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  1. Yeah thank god the stamina bar was removed. That thing was annoying to keep up with in the first place. Bullet jumping right now is as simple as it is and in a good place. Sure there's bound to be some errors and updates to it but we've come far from the old spamming your weapon attacks to get to places faster. If you were to utilize the old method to get from point A to point B using the weapon spin on console, I'd personally struggle to keep up with it compared to bullet jumping right now.
  2. Builds are subjective. I could forma my 3rd Vectis Prime with 9 forma, slap on some mods and say this bad boy can beat any sortie level enemies. On the side note, if you add HC to your sniper build, you should be happy about weapon exilus mods because you can probably negate accuracy with positive accuracy mods
  3. Sell them bundles of cosmetics so that they can fashionframe as well, or in this case, fashionsentients
  4. People be forgetting that Mirage's Prism used to be one of the most OP CC's in the game and CC'd the entire map
  5. I understand that you want to "increase the speed of gameplay and make it more rewarding" but you really can't when majority of the game is more rewarding with long drawn out endurance based gameplay
  6. Having ammo mutation would help alot and would definitely change in the DPS and builds in alot of weapons, especially the ones that have little to no ammo efficiency like the pox
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