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  1. The Tenno’s Greatest Trailer Contest

    No I get what you mean, just wasn't sure if it was due to copyright or anything
  2. The Tenno’s Greatest Trailer Contest

    Can we use our own original music for this instead of only sound track songs? I have one from the WF song contest that I never got around to finishing
  3. PS4 Plains of Eidolon Update (LIVE!!)

    All good, I figured it was something similar
  4. PS4 Plains of Eidolon Update (LIVE!!)

    Yes, since that would make this the fourth weapon, this would be the fourth time. Neither the Azima or Zenistar discs launched when they came out, and the wall hax mechanic for the Zenith didn't either (+ we didn't get its buffs), so since this weapon won't even be in the game when it becomes available, that would make 4. The Azima and Zenith fixes were relatively quick, but the Zenistar took almost two months from the time it was available to work, and given how this one will be available just after we get the build, we're playing the same game for the fourth time in a row
  5. PS4 Plains of Eidolon Update (LIVE!!)

    Oh wow, the fourth time in a row that we get a login weapon that doesn't work (or in this case doesn't even exist in the build). What a surprise.
  6. The opacity of the skirt changes with energy color and things like bloom and other settings; I generally just set it to black so it isn't visible but changed it for this express purpose. Back to the Naru, to be honest I have no clue what I'm looking at in those pictures as I don't have any experience in this field other than what I can see. I'm not stating that the artist didn't put a lot of work or detail into the model, it's just that with a lot of colors, it gives off that very distinctive plastic/glossy look. The wings themselves look amazing, but the clash of glossy vs matte on the newer stuff is unattractive. I wish I had taken better pictures before I left the house but you can very distinctly see how the wings are much, much more shiny than the matte look on Ivara, despite using the exact same colors. I tried to use my Ember but couldn't get the light to hit everything just right. I have the Majesty skin, the arcane Phoenix helmet, and the Naru, all using the exact same colors again. The syandana and the old, non-PBR'd helmet both share the exact same glossy look, whereas the new tennogen skin has the matte look
  7. Also can the green tint on Ivara's energy skirt finally be fixed? It's there on virtually any color you use I don't know how to link from Imgur other than here so
  8. I use bait, dye, go to where the bubbles are, nothing. I don't know what could possibly be causing it but I have never once seen a fish when it's just me, and when I'm in a PUG group I don't want to be that guy fishing and not playing the objective
  9. The grind in this update is absolutely beyond belief

    Yeah they really need to stop balancing everything around people with no jobs who no-life the entire game in the most efficient way possible. I mean yeah, I use Hydron, but I bring Speed Nova and actually use the weapon I need to level, not go into it or Bere with some super meta team. I like playing the game, I LOVE this game, but balancing everything around people who clearly don't enjoy actually playing the game and only use meta team builds only punishes everybody else who actually enjoys playing the game
  10. The grind in this update is absolutely beyond belief

    I think they actually patched a lot of that out. Then again I've only been doing the highest bounty to try to get the new stances. I know the highest tier has like kuva and stuff. But ya I don't mind the grind, I'm super used to it, it's just that I feel like I'm making absolutely no progress despite one of the slowest weeks at work in a while (I do still actually have to work sometimes)
  11. I have a throwaway PC account that I use when I can't wait for PS4 updates. I've been playing at work (I work 3rd shift IT, it's reallllllly slow) for at least a few hours every night since the update dropped and I only just now hit rank 1 with the Quill's and almost rank 2 with Cetus. I'vetried fishing now about 10 times, for a total of about 90 minutes and only one time have I ever even seen a fish. I scour the entire place, look at player maps, Wiki, etc. I can't build bait because I need fish to build bait. I even just burned through about 5 dyes all in different locations and never saw a single fish. I love the entire update and everything in it, including the stances that I somehow got, but the grind is just too much. Like beyond too much, and this is coming from a guy with 2,000+ hours on PS4. I really hope this changes drastically cause I'm at the point where I'd rather just stare at the wall and hope something happens at work than waste an hour making such an insignificant amount of progress that I would barely even count it. Thefocus costs, negligible Quill standing, and enormous amount of resources that it takes to build anything or even hit the first rank with anything is unreal. I know you want to prolong gameplay, I don't want to get everything in the first week, or first month, but at the rate I'm going it will take a year or more, and it's so disheartening that it's basically not worth even trying at this point
  12. PSA: PS4 and Xbox One Hotfix Coming Today!

    I've watched an inordinate amount of streams (one at a time) and haven't received anything. Not even the 1 hour thing, and I've done multiple consecutive hours. At the point where I'm kinda done even bothering, still sucks wasting so much time and spoiling so much stuff and getting nothing from it though
  13. XBOX ONE X supported needed

    Literally nobody is asking for a completely separate game. We're asking for performance options... the same exact thing that PC has. I don't know what you don't understand about what he's asking. DE themselves even said they were making a PS4 Pro "version" last December, and Warframe is on the list of Xbox One X enhanced list.
  14. Coming Soon: Devstream #97!

    Are consoles ever going to get HDR or the "Pro" mode for PS4 that was talked about last December? Could we at least get a yes or no answer? It's been 9 months without a single word
  15. "I'm almost always going to reroll a riven for a meta weapon over something else if they both have 10+ rolls" I literally said I'm and didn't include anybody else so if you would like to point out where I pinned that on anybody else I'm all ears Something something perogative and pinning stuff on people. You have no idea what rivens I have or haven't rolled, so get off your high horse. If I didn't ever use or roll non-meta rivens then why would I even be making this post?