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  1. I have a semi working mouse that dies and revives at random (dropped it hard by accident) which is pretty much what jamming is. Let me tell you, it's not fun in warframe.
  2. Found it. At first i thought it was some 3rd part plat site or something. Probably would have a better chance of getting an answer from support. I've only ever bought plat once and that was with a visa card. It came almost immediately. No seriously, only things that came up when i googled "boku" only were a hero academia and some dudes in swimming trunks.
  3. Only ever legit use channeling for stealth since you one shot anything anyways and it dispose of the corpse instantly. Other cases are when i play eq nekros or tank trinity, for fun.
  4. This is pretty similar to horizon zero dawn's scrap box system. You'd sometimes find these boxes amongst loot, which you can open up for more loot. That'd be pretty neat, but i don't see it fixing the fact that most higher level players don't care about resources as much as newbies do. So it may or may not fix nothing.
  5. What's boku again? Tried to google it but only animes came up.
  6. The entirety of corrupted vor's monologue is a meme at this point
  7. Fyi, gifts of the lotus are also a once per 2 weeks kinda deal. And potatoe alert are so rare, clanmates would usually chirp in in all caps whenever one actually pop up.
  8. We are seeing the image of pure perfection here.
  9. Without rivens, pandero. Hearing that bam, bam, bababababam is satisfying af. With rivens, any spammable weapons like the drakgoon, tetra, mara detron.
  10. Looks like i need primed rush cause preliator beat me to it.
  11. If you've ever seen the inverted starfields in void towers, that'd be cool.
  12. Currently we have a mag prime, a trinity prime, an equinox prime, and an unofficially named wukong lurking the forums.
  13. I think the last time we got a prime this good looking was trinity prime. So yeah, hyped for the fashion i guess. (I liked equinox's looks but i always hated that she only has an electrical plug or a tiki mask as her default helmet options)
  14. Gameplay aside, they probably had to resize and reimplement all the textures for first person since you'd see them up close. Especially the guns.
  15. We have nekros as our nekromancer, but what about a death frame? It'd have the power to instantly die on command.
  16. Literally everyone experienced being a newbie though. It personally took me months to finally be sure enough to even talk in trade in trade chat.
  17. I won't blame your friend for being enthusiastic for a game they found enjoyable, but is it really fully the game's fault? New players can get scammed or gifted full sets instead, he was the former. If he'd ask around in chats, clan, or hell even just ask you, he wouldn't get scammed (people are a *@##$ to handle, irl or in-game).
  18. The differences are so abyssimal, i don't think it's worth the hassle of downloading and installing it. Still, if you like it then more power to you.
  19. It's one of those things that people just take for granted. Spaghetti code is a horrid thing to face. It's like trying to untagle a phone pole to rearrage it, with chopsticks. The best thing they could probably do is to make "nodes" on every buttons, and the d-pad would make the cursor warp from node to node. That, or use the ps4 touch pad as a trackpad like on alaptop (this is how i navigate on pc with a ds4).
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