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  1. can we get an option where we could lock the element changing, I welcome this new change, but for myself its easier for me to play with just one press rather than a long press to use spectral scream i just play using one element, i suggest if an option could be added to turn off element cycling from the loadout screen or in the appearance
  2. still same had this issue just now
  3. Not all but many frames have useless passives, if they can either revisit them for a rework or give us an option to change it with what we like, hopefully...
  4. M21112

    Rhino's HUD

    like this one, am really getting a headache from trying to find it between the buffs i hope i am not offending anyone with this request
  5. M21112

    Rhino's HUD

    please focus and read what i have wrote again
  6. M21112

    Rhino's HUD

    My suggestion is simple wouldn't it be better if rhino had something like nidus or saryn to show him the current amount of armor remaining from iron skin , i know it shows the percentage but a bigger icon is better IMO
  7. i have read the meanings: To discard an item at a high velocity A word one may scream while propelling an object through the air at alarming speeds, heights, and etc. An extremely expressive word that can be used in many situations. On one end of the spectrum, "yeet" can be bellowed with a full, guttural sound whilst lobbing an object furiously to assert authority (great for water balloons and empty containers). On the other hand, "yeet" can be used gently, like the faint brush of a butterfly's wings as it crosses one's lips, as one completes a difficult task (i.e. boss in a d
  8. what does yeet mean, i googled it but couldnt get it
  9. its actually as u said i use the miasma and spores for CO and i run radiation cold on weapons with the second ability saryn deals a huge amount of damage in melee only ofc, but my point is, which most people dont get it, that atleast i have a use for all the abilities which is more better than having some abilities with no use, or more situational.
  10. if ur using the 3rd ability for cc how can the first ability be useful?
  11. the 3rd skill, the other skills are fine, same goes with most frames not all abilities are bad but in each frame you will find 1 useless ability but not all, such as saryn and nidus they have good abilities that are actually useful in my POV ash's 1st ability can be replaced with something more useful nezha's blazing chakram isn't that great nyx's passive is really strange the 1st ability and the 3rd ability are nearly the same regarding titania the 3rd skill isn't that great... thats my POV i just dont like to see an ability that i know i will never use...
  12. to all who replied, no one said u cant do all the contents with the all the frames even the one i mentioned but at a point they have useless skills at level 100+, please read the topic name and understand what i meant........
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