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  1. KitsuAccalia

    The Best Weapon Unmodded?

    Probably one of the Explosive weapons like the Secura Penta.
  2. His 1 provides a ridiculous CC it can stump large groups for upwards of 5 seconds, his shield is so good for stopping and taking a breather or increasing your range, and his speed helps melee be taken up higher during t4's and endless modes.
  3. I know right. Considering Calibutt is currently up in the top tier with the ability to gain finisher damage, a raw damage and AS buff passive, 2 large AOE skills one CC and one fairly okay damaging nuke, and some ludicrous damage with his 4(which can be used through walls) which can be sustained for the entirety of a T4 void.
  4. Excal can solo upwards of level 30 enemies at level 10 or even earlier with the right mod set and a half decent modded galatine.
  5. KitsuAccalia

    Update 11: Valkyr Unleashed

  6. KitsuAccalia

    Hotfix 10.0.3

    I was the person who got a team ammo box I believe it was, the others both got the Mag prime helmet blueprint. I'd like to know if It will be fixed or something of the sort.
  7. KitsuAccalia

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for the use of cat without permission!
  8. KitsuAccalia

    Operation Sling-Stone Community Event July 26 - 29

    From that day forth I never chose any frame besides Rhino.
  9. KitsuAccalia

    Operation Sling-Stone Community Event July 26 - 29

    Escape pods ;w; Anything!? At this point I would take a space canoe.
  10. KitsuAccalia

    Operation Sling-Stone Community Event July 26 - 29

    .-. This is turning into a flame war! Abandon ship...'s!
  11. KitsuAccalia

    Hotfix 9.3.2

    I'ma go sleep on it -w-
  12. KitsuAccalia

    Update 9: Vor's Revenge

    >:D Time to no life!
  13. KitsuAccalia

    Spy Drone Community Event: July 5 – 8Th

    *puts on a pair of V glasses and proceeds to go rock the heavens and slaying weather balloons with such speed and ferocity that even Kamina would be proud.*
  14. KitsuAccalia

    Hotfix 8.1.6

    yay more fixes! Albeit mostly behind the scenes but.. Yay :3