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  1. I was leveling the Larkspur as a heavy weapon and went down in a mission. When I was revived I was unable to switch weapons from the secondary. I eventually had to let the grineer kill me to fix the issue.
  2. There appears to be an issue with the enemy radar part of the Animal Instinct mod out in the Plains of Eidolon. When you are out there you do not see any enemies on the minimap until they are in your face which is very irritating on the Bounties where you have to control an area. Trying to find the enemies that are reducing your control level is a lot harder with this mod not functioning.
  3. Ya I would rather have an authenticator to use rather than an email since that leaves us vulnerable if something happens to the email address. Though my preference is a physical authenticator like I have for WoW and FFXIV.
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