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  1. The endgame for me is farming expensive/hard to get items to sell for plat so that I can buy cosmetics :P
  2. In Onkko's Command Center in Cetus there are the usual armor stands, but I don't recognize this particular one on the right. I've not found it for sale or crafting in any market or trade person. Kind've resembles a Fortuna workers attire. Anyone know what this is?
  3. I actually didn't know it put out electrical fires buuuut now that I say the words "Electrical FIRES" it uh... kinda makes sense :P
  4. While I can understand the idea of trying to conserve resources, wheres the fun in that? Have some fun, shoot some missiles, fire the torpedoes. You'll get your resources back. So might as well have some fun. 25 pustrels to fire a dome charge, you get 300-500 per mission.
  5. Ay Yo, this is Excalibur here, wishing you a Happy Holiday season where ever you are. And remember to take it easy and rest yourself for the good times that are sure to come.
  6. We finally have Railjack and so far it's pretty fun I'd say. I'm enjoying, I hope you are too. :) What's your fav thing about Railjack thus far? Or perhaps a moment you enjoyed whilst sailing through space.
  7. I mean, I'm having a good time with the new systems. I think they're fun :)
  8. I absolutely love the aesthetic of this deluxe skin. it even has new movement stances :D Definitely a must on my list of things to buy, reeaally hoping to get more similar to this for other warframes in the future :)
  9. Is it me or have there been no tactical alerts or invasions for Orokin Reactors and Catalysts, and even Exilus Adapters ever since October 2019? There has been Gift of the Lotus alerts for some of these but no tactical alerts or invasions.
  10. Outlaw Star... Yes I like anime, lets get that out of the way :P
  11. I've had no luck finding players ingame to do Exploiter fights and I now search here. Looking for players to do Exploiter with for Vox Solaris Standing. Also willing to group up to do other things such as Toroid farms and Profit Taker. I just really need to finish up this Vox Solaris stuff and get Little Duck's Arcanes.
  12. I mean... It's still free stuff with amazon prime. Tbh I thought it was a little nuts that they were giving out primed frames and weapons more or less for free. I like the new style though, giving out a single frame and a warframe slot, along with a cosmetic item.
  13. This is a pretty broad question but I want to know people's opinion on the matter. Do you like Fortuna's Content? Bounties, K-Drives, Conservation, Thermia Fractures, Exploiter Orb, Profit Taker, Vox Solaris, Fishing. Do you like the gameplay content there is here?
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