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  1. The game's font is an important part of the game, every time they change it we can feel it. It is time to change it to Comic Sans and keep it, it is the perfect font and we then wont have to familiarize ourselves with a new font every 2 mainlines. This is a long overdue but it is time to stick to one font and we all know it should be Comic Sans. This post was written by #ComicSansGang
  2. expectations over what we got. clearly there were scrapped ideas, great mechanics and the original design (not the one from 50 dev streams ago but the one from tenno con) was also scrapped. a high % of the complaints about the lichs is the amount of time it takes to kill them, too long. but those complaints have appeared for the wrong reasons. as expected we were all hoping for a long term relationship with a kingpin, what we got was long term relationship outside of the kingpin. what do i mean? instead of killing the kingpin using kingpin related systems like going after miniboss's of him and discovering information about him or his location or size of fleet and other things, we instead got a gameplay loop that does not involve the kingpin system. you go to normal missions, farm relics, farm traces, farm mods, repeat when mods are out of charge. the only gameplay loop involving the kingpin is going into a mission, running it normally, pressing x on a downed enemy. repeat enough times to spawn the kingpin (for some reason), interact with him once, finish the normal mission objective. the kingpin itself is not its own gameplay loop and having to go to an instance of nodes that cant be farmed for something else does not make sense. a different system could have been that the lich sends one of his commanders with a small army of soldiers to attack you in missions for say when opening a relic, this would make more sense and more enjoyable. to clarify i dont mean that you will get thralls randomly join on random missions i mean remove the thrall system completely or improve it in a way that would make more sense gameplay, lore, mechanicwise and enjoyment. after all this is a game and not work, if the content is fun people will stick around. now im sure you guys have thought of making a more middle earth type of kingpin system but decided it will take too long and made this system that is mostly based on currently existing content which takes a lot of work off your shoulders (other than designing kuva liches). kuva liches are basically stalker, it will spawn randomly, and you will rarely get what you want which is all 3 mods currently but with the difference of having to go to its own node to do it. to quote Steve, he said that so far what you have been giving us is islands and we go to them, get some stuff then come back to the main game. this separated nodes are just as much of islands as open worlds. "a delayed game is eventually good but a rushed game is forever bad", as i cant confirm it but there is evidence that can lead us to believe that you did rush it, i do believe you should have waited with the kuva liches. im about to say some hard criticism so dont think this is hate speech: nobody asked for liches to be separated from railjack, nobody asked for liches to be released this month. everyone where surprised when you said liches at october. the only apparent reason for it to be rushed is the drop in players where everyone moved to destiny and the lack of updates for a long time. from the original tennocon design the lich system looked like it had a completely self sustaining rich and deep gameplay loop. comparing the kuva lich ending screen from the dev stream to now, rebecca had that lich iirc for over 70 days and has met him only 7 or was it 9 times. i killed 4 liches yesterday, my second with rng that took the same 3 mods as my first lich but at a different order. this is the end of the feedback so lets talk about the end of the kuva lich, there are no rewards for grinding everything you just grinded for. the stealing system might have sounded good but in execution it turned out to be one of the scummier mechanics you have introduced to the game. giving the player a false sense of reward by taking a portion of his items and then giving them back at a later time is not actual reward but it just makes you kin to want to buy relic packs so you can make him stop taking your rewards while farming traces for atlas prime. the rewards are variants of weapons we already have and only 3 actual new weapons. invested time and forma for the original weapons is now wasted for anyone who is not a new player. considering the amount of work it takes to kill a lich, needing to level up the same weapon 7 times to level 30 + 2+4+...=30 (that costs more xp than the first 30 levels) is absolutely redundant. someone calculated that to master all the new weapons it costs 70 forma. lets do the math, it will take you 70 days to craft all that forma, days with the rng to get the weapons you dont already have, days to level them all up, days to farm relics, traces and the rng for the actual forma blueprint. farming resources for all that forma. or you can spend 816 platinum to buy that forma and another minimum of 40 plat to buy an affinity booster. the amount of scummy ways to force you to spend ludicrous amounts of plat on this update is honestly worse than waiting even 140 days for content. this is a free to play game and i understand that but dont you think you had enough ways to make people spend plat without introducing this forceful plat spending? got off topic lets go back to talk about the rewards, in reality you are getting 3 new weapons, getting any of the new weapons is rng based meaning you can spend 40 years on this game and not get it and they are just extra grind for a bit better stats than what you already have (i know about the clan lich donating thing but it should have been here from day one to prevent this). in one of the dev streams you said that kuva weapons will not give mastery and you changed that and the only reason i can see why is to make people spend plat on ranking them up to 40. for the last reward, the ephemeras, those are actually nice rewards but they are rng based. not enough that its rng for which ephemera you can get the lich to spawn with but there is a good chance it will spawn without one at all! im on my 6th lich and i still have not seen any ephemeras. i did not get to talk about the thralls in particular because this is getting really long and i want to keep this as to the point as possible. for any typos or overlooked grammar mistakes i apologize. EDIT: after relooking i see it costs 65 forma and not 70. the point is made but for clarification it is 65 forma.
  3. i would agree if this was true but his 1 only holds enemies inside him that take dmg inflicted to grendel by other enemies. he doesn't kill them. well he might if the ability has dmg and the enemy is low level enough, he might have been good for disruption if the demolysts didn't have a nully pulse to free themselves from him. as a replacement for inaros, inaros can use his 4 to generate more armor and his 1 to blind, grendel can use his 1 to generate more armor with his passive but he needs to suck enemies for that and to have energy to hold them. he got shields and health unlike inaros with only health and shields dont take the benefit of armor. he does have a lot of health but is his kit enough right now to replace inaros? not unless they give him some new ability. personally i see fitting to replace his 2 with a low cc ability and add his 2 to his 1
  4. i saw the videos and it seemed pretty useless. you cant deny his 1 ability is spread across 3 buttons for no reason. also why are you attacking the post it literally says ways i think that can improve grendel. wisp has 1 useful ability, gauss is useless, he is just another option to take for speedrun other than volt but the only difference is that volt has 3 useful abilities and gauss has 1. stop being some fan boys blindly defending digital extremes this is feedback and i gave my opinion on how to improve i didnt come here say his trash and left.like gauss and wisp i wont play him except that 1 scenario he is useful in which with grendel the case is none. you have all been trash talking this without explaining what he can do, just saying no your wrong because i have a different opinion is not actual criticism. TL;DR lastly this is the one sentence that disproves all your "you dont have him so you cant have an opinion" comments: DE has delayed plenty of content based on player feedback from dev builds, forum posts with future changes/additions and videos. closest example i can think of is that saints of altra was meant to have echos of umbra but it was delayed based on player feedback. dont come here and just dump your first thought, this is feedback. do some research before u come here.
  5. this wont be constructed as how feedback is suppose to be, i'm just going to show a picture of some thoughts on the abilities and how they can be changed because currently grendel is just mr fodder and he has 1 ability spread across 3 abilities and a passive quick grammar fix, start of second sentence: and then they can turn his 2 and 3 into new useful powers. edit: i see now that i posted this in general instead of warframe feedback, sorry for the oversight.
  6. i believe you didn't read the part about 220 split between 3 sets and that it just reached the same price im selling. its common knowledge that its player decision but its de who is responsible for shortening the time of the unvaulting so suddenly instead of saying at the start that it will be a shorter unvaulting. if players knew about this they would decrease the prices by a bit so that they can get rid of the sets quickly instead of seeing listings for what is now 80 plat under what it was before the announcement. every prime unvaulting you take the risk of the next prime being the one you are selling which is why you start to lower the price bit by bit untill it is either revealed if its that prime you are selling or if it is then you get rid of it for as much as you can. de suddenly shortened from what is close to a month to a bit over 10 days and named the new unvaulting which screwed the "start to lower the price bit by bit untill it is revealed" part.
  7. i just lost 220 plat on venka and valkyr prime sets because of the prime vault surprise shortening, i saved those sets for about a year and it finally reached the price i wanted to. i woke up and boom, all that time being patient was for nothing.
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