordis asks if you remember how to upgrade mods, then guides you to a quest where an Endo cache can be found, then using it to upgrade a mod. This does 2 things. It organically introduces Mod Upgrading and the Resource you need to find in order to do it. On reaching Rank 30 in a Frame or Weapon, Ordis could pipe up with a Quest introducing Forma and how it can be used to increase your power as well as providing a hook for a player to begin Void Missions by providing a pile of Relics containing Forma Blueprints and directing them to the Void Missions. Teaches the new player how to Polarize, what purpose it serves and how to obtain more Forma outside the market with the side effect of showing them the way to get Prime Parts. Speaking of the market, an early introductory quest that asks the player to open the market and purchase a weapon blueprint with credits to organically introduce a player to the fact that the Market can be used to buy weapons and frame blueprints with Credits, despite the Platinum indicators. Not all f2p shops work like that. At first glance, it appears that ALL new gear comes exclusively from Platinum, which drives people away. By making such tutorials into quests, you give players the option to do the quest to learn or ignore it and figure it out themselves. The early game needs to be easily understood in order to hook the player into reaching deeper. As it stands, 60% of people who've tried Warframe on Steam have quit by the first hour. Thats not an asspull number, Those are the steam stats for the 2 Hours Played Achievement.
  25. I barely encounter any issues with my Yareli. Subsumed Riptide out for Parasitic Armor. Merulina for travel if the tile is clean enough, If not then Merulina is only used when i need to fight in the tile. Mobile Defense, Survival etc. I dont get why people feel that they need to hop onto Merulina and then exclusively be on Merulina for the rest of the mission. It functions as combat mobility, drifting about to maintain the crit buff while absorbing damage. Need to move tiles? Hop off and bullet jump if you can't navigate on the board. Its kind of like Ember's Immolation. The DR and boosts it affords is worth keeping it on as much as possible, but not the worth energy drain while travelling. About the only thing I'd request for it is to remove the collision bounce, thats what makes it annoying to slide through maps. Touching any obstacles while travelling at speed will bounce you on a new vector (often backwards if you were in the air) with no way to correct yourself short of wholly stopping and trying again.
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