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  1. A temp fix is remap the r1 to something else (I found the default "ability menu" works quite well) but this is such a pain to do, when Im flying from place to place I use my quick melee to come out of my archwing or attack enemies without switching away from rod or rifle. Now I cant its totally broken my flow when fishing and capturing. iirc the old default for R1 used to be quick melee, so Im a bit surprised they overlooked this but meh, it happens. They have been pretty good at ironing any controller kinks out so I hope they get round to this too :)
  2. Im kinda similar. I have 3 powers on the Dpad and my 1st power on the right thumbstick button, so I dont have the ability menu on any button. If I want to do fishing or conservation I need to temporarily change controls. which is frustrating. I really hope they sort this soon. If they somehow let me open my consumables menu to the fishing and conservation stuff like before it would also work. Maybe it could work like scrolling across to the emotes, there could be another scroll option when I have the appropriate rod or tranq rifle out.
  3. My quick melee, which is on R1, stops me from selecting the consumables when in fishing or conservation mode. The tooltip says "hold R1 for actions" but since my quick melee is on R1 it just does a heavy attack while I have my fishing rod or tranq rifle out.
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