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  1. To be fair - same. It's really not that bad. My problem with fissures isn't that they're blinding. It's the constant change in brightness. I find void storms to be pretty alright, no different from an average Warframe mission.
  2. It is a loading screen in the same way corridors in God of War 2018 are loading screens, or elevators in most shooters. I shouldn't have to argue the void loading is a much less obstructive and immersive way of loading the assets. The flickering is constant, though. Keep in mind in the video I have glare turned down to minimum. With glare turned up to 50% or 70%, you get constant glaring in your face. Of course the rifts are better because they're not your entire monitor spazzing out like it is broken. There's no defending the void fissure effect. We can argue if rifts are as bad, but we cannot argue that the void fissure effect is good or contributes to anything. It simply must go, and void fissures would be better for it.
  3. I'm not talking about the amount of effects. That's not a problem. Void fissures have a unique effect that causes the gamma of your entire screen to flicker. This goes on through the entire run. Most people don't consciously notice it, but it is there and it hurts the eyes. I shot this in a dark tileset years ago. In bright tilesets it is much, much worse, as it causes the entire screen to glare up. I really don't understand how people haven't raised their voices over this effect yet. I'd understand if it was necessary, but it isn't. It's just ugly.
  4. Okay, look I know void storms are a much less efficient way of farming relics... but I like them more. First, there's no loading screens. I can spend 3 hours farming relics and not see a single loading screen. This is great, it helps immersion, it helps make me feel like gameplay is uninterrupted. Second, the gameplay is more fun and varied. The void has a more material presence, there's railjack, archwing and on-foot gameplay, all mixed pretty well. Third. This is a big one - VOID STORMS DO NOT FLICKER like void fissures. Go in an orokin void fissure and behold the epilepsy-triggering flickering. I was here during U19 when fissures came out, and I did see the people saying "the new lighting triggers my epilepsy". They didn't know what it was, but I knew - it was the void fissure flickering. Over the years I've made multiple threads about this flickering, how it is incredibly bad, how it doesn't add anything to the visuals of fissures other than making them flicker... which strains the eyes. I can't play fissures for more than 15 minutes at a time because it literally hurts my eyes. Void storms however - no flicker. At all. This is a huge improvement. Now if only DE would finally remove the ugly flickering from fissures, maybe they can also be a bit better. So sure - I can hop in void fissure rescue and pop a relic a minute, or I can have fun and not destroy my eyes. I just like void storms a lot more than fissures.
  5. I think that's supposed to be a Plains mission, but it's much easier to do it on the Kuva Fortress Assault node. Right in the beginning of the mission when you have to defend the gate, you'll get 5-6 dargyn spawns that don't move all that much and are easy to pick off. Then you can abort and go again. It takes about 5 minutes, or even less, to do that riven mission.
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