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  1. TennoGen Round 9

    I've been waiting for a Nezha skin for a very long time but how did this one get in? Not trying to be rude, it just looks identical to his base skin. I don't see any difference at all except a very, very tiny change in the face?
  2. Please bring back the Silva & Aegis renown pack for the next one on PS4!

    I literally have no idea how you came to the assumption that I was trying to sell the skin in-game. I meant the pack would sell would like crazy, and make DE money
  3. I need that skin. It'll sell like crazy with the new PA
  4. Coming Soon: Devstream #92!

    Any word on when the HDR for all platforms and PS4 Pro versions of Warframe are coming out? They were mentioned in December and never spoken upon again. I'm sure HDR is coming but is the Pro version even still a thing being worked on, or planned to be worked on, or was it scrapped? Just kinda like to know one way or the other. It's been six months now with no new information
  5. Coming Soon: Devstream #91!

    In December you guys briefly spoke on a PS Pro and HDR builds for consoles. Any progress on those? They haven't been spoken on since then. Also will the rest of the Braton family receive the same audio enhancements as the regular Braton?
  6. Few bugs with Warding Halo and its interactions

    That's not true at all... Once the invulnerability period is over Nezha doesn't get knocked down or die, it's only during it. I always being Nezha to Kuva missions and I never, ever get knocked down if Halo is already active
  7. Few bugs with Warding Halo and its interactions

    This is a three-part post, although I'm not sure if the second is intentional or not 1. Ever since the last update on PS4 my Nezha has been dying and is still being affected by status effects during the 3-second invulnerability phase after casting Warding Halo, as you can see in the GIF from where I fully cast the ability, had enough time to aim and kill an enemy, and then still get knocked down. Previously it negated all current affects and prevented death during those 3 seconds while it added resistance to the Halo. 2. You can also slightly see how Artax doesn't fire at enemies unless Warding Halo has fully gone down and you take direct damage. Not sure if this is intentional but figured I'd bring it up anyways cause it seems to not be the case on Rhino. That's just one of the few things you can't use while using an ability he has, which brings up the next point: 3. Is not getting any effects while Halo is up fully intentional? You can't benefit from a lot of arcanes that require taking damage, Vaykor Sydon, and Ack & Brunt or Silva & Aegis' block mechanics. Might be missing a few things but no other frame beside Rhino or Nezha lose the ability to use stuff just for using the kit they were given (besides like Inaros or Nidus not benefiting from shields but the reason why is kind of obvious there) Edit: I'm not quite saying that blocking with Halo or Iron Skin up should work, because admittedly that would be kind of OP, but at the least we should be able to benefit from the mechanics tied to blocking for those particular weapons
  8. PS4/XB1 Operation: The Pacifism Defect

    If 10 Kavor die do you force-extract or fail the mission?
  9. PS4: The Pacifism Defect (U19.13.1)

    Oh thanks for the heads up. I was looking for the red X like on PC for some reason; it's early lol
  10. PS4: The Pacifism Defect (U19.13.1)

    Update is done and we don't have a cancel option in the foundry, as well as the Teplo syandana looks like something invisible is propping it up on every frame. About midway down there's a clear angle where it just protrudes outwards for no reason
  11. Coming Soon: Devstream #89!

    Could we get the Quake effects from the Banshee Prime trailer instead of what we have now? Even scaled down that one is way cooler
  12. Coming Soon: Devstream #88!

    When it's done. No amount of asking is going to make it go quicker
  13. Coming Soon: Devstream #88!

    First time submitting questions and have a few, sorry. Rage and Quick Thinking haven’t worked together in ages, yet Quick Thinking still has the infinite stun which always gets you killed at higher levels, defeating the purpose. Why? Will we ever be able to get Kuva from the Kuva Fortress, even in abysmal amounts? There’s no reason to go there other than that stance. Will Nezha ever be able to heal or replenish Warding Halo? Blazing Chakram already heals, they can synergize. Console login coupons haven’t worked on boosters since SotR, but they did prior. That’s all any vet that had everything from the market used to spend them on; now there’s no reason to use them. Can that be fixed? You said we’d continue the conversation about possible Vacuum on pets later on; it’s later on. Even at a reduced range for pets, Vacuum is too good to pass up most of the time. Speaking of pets, can the stabilizers be looked at? 40% per use is a little much. Say your pet is at 80% health and you want it at 100%, using one is so wasteful due to spill off. Could you make Ayatan sculptures be highlighted on the map if a teammate picks one up? A lot of times I see people not contributing to the mission while looking and they never waypoint them. Can passive for focus be active as soon as you start? I know a rework is coming but it could be implemented in the meantime. Warframe currently has no endgame other than fashionframe, which I think would be somewhat fixed by raids if the arcane slotting system allowed for more diversity. I know you guys don’t want to slot them like mods, but the current system limits it so much that most people don’t even see the point or bother. Thanks for your time! Edit: could we get a way to turn on notifications on replies after the fact since we can't delete comments and redo them? I submitted hastily...
  14. PS4: The Glast Gambit 19.8.0 (+Hotfixes)

    No more ugly Mag Prime. I've waited 84 years...
  15. Coming Soon: Devstream #85!

    Any clue on which 10 Tennogen items we're getting on consoles? At least the confirmed ones if nothing else