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  1. No fix for pigments not dropping from elite units in orb vallis. 😕
  2. Nezha was definitely overdue for some changes in order to make him feel better to use so thanks for that. However, making Warding Halo only block 90% of damage feels like a change in the wrong direction. Also, is zylok just not getting a unique model? I've said it before but the current one seems "a bit" low effort which is why it's being memed.
  3. It's been more than 6 months since trials were "temporarily put to rest". While i understand that the team is focusing on Orb Vallis and whatnot I'd like to know if any resources have been dedicated to bring back raids.
  4. Thanks for some more work on ui. However, being able to set matchmaking type with a Y press was an actually useful feature, I don't understand why would it be "fixed". Similarly, ever since the sacrifice we've lost ability to open the escape menu directly from the starchart which was a very good way to quickly go to the arsenal or foundry.
  5. Is Zylok getting a unique look? Right now it seem a little... low effort?
  6. An event is nice even though no leaderboards again, but isn't incrasing Revenant's drain on 4th ability by whopping 60% a bit drastic?
  7. Just from reading through the kit Revenant seems to be actually really bad. Generally speaking straight up killing enemies is way more worthwhile than mind controlling them so unless his 4 deals a lot of damage and he has decent survivabilty i don't see this frame being popular in any piece of content.
  8. I take this includes not only daily tribute-exclusives like Vigor, Fury and Shred but also the ones from Baro? Honestly, that sounds like barely anything will change overall, days ending with 50 will still be rather uninteresting and getting worthwhile stuff (like weapons and primed mods) will still take years given no catch-up mechanic in any form. It's just punishing for people that missed logins no matter whether it's because of not starting to play the game soon enough or any other reason.
  9. ooh, raplak buff looks spicy, also finally some new amp parts
  10. No more "What is this thing? This is bad." ?
  11. High hopes for more fixes of the new UI
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