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  1. It feels odd that the glassmaker enemies don't have a unique icon on the maps like the old wolf enemies or the lich thralls do.
  2. The big issue I saw was when me and 2 friends tried to play Scarlet Spear earlier it kept putting us in sessions that were at 100/100 so we never got to even try the content :(.
  3. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Kuva Larvaling not spawning. I noticed this bug still happens while trying to get the last weapon I need. It seems to require a specific sequence of events to happen. The mission I normally use for getting new liches is Cassini Saturn. VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video] REPRODUCTION: If the game starts the larvaling spawning process around the same time another event happens the larvaling will fail to spawn in that mission. The events I have seen cause this bug are the Change of Plans that switches the mission from Capture to Exterminate and assassin / hit squad invasions happening. EXPECTED RESULT: Kuva Larvaling should have spawned since in an appropriate level Grineer mission with no active lich OBSERVED RESULT: Kuva Larvaling flash occured but never have the Kuva Guardian message and don't see a larvaling show up REPRODUCTION RATE: This bug only seems to happen if the other voiced event happens around the same time you see the flash for the larvaling. I am wondering if the script for the threats from the assassin / hit squad or the change of plans voice over are clashing with the game trying to do the kuva guardian message / larvaling spawn event.
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I was doing a lich defense mission on Uranus. It was me and a friend me on Frost and him on Nidus. Both of us became unable to pick up loot or use X to interact with things after doing a mercy kill on a thrall. Loot would follow you around like you were in Limbo's rift though rolling would not let you pick it up. The only way to pick up loot was to switch into operator. You could not use X to mercy kill thralls, revive pets or team mates or release if you were downed. Dying did fix the issue for me. I had to stand in one of the lazor beams on the map to actually die since the grineer were not doing a good job of killing me ;). VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video] REPRODUCTION: I am not sure exactly what is causing it. Last night it seemed to be a client issue involving failed lich attempts but today's episode was after a thrall mercy kill and effected both host and client in the game. Using the parazon to perform a mercy kill or lich attempt is the trigger. (After another lich mission we discovered one thing that definitely triggers the bug. If two people try to stab the same thrall at the same time it causes both to have the floating loot and no X functionality issue.) EXPECTED RESULT: We should have retained the ability to pick up loot and use X to interact with things OBSERVED RESULT: Loot would follow you around but not get picked up unless going into operator form. X would not allow interaction with things for mercy kills, reviving, etc. REPRODUCTION RATE: It seems sporadic during lich missions. Last night thought it was just related to failing a lich parazon attempt but today's occurrence was definitely after stabbing thralls for both client and host. (100% reproducible with 2 people trying to mercy the same thrall at the same time.)
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