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  1. Yeah... I got 2k after going all out and getting the relay's first place. I'd also gotten 2k while being very lax and not attempting. I feel something is off there.
  2. If we get the chance to vote, I'm voting for this. We need more tech themed frames! The aesthetic and powers are also top notch. Also on my own note, I'd love a hacker frame who can take control of enemy defenses (turrets, robots, cameras, rollers, laser grids, alarms, moa cabinets) and turn those units to your side instead of just blowing them up. Nyx and Mirage have touched on it, but we have no true hacker.
  3. In this recent mainline update, the Moa's default Drimper brackets have changed to a new appearance. It's much thicker, and I personally preferred the thinner legs on my several Moa companions as I use them very often. Could this change be reverted and these new legs given their own blueprint? I really loved the Drimper brackets and their Corpus theme and hate to see pet diversity lowered as well. Below, I have a picture of my beloved companion before and after the update. It has less colour variation and is much bulkier. Almost Grineer-like. If my request is unreasonable, may we see a market skin that gives the mass production appearance of your typical Moa? We have the Degenerate skin for Helminth Charger, the Hyekka/Moonless skin for Kavats, and the Drahk/Underbrush skin for Kubrows. Why can't the Moa be Corpus? It feels like an odd exception.
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