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  1. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    April 17Th: Community Hot Topics!

    My opinion from the beginning on prime weapons is that they should include the non primed version of them and be an upgrade. This eliminates the duplicate weapon in your inventory that you'll never use again. I think the same for primed frames. These are the only recipes IMO that should include other frames/ weapons.
  2. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    Hotfix 16.1.4

    If only we could all aspire to such great feats.
  3. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    Hotfix 16.1.2 + Anniversary Gifts

    Fixed Warframe level up notifications appearing partially offscreen in some resolutions. Thanks Bae
  4. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    Warframe: Sanctuary

    No update on my launcher
  5. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    Update 15.14.0

  6. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    Coming Soon: Devstream #46!

    Please tell me the raid will not be anything to do with archwing!
  7. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    Npc Accuracy

    Thanks for sharing. This is great.
  8. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    Update 15.12.0

    Hype Will the Syandanas be tradeable?
  9. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    Nekros: Changes Coming For 15.12

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE all of this
  10. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    Spy 2.0 Preview

  11. Thanks for sharing. Always nice to see things that happen in the background.
  12. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    Hotfix 15.11.2

    this this this this this
  13. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    Hotfix 15.11.2

    gotta love fixes Edit: What are these guys talking about void trader sigil?
  14. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    Psa: Matchmaking & Presence Server

    Thanks for the fix
  15. -GM-Cha_Dude-

    Warframe Builder

    Thanks for this. DPSframe was my go to until it died.