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  1. Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    I tried with and without toggle crouch and it didn't do anything. They just hotfixed it in the latest patch on PC
  2. Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    ***This was fixed on the latest PC patch as of the time of this edit, unsure if it can be hotfixed on consoles but THANK YOU SO MUCH. It was driving me insane lol*** Can Void Mode/Dash please be fixed or at least acknowledged for those of us who use controllers? PC has a workaround since they can remap crouch; consoles don't, and crouch is fine where it is. It's the slide that's the problem. Operator slide could be double tap, or moved; it doesn't matter. It's a gimmick that rarely gets used and took place of something most people use every single mission. Void Dash is a very integral part of Operator gameplay and the added delay that didn't exist at all before PoE can be pretty frustrating for those of us accustomed to the old way. Since this comes up every time it's mentioned, we are not saying Void Dash doesn't work at all, just that the added delay since slide took it's controller mapping leads to us doing the stupid dance in this GIF more often than Dashing since we have been doing it the exact same way at the same speed for the entire year before PoE Here's 9 different threads from one Google search of "warframe controller void mode", with the first two threads having loads of responses that show how big of an impact it is: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/7oduk2/heres_15_seconds_of_trying_to_void_dash_using_the/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/7l4u0j/its_been_68_days_since_focus_20_for_pc_36_days/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/885013-operator-void-mode-delayed-when-using-controller/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/868548-operator-dash-change-input-broken-controller/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/79n93j/bug_operators_void_dash_broken_on_controller/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/868522-void-mode-and-void-dash-seems-delayed-just-me/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/7d4nhi/ok_can_we_console_players_also_have_an_operator/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/868942-void-dash-bug/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/904641-can-operator-controls-for-controllersconsoles-please-be-put-back-to-how-it-was-pre-poe/
  3. Operator Void Mode Delayed When Using Controller

    I used it on PC and despite being terrible with KBM it's not too, too bad. They should just let us assign it tbh. Unlock "Operator controls" after TWW or something
  4. Operator Void Mode Delayed When Using Controller

    That's what I was thinking earlier but square still does the context action and picks stuff up which is useful in some cases. Triangle might be too far away, but it'd still work, I think. I think double tapping slide would be optimal to keep it in the same general area but unsure if there are any complications
  5. Operator Void Mode Delayed When Using Controller

    I'm undeniably either holding some buttons too long or not long enough, but the reason that a lot of us are frustrated is because it used to be insanely easy and really fast to do, and now that has changed to add the gimmicky slide that a lot of people don't even regularly use, and some don't even know it exists. I know on PC you double tap crouch to make the little kid slide. If that won't work then there are tons of other unused operator buttons. The slide is fun sometimes, but void dashing is an integral part of the game (for operator bonuses and Kuva farming). I'd rather dash take precedent over the slide
  6. Operator Void Mode Delayed When Using Controller

    It does seem that way, but I assure that I am actually inputting the same commands, and at the same speed that I used to to use Void Dash lol. They had to add in the slide during PoE and it took the "tap" assignment and void mode went to "hold" instead, and while now you can still do it, 100%, it used to be much, much faster and more fluid to do. The weird slide-hop stuff you're seeing in the GIF is where I press L1 and it slides, and then I press X and it jumps, and so on and so forth. Wasn't trying to be rude earlier either, sorry about that.
  7. Operator Void Mode Delayed When Using Controller

    Yes, which would make it different than before, because it used to be: R1 + L1 = transference, tap L1 + x = dash, R1 + L1 = back into warframe We finally agree.
  8. Operator Void Mode Delayed When Using Controller

    Oh, I agree, but I have some time to kill. How exactly is it that you can do all that fluidly, like it says, when the tap button to enter void mode was replaced with operator slide? You have to hold it to engage void mode. Period. You used to be able to tap it and then immediately dash. I did it to farm millions of Kuva. You no longer can, because the tap assignment for that button was changed to something else; the slide. Like the OP said multiple times, you can do it, if you do everything less fluidly than before, but it is physically impossible to initiate the dash off of a tap like you could the entire year before PoE came out because now the controller scheme is different.
  9. Operator Void Mode Delayed When Using Controller

  10. Operator Void Mode Delayed When Using Controller

    I'm... I'm not... what you are seeing is the exact same "bunny hop" that you talked about in the very next sentence of your reply. What I'm doing in the GIF is the EXACT same thing that I have been doing for an entire year to Void Dash before PoE. At the same speed that I always did from muscle memory Actually reading the original post is probably a super useful thing to do if you want to contribute to the conversation
  11. Operator Void Mode Delayed When Using Controller

    Using Void Mode on controllers/consoles has been extremely clunky to use since PoE came out. It worked just fine all the way from TWW until recently. My best guess is with the introduction of PoE they needed to assign operator slide and for some reason assigned it to what void mode previously was. It used to be tap to activate, now it's hold to activate, which more often than not leads to this jump-slide dance shown in the GIF instead of void dash I understand the devs are super busy, but even just an acknowledgement that it's a known issue is all we need. All that needs to be done is swap Void Mode with Operator slide on the controller scheme. PC can separate crouch and roll to fix this, consoles can't, and it worked just fine the way before Void Dash does work, it's just more clunky/annoying to use. I should have dashed at least 10-15 times in the GIF provided, it worked for the year prior, now you have to hold to fully activate it. Mostly an issue when inputting commands quickly, but it wasn't an issue at all before PoE. Can this change please be reverted back? You can dash, yes, but you can not go straight from frame > operator > void mode > dash fluidly like you used to be able to, because the tap to enter Void Mode button assignment has been replaced with tap to slide, and Void Mode was changed to hold to activate. I know I'm not the only one because here are plenty of people that agree that it is a very real, and very annoying issue This is me, trying for 15 seconds (it was originally 30) to use Void Dash by inputting the exact same commands at the same pace that I did before PoE. The exact same way I farmed literally millions of Kuva. It's super frustrating. It's been months now.
  12. [Ghouls] RNG lore is NOT acceptable!

    I got two in the only bounty I ran so
  13. Yeah, I normally let these types of things work themselves out from other people reporting it but yet I haven't seen anybody talking about it. Made a Reddit post too that gained some traction so hopefully this gets fixed
  14. What's weird is that it all works fine on KBM on PC. Tap to enter void mode, hold to stay there, double tap to slide. Maybe it's the feedback of the controllers? Or just an oversight/keys were entered incorrectly?
  15. It's not a wait to dash, it's a wait to be able to dash. I personally think void mode is set to hold so while you press it it starts to go into it, but you can't actually do anything until the game recognizes the command as being held. Once in void mode you can dash all you want, it's the instant action of being able to dash first that I'm referencing