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  1. 13 minutes ago, HandOfTaurus said:

    I'd still love some feedback on my video. I didn't intend to make it a cinematic piece, I wanted it to be more gameplay focused because I want to see gameplay in a videogame ad but, I'm pretty new to the video side of design. How is it? How can it be better? I'd love to hear anything anyone has to say.

    if i may, i understand why you wanted actual gameplay footage, but some shots became  a lil bit too shaky and/or twitchy when you do those quick midair aims like in 0:02 and such. it's actually why most video game demo-ers tend to use controllers and scripted events, so while still showing gameplay, doesn't feel as "crude" (which was why i personally used captura btw, it's still gameplay, just with better camera controls). another thing would be to use simpler powers like ember's or rhino's instead of ones like limbo's or a zoomed in soul punch, because it may or may not make sense to people who doesn't play the game.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Brutal-Error said:

    On a sidenote: noone has even remotely commented on my video, not that I mind all that much, some feedback would be super nice!
    This is my entry


    I'd say that's a really solid video, the only things bugging me are somewhat just me being picky (the transition from valkyr to mesa was smoother than the rest imo, and the jump between some color grading felt a bit too abrupt). Tho, that end shot with excal was sick! rode along really nicely with the music and camerawork as an end frame.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Brutal-Error said:

    Finally another good entry, holy moly the music you used is the good good aswell! damn bro, now I'm definitely losing :|

    thank you :community:

    initially, my edit was 3 minutes long, ended up having to cut out volt, ash, mag, zephyr, as well as some action shots of sonar banshee, valkyr breaking a spine, nova's back jet flaps detail, some saryn gestures, and a whole lot'a slowmos.

    25s is shorter than what i imagine lol

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