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  1. Could some kind of Bundle/Pass for idle animations be introduced? Say 1000 Platinum or whatever amount and you get all existing animations and future animations unlocked.
  2. What about that auctionhouse or something similar, the kind of thing people asked about for years. Something that would make scamming far more difficult, even if it would subsequently diminish your income thanks to people abusing the current system?It´s not merely an issue with the Rivenmarket, but the entire trading system, the impact is simply higher with Rivens due to the incredible RNG that goes into them.
  3. Please reduce the decoration capacity cost of Floofs in Dojos! It´s unnaturally high next to other costs.
  4. Please reduce the decoration capacity cost of Floofs if theres no reason for those to be higher than other decorations.
  5. The purpose of decoration capacity is preventing performance issues, Articulas and environmental effects are a far bigger concern than simple models like Floofs though, which have unnaturally high Capacity cost. At least for no reason I can see.
  6. Please reduce the Floof decoration capacity cost!
  7. Especially concidering the new Floofs, can you please reduce their decoration capacity cost to be more in line with other decorations?
  8. Please reduce the amount of Decoration capacity Floofs take...I need my terracotta army.
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