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  1. Eidolon fights keep bugging out and losing all rewards

    Even if you are marked G3 and Zanuka can take like a year to finally spawn. Beacons are your best bet
  2. Eidolon fights keep bugging out and losing all rewards

    Hopefully this next update fixes it but console problems just seem to be getting worse with time instead of better
  3. Eidolon fights keep bugging out and losing all rewards

    Oddly enough I figured I wouldn't encounter the bugs solo so went in and halfway through the Gantulyst my operator died immediately after stepping out and couldn't kill my frame to reset it. I think I just don't care anymore. Why bother when it's so borked. I'd try running LoR before it's gone to get the Brakk. Decent credit farm too
  4. Coming Soon: Devstream #108!

    Are we ever going to get reward checkmarks for the Eidolons? I've had my game crash or not be able to extract 2 out of the 5 times I've done it and lost everything. Support gave me one arcane back despite giving them the whole list in game and a video of the entire thing. It makes me not even want to bother at this point
  5. I've done about 5 or 6 night cycles so far. The very first one I was a nub and put my shard in first and some guy trolled, the next worked, the following one we couldn't extract no matter what we did and I sent in a support ticket. Despite giving them an entire video of the last 5 minutes of the fight, and 5 minutes of me trying to extract, and showing all the rewards I should have gotten, support only granted me 1 reward back and never even told me which arcane(s) it was(were). I lost all my cores, shards, and everything else. Two more night cycles go by and it's fine, then last night I run it again and when trying to extract it crashes my entire PS4 when trying to leave to Cetus. I had to force shutdown my console and when I booted Warframe back up again it erased all my settings. I had to load up an old settings profile from the PS+ thing to get them back. I did submit a bug report when it asked to. It just said "Warframe" in the input section. That's now 2-3 times out of 5-6 runs that I have left with nothing, or significantly less than what I should have. One was a guy just being a troll, but is anybody else experiencing these issues? It's honestly at the point where I don't even want to bother any more, and it sucks cause it's the only thing I have left to do in this game being MR25 with everything maxed. All I have left to do is a few arcanes left over from running raids and some extra focus to get some extra nodes. The game also seems to hang/crash if you're looking at the Quick Menu when you extract, and it has been that way for months now. It's been that way for a while now. Kinda sucks wasting 10 minutes on a sortie survival and then having it lock up and start over again. This can be circumvented by, well, not looking at the Quick Menu, but I'd rather have it looked at cause I always use it.
  6. Joey! My man. I'm gonna give the Tera beta a shot this weekend but you know I'm down to squad with my boo
  7. And I keep seeing people saying go recruiting chat but there's nothing stopping the same type of guy from going to recruiting chat to do the same thing. Friends is different, but premade PUGs are the same thing as a PUG except with frame comps
  8. Yeah that's what makes it hard to suggest stuff. I mean realistically you should at least be able to grab your shard back, but if time permits, and you're in the Trip que, AND the other 3 want to continue, one should not be able to ruin the fun/previous work of others. Maybe I'm just blowing it out of proportion as it was my first Tridolon encounter and we WERE blazing through it at first, but it was annoying
  9. I've been super busy with work but finally got some time last night to do the new eidolons. We're all MR20+ and we breeze through the first one, 3 of us run straight to the shrine and put in our shards and then there's an MR25 running around the outskirts of the map changing between cussing us out in Spanish and pretending like he's fighting a non-existent Eidolon in English. I know this is not normal, as most kids got enough love as children, but why is this even allowed to happen? Why can't I grab my shard back? We waited around for about 10 minutes to see if they were going to stop being a child and then eventually had to force extract. He kept his shard, and we all lost ours, all because of him. He won. Like it's not the end of the world, but I was just pretty excited to finally run them and then by the time I finally got another group we only had enough time to kill the 2nd one cause the lures disappeared. Could we not be able to grab our shard, or force the 4th shard after say 5 minutes? I mean, if you're cued in the tridolons, you should be there to do all 3...
  10. Are consoles ever going to get HDR?

    You obviously have no idea what HDR is or does. Even the base PS4 does HDR. It's just a wider range of colors. It does not take any massive amount of computational power to do lol
  11. Are consoles ever going to get HDR?

    What bugs me most is that you can't go lower than 30 contrast without putting a smoke-like hue over the whole screen. I generally rock 60-70 brightness and 30-40 contrast with 30 bloom and some levels look phenomenal and some look like discolored WIP levels. Since going lower than 30 changes the whole screen, and that's where the sweet spot is, I guess we just gotta wait until HDR, if that ever comes... Yeah at this point I guess that's the only option. C'mon E3. Then again if the Pro version is any indication of the PS5 version we might be in trouble
  12. Are consoles ever going to get HDR?

    They talked about adding this forever ago, but then again they also said they were making a Pro patch to utilize the beefier hardware back in December of 2016 and that didn't happen either. "Warframe currently offers base support for PS4 Pro. Essentially, because of the PS4 Pro’s beefier hardware, Warframe runs better currently without any additional work from our side.  However, we are planning to take advantage of what the PS4 Pro offers in an official way in 2017. So yeah, I personally am looking forward to seeing how badass Warframe will look using the PlayStation 4 Pro’s tech." "We don't wanna"
  13. Coming Soon: Devstream #107!

    Yeah that's not what I'm talking about at all. Every platform has that. I meant the build specific for Pro that they talked about doing, that specifically took advantage of all of the Pro's hardware. Not dynamic scaling which even the base PS4 and Xbox One have, or clearer text
  14. Coming Soon: Devstream #107!

    What ever happened to the "Pro" version for PS4 that was talked about over a year ago and we never got? I believe it was Megan that said it was enhanced before the Pro launched but that's chronologically impossible since it launched in November '16 and you guys were talking about making the build for it in December '16
  15. These are all my main complaints too. I'd rather his two not cancel his one on the explosion and it should heal all allied Halos currently deployed. The heal is borderline useless as stated; give it a purpose. Because synergy or whatever. Not an augment for any of this. His kit is already hard enough to balance effectively mod-wise in higher levels. Not saying he's hard to use or build for, just short on slots to be able to use everything and that's his thing, a jack of all trades