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  1. After fully lambasting the whole system in the last post, I should clear up two things I really LIKE about the new system, giving it another spin last night. I knew there were some things, but I couldn't summon them to mind unless I was actually holding the controller or keyboard in my hands. One: I really like the new slam attacks and slam attack animations. Yes, by not dropping straight down the momentum can carry me a little farther then I intended, but the speeded-up animation and slight redirect of the attack based on the camera positioning is welcome. ...Actually, come to think of it, I haven't tried it with Zephyr when I'm high up and directly above my enemy target as I can see on the mini-map, as turning the camera all the way down so I drop without momentum carrying me too far might steal some flow or even send me flying way farther than I meant to, hitting nothing... Um, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for right now, and do more testing. Second, while I still don't want to be forced into the full complement of combos like I am right now, using Quick Melee strikes always felt like it was missing something when I couldn't do charged attacks. I always felt like not being able to use charge attacks with your regular melee was a missed opportunity because holding the melee button is still possible with a gun out but it never used to do anything. In fact, it felt strange that holding Square (I usually play on PS4) was only a regular attack, so strange that I would occasionally catch myself trying to do a charged attack without my melee weapon pulled all the way out. I still absolutely think you should roll back this change to melee where holstering your melee weapon switches to full combos, because your combos do not flow well and launch me all over the place in ways I do not intend. But when you do roll them back, make it so that heavy charged strikes are possible without fully-drawing-the-melee-weapon-by-holding-the-change-weapon-button. I did think of one facet of change that might make these sudden changes a tiny bit more palatable. Instead of showing the melee weapon name and stance name below the combo multiplier counter, show the ammo and name of the last gun used. That way we aren't going to fire a gun and only discover it's the wrong one too late because the name was obscured by the melee weapon name (and you couldn't take the time to hit the change weapon button twice just to be sure a dozen times in one mission). I've seen a few different people complain about this in the thread here, so that might help them with that issue a bit.
  2. NIIIIIIIIGHT - HUNTERRRR YESSSS ahahahaha But... the Lumis Oculus? Definitely Lukinu_u's weakest work, and doesn't suit what Operators were supposed to look like at all. But then, I guess Operators aren't anything like their original concept art anymore, are they...? I just think that piece needed some real work before it should have been accepted. Well, we've got what we've got. I'll be waiting for Atlas (and Excalibur, with a little retouching and a less extreme energy plume) Blade of the Lotus skin for next time!!
  3. My idea, that I've suggested a few times when this discussion comes up, is this: get rid of that stupid awful automatic countdown timer for Conclave matches. It's, what, 10 seconds? 5 seconds? After that, you're alone in an empty game jumping around and waiting for nothing. If the timer didn't appear until there were at least two people in the Lobby, then someone like me who wants to try Conclave (but recognises that it's kind of a ghost town right now) can leave the Lobby open and ready while we get food or otherwise wait for the second/third/etc. person to arrive. Also, there are already plenty of absolutely gorgeous skins for weapons as well as the fantastic Syandana that you can only get from Conclave. They have a cool texture with extra metallic bits and Tron lines, and some are for weapons that otherwise don't have any specific skins like Furax, Strun and Akstiletto I think the issue is that most players don't know about them. I had been playing for quite a while and was shocked to discover all these neat weapon skins that I never seen anyone using. Advertise them a bit more, have some hung up in front of Teshin's door, have them visible as choices for weapons before you have them (like ALL OTHER skins) and people might take interest. Oh, one more thing, and this applies to Archwing as well: have a flat percentage of either Speed Holster (like 20%, the same as first rank) or a flat melee attack speed boost to better match at least the first few ranks of Fury. Whenever I try to get someone into Conclave they immediately notice how much slower it feels because they can't improve their melee speed like they can in the base game, or switch weapons easily compared to other PvP games. Yes, everyone is in the same boat when it comes to these speeds, but it feels slow and sticky like molasses, especially when compared to the otherwise lightning-fast movement speed of the Tenno.
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot one more thing... back in the day, I experimented with a cool-looking mod that I thought would make the game easier: Reflex Guard. I'd link it here, but as of the Melee revision its function has changed... it now increases block ANGLE, or radius in front of you that triggers the auto-parry. Back then, though, it increased auto-parry CHANCE. It sounded good, since I could never remember to block when I had only my melee weapon out and I figured it could save me taking a lot of damage. When I tried it, though, I ran into the problem of the "auto-parry" parrying too MUCH, preventing me during the animation from pulling my gun out or doing any other attack. Against multiple rapid-fire enemies or enemies that used some kind of beam attack I couldn't easily get it to stop blocking so I could strike back. It was more annoying than useful, so I took it off and didn't think about it again. In this new system, that situation I was in back then is every firefight. If I just had my melee weapon out because I was trying to break boxes or something, when I turn because I'm getting attacked I suddenly end up parrying the shots instead and CAN'T SHOOT BACK or do anything until the little flourish animation ends. It's not too bad if it's once or twice, but when this can happen multiple times a mission the frustration factor adds up really fast.
  5. Melee was SUCH a core system of the game. When other things were messy, or broken, or I ran out of ammo or Energy, melee was right there. The Quick Melee saved my life more times than I can count, and I rarely if ever used the actual stances AS stances, for their combos. I'm not good at executing them, and even the ones I could do reliably still sent me spinning all over the place in a way that was much less efficient than just hitting what was right in front of me (that was the only thing I was trying to hit anyway). I love Quick Melee to the point that on missions that were Melee-only I would always pull out a Simaris scanner to let me use it instead. Whenever I'm not sure what else to do, or the gun I brought isn't cutting it, even my weakest melee weapons can do what I need when I need it to get the job done. Or... they could. Once. I play Warframe at the end of a hard day, and it's no coincidence that big changes like this new melee system fill me with dread as soon as I hear about them. It's like coming home to find someone has re-arranged all of your furniture, and you're hoping that that's all they did and that they didn't also clog your toilet and set fire to the drapes. Sometimes the changes are for the better, sometimes for the worse, but no matter what they're going to take some getting used to. Here, I just can't use melee on any mission with real stakes because the often slow swings, awkward starts and stops, and other quirks of the melee stance combos are enough to get me killed. And I have some weapons, even in the same category, with different stances on them that I have to try to memorise so I can just do whatever just quickly swings directly in front of me and doesn't have me pirouetting into a big fire. See: Tempo Royale. This is the first stance I used with the new system, and it wasn't a good first impression. For the Quick Melee, Tempo Royale gives you a speedy diagonal slash that can hit low-to-the-ground and airborne enemies reliably and quickly, and on a strong greatsword like Paracesis it also does big damage in a pinch. The actual stance itself is a different story. While the first two swings are basically the quick melee it's after that that the swings become more wide and awkward. I always end up slipping into a combo I didn't intend and suddenly slowing way down after the first couple of swings, necessitating that I let go of the button for a moment after every strike just so I don't do some otherwise incredible-looking move that launches me PAST my intended target. It was even worse when I tried two other weapon types... and I'm too afraid to try my polearms at all, especially since they each are using different stances I would have to get used to just to do the most BASIC ATTACK in a Tenno's arsenal.
  6. That eternal question with Warframe updates. Especially large ones where they're changing core systems of the game. I wanted to like this update. The switch is (mostly) seamless, I like most of the new effects, and it implemented well with no big chugging or issues switching from a swing to aiming your gun. Unfortunately, it also pretty much confirmed my worst fears about the melee revisit. These changes only work in the scenario in which we assume that every single player of the game who ever had to use the Quick Melee was SAD about it. That it was a disappointing reality that they weren't forced to use the full complement of Stance attacks with all of their weird mid-combo stops and delays. That in their hearts, what they really wished was that they didn't have to use that miserable Quick Melee AT ALL, ever again. When you think of it that way, that's a PRETTY BIG ASSUMPTION TO MAKE. It feels like you guys just don't THINK of these things; of how different players are always going to have different preferred playstyles, often in ways you didn't expect. For instance, I always turn off "Align Attacks to Camera" and turn off "Melee Auto Targeting", as well as "Enable Controller Aim Assist". All off. The reason is because, especially with aim assist, that they disrupt my combat by locking me into a do-si-do with a different enemy than the one I was targeting. Aiming for headshots is nigh-impossible when multiple enemies are heading towards me and I'm trying to pop the head of a particular target, but my target reticle is getting jerked violently in one direction or another. So I turned it off and never looked back. One of the main goals of your game should be to allow for as many different playstyles as possible without constantly removing one style to make room for another! Actually, it may be what I love most about Warframe: the way that the game gives you choice. It probably wasn't easy to, for instance, have the option to switch between the classic and updated Archwing controls, even allowing for that option being chosen differently for each person in a squad, but you did it, and I greatly appreciate it. Many of us do. There is a REASON that I don't use melee stances. I once heard that the melee system for Warframe was styled after "character-action" games like Devil May Cry. That's a cool idea, but it's worth pointing out that those games have a very different feel for their combat that focuses on juggling a few, set, individual targets in a stylish way that flows between encounters. Warframe is different, as you might expect, with enemies taking a lot less to kill but there being many, many more of them. You can't focus too much on any single target when there are dozens more enemies running up with the intention of blindsiding you, and on high-level missions that can be fatal. It was a few such deaths, when I otherwise would have been fine if not for the lack of the Quick Melee, that inspired me to bring these thoughts here. Imagine an archer at a carnival or fair or something. He strides out confidently, holding his bow, then starts twirling both it and the arrows on his fingers, tossing it around and catching it smoothly. He juggles, nocking and then quick-switching different types of arrows. Finally, with a flourish, he turns and fires the arrow... and misses the archery target. He does a flip, another twirl, fires the arrow... and misses again, hitting a passerby in the leg or something. Then the guy just drops the bow and runs for it. That's what stance combos in Warframe are like. It looks very impressive, but then I completely miss my target and look like an idiot, way more so than if it hadn't tried to look cool and professional. The difference with the Quick Melee is that your feet stayed right where they were, barely advancing at all, instead of careening all over the place with every strike. I preferred that, to the point that when I was on a melee-only mission like a Sortie with that requirement, I would pull out my Simaris scanner so I would be back to Quick Melee without issue. The tragedy of Tempo Royale is that the main reason I got it was that it gave your greatsword a quick diagonal slash allowing you to hit targets low to the ground as well as flying targets faster and more reliably. It was a lifesaver, and made Tempo Royale basically a requirement on all my greatswords. NOT SO with the Stance itself, as this update cruelly reminded me now that I'm forced to use it and only it. I'm terrified to try my polearms, among which are my absolute strongest weapons... I don't want to know how they play now...
  7. I was really excited for this idea, especially with the Minotaur theme (as Atlas is at least as much of the Greek mythology 'frame as he is just "the rock guy"!) but after multiple helmet and subtle body changes, the theme was lost. I never thought the horns made it look "demonic", not that I'm sure Warframe players wouldn't have tried to force it with the same red-and-black colour schemes they usually use. I don't really know what the theme of this Atlas skin is now, but it reminds me of the very first Tennogen skins for Excalibur. Less meaty and organic and more just... a spaceman.
  8. Oh. Oh dear. Is that really the new Corpus locker design? How in Vor's name are we supposed to tell at a glance whether they're unlocked, unlocked by companion, locked or broken? Not only that, but rather than an "upgrade" they seem to have just switched one set of rectangular shapes for another, but with a yellow bit now...? I'll have to see the animation for how they open. I hope that these lockers get re-examined. Before, I could even tell at a glance whether a locker was pre-unlocked or whether a player/Kubrow unlocked it. It was a subtly different green. And of course, if the lock was broken then it was darkened out. There was also that little line through the circle when it's green. It's a shame, because I really like the updated Corpus hacking interfaces (even though some of them seem to have a blue screen and some orange and I haven't been able to figure out why...). I don't want to be unfair, but seeing as Warframe is such a fast-moving game (whether it be combat, going in and out of missions, switching gear, joining squads... everything!) it seems strange to me that they'd change the game to remove those small indicators that would save us time. Even with the (very much appreciated!!) option to adjust the size and positioning of our HUD, not everyone has a full-sized HD television set to play Warframe on. When it comes to indicating who has accepted a mission and who hasn't, that's the kind of visual detail I would want to be colour-coded. It's one of those little things where I knew something was wrong after the update, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. Now that I know, I really want the red/green indicators back. Just the tiny checkmark vs. tiny X isn't enough, even on my widescreen with the interface scaled up in size.
  9. So those long "feelers" from the last pictures are gone, and it's down to just the "tail"? If so, I wouldn't mind that at all. They were definitely my least favourite part about the otherwise excellent Loki Erebus set. As always, I'll be looking closely for mix-and-match combinations for the helmet and skin when this inevitably gets selected! ;)
  10. This is a good thing, I think, but if it does remain locked into this accessories bundle forever rather than one day being acquirable by other means (as Steve Sinclair suggested), then this would be setting a bad precedent IMO. After all, this would mark the first time that a Warframe alt helmet could only be bought for $60-80. They know that WF players will do absolutely wretched things for a rare cosmetic and it could get really exploitative. Just as an example, if I do end up caving and buying the Valkyr Prime Accessories pack next time it comes around (Saita Operator Suit), it will officially be the most I've ever spent on any game by a margin of hundreds of dollars. I know I shouldn't, especially as someone who always says we should vote with our wallets, but it's getting harder and harder to resist that compulsion to spend that money that I need for other things every time these packs come around. Oh damn, forgot about the Summus Prime sentinel set... so if I want that, that's another $60 at least...
  11. Very much agreed on all counts. I was using a similarly dark colour scheme, and now that cosmetics are tied into "torso" and "pants" pieces instead of a static undersuit and separate legging pieces, my Koppra Leggings that I bought exclusively to use with my current combination now have the thick, blindingly white pants of the Koppra body. My hood (the default Zariman hood!!) has a glitched texture and looks completely wrong: Splitting the Ceno cuirass and the hip/lower body portion into two separate items was a brilliant idea and I wholeheartedly support it. Or, I would, if as part of this "upgrade" to the Operator cosmetics they didn't make it whale-blubber thick. Just try wearing it (or the Smelter apparel, an item I was excited to add to my look until I saw the horribly thick belt attached) with the Varida suit and no leggings. You'll likely gag. Speaking of which, what did they do to my lovely Ceno Pauldrons? The fabric on the right shoulder isn't fabric anymore, but a thick whale-blubber-like wad of rubber just like the Ceno skirt: I understand that DE didn't make these changes for no reason. There was probably a lot of internal debate and they probably reached their conclusions through some amount of consideration. That doesn't change the fact that, to us, this is a sudden and unnecessary change that completely broke our Operators. It made us want to throw away basically our entire look that, yes, we spent Platinum on, or in the case of the Prime Accessories, over $60 real money! It's just not right.
  12. It's partly that her base model is so complex. Like, no skin can do away with the butterflies along each limb, the hanging bits around the waist, the big collar with extra spiky bits and of course the Archwing-like wings coming off of her lower back (which just by themselves have a lot of polygons!). Maybe if they tried a full-body catsuit thing instead of the complex tunic-bowtie-leggings-gauntlets-vest arrangement she has on her default skins. I don't think I'm ever switching from the helmet I have for her now, but other skin options? Yes, please!
  13. I would say it's just a bit too similar to Ivara's existing model, but the theme is nice. I really enjoy the moth feelers hanging off of the sides of the hood. That's a nice detail, in my opinion.
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