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  1. Wraith is not that OP, I mean its great but compared to many weapons, its just not that OP. Plasmor is good but has trouble on above sortie lvl stuff unless its specifically built for that faction and even then, it struggles. Id love to see a vid of your Plasmor wrecking above sortie lvl bombards with 6 cards and no Forma because, respectfully, I dont believe you ;P also the Atterax? Yeah its pretty OP but I dont use it and I hardly see it on the field. There are many other meta melee weapons that are far more common in public games and which are just as OP as the Atterax. How long have you played for? p.s. Sorry for my bad formatting, but PS4 browser doesnt let me put paragraphs :(
  2. This is the most epic thing I have ever seen! Can you do Autechre : Gantz Graf XD (only kidding) Can you actually do Queens of the Stone Age : God is in the Radio Magnificent. MagNIFICENT Utz!
  3. I sure hope so, as I look forward to wearing your work :D (that sounds a bit freaky)
  4. But we dont get these on PS4 do we? :( That syandana is amazing, Im not keen on most of DE's syandanas on the PS4 I really hope they release a bunch of Workshop content to the consoles someday.
  5. New system? Iv finished the 2nd dream but I see no system. What am I missing here? Did I just misunderstand? Anyway, been loving it and lookign forward to the ring of fire, the ring of fire. And it burns burns burns.
  6. Thankfully I have a beefy connection, so it wont take toooo long to update for me. I got the feels for those with slower connections. I will have to delete some games to make sure there is swapspace available. Lookig forward to seeing the new stuff :D Been really tanking Warframe recently and every time I come back to this game after a holiday away there is new stuff and improvements. Lovin it!
  7. Grabs popcorn, cries into popcorn hoping this doesnt destroy a game I love. Proceeds to eat cry flavoured popcorn.
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