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  1. Do you have larger versions of these images? Maybe at least 900 x 500?
  2. Does anyone have screenshots of Nezha Prime using the Tennogen skins Devine/Dracun/Yaksha with the Prime Details toggle on? Dracun in particular would be a huge help. Same question: does anyone have screenshots of Ivara Prime with HER Tennogen skins, using the Prime Details toggle? She also has the Obsidian skin on PS4, but I don't know yet if that can be Prime Detail-ed or not. Default colours are fine, or even custom colours if the sidebar is visible so I know what colour is what. If you would prefer suggestions, Secondary as navy blue and Accents as silver would work best for me.
  3. The juxtaposition between these two is sending me
  4. Oh, God, yes. Slow, excruciatingly painful, disgusting and embarrassing all in one. Sort of like the legendary Bronze Bull device, only with more stomach acid. And chewing... 🦷☠️ I thought of another one, but next to Grendel it doesn't seem nearly as bad... Equinox Day's Maim (their 4). You're walking around, and then a wobbly effect goes over you and suddenly you're suffering a literal "death by a thousand cuts". This imperceptible field is slicing you apart, covering you in dozens of lacerations. Whether you die quickly or not-so-quickly, I still wouldn't want to be in that scenario.
  5. I despised it at first, besides the helmet. There are still things about him that bother me, like how the thick pipes on his default helmet combined with his default colour scheme and the knob-like protrusions on his shoulders together really seem to step into Grineer territory. However, despite liking the asymmetrical, bone-like helmet right away, the rest of him just didn't click for me when I first saw him. It just looked like a random collection of shapes. Then, of course, I put my mind to it and realised, piece by piece, what I had been missing. Those fleshy ribbons on his forearms? Th
  6. Of all of the Tenno's Warframes and their accompanying weaponry, I've been thinking about which Warframe is responsible for the worst/most painful/most grueling deaths. At first I was thinking something like Loki, where you hear a dull thud and turn around to see the fellow Grineer behind you has fallen over dead. Behind him are two more bodies, lying in a pool of blood, making no sound. Was that sound footsteps? You grip your Karak tightly, your finger pressed to the trigger... and then your Karak is out of your hands, whisked away like your hands were a magnet of the same polarity. You ha
  7. No, no, that was his Decoy. It drew your fire away from his actual post. Duh! I wouldn't say that Loki is nearly as long-suffering as, say, Nyx (who, to me, is the worst 'frame in the game right now). He still gets frequent use... but the question is, how many of his abilities besides Invisibility get used? The game is slowly introducing more ways to become invisible, so I must unfortunately conclude that even his best trait is becoming less relevant. I know I use Switch Teleport fairly often, but I've heard other people say they never use it. Radial Disarm has basically required the aug
  8. The Fluctus is absolutely Tenno tech. Not only are the sides ornate rather than utilitarian, but the blueprint is only available from the Tenno Lab.
  9. Saryn makes me want to exit the mission, because outside of using the cheesiest equipment I have I'm basically not going to kill anything regardless of how powerful my weapons are. All the others? Ember, Equinox Day, Octavia, Volt... none of them have the power to blast one enemy with their first ability, hit them once and then sit back as the whole map dies. None of the other "OP 'frames" negatively affect me much. At first I thought it was just that Saryn was the hard counter to Hydron, and I appreciate her there. But she's like that in every mission, against every enemy type. In "sprint to
  10. When I first started Warframe, what struck me at once was the visual language that communicated the different factions. Corpus weapons were rectangular, boxy and made of frail-looking sliding parts (also rectangular). Grineer weapons were camo green and other "pea soup" colours with rounded shapes and forge seams. Infested weapons were covered in tentacles and bone in kaleidoscopic colours... and the Tenno weapons were sharp and ornamental-looking. Part of this included lovely wooden detailing. This seemed to represent a connection to the Earth, wood being harder to come by in the millenium th
  11. I think it's... well... best I don't say what I think it looks like. Hopefully it will be an Auxiliary attachment like Hydroid Rakkam's coat; that way, we can have it on or off as we please. Then again, I won't be getting that skin anyway. It's... uh... not quite up to the standard I hoped it would be from the concept art.
  12. During Star Days, while I rushed to get that precious last handful of Familial Debt-bonds, I hit a strange and crippling roadblock: I couldn't start another bounty. I was confused because it kept giving me the classic "This Operation mission is currently locked. You must unlock it first in order to join a squad" message, even though I had just come back from doing that level of bounty earlier. I tried the next mission down but it gave me the same message. This was around 1:45 pm Eastern time (UTC -5:00). When I restarted my game to fix the issue, a new-but-related bug came up: I couldn't en
  13. Absolutely agree. The forums in particular have all these players that will announce their opinion as fact, like "that game mode was trash, everyone knows that" and then get aggressive when the other person says "actually, I really liked it and want it to come back". Like there's a "right way" and a "wrong way", and you're not allowed to have certain opinions if they go against popular opinion. That said, your second part about how easy it would be to bring them back is... rather inaccurate. They were complex missions with a lot of variables, and there are reasons why they took down the exi
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