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  1. How prophetic these words now seem. I'm just getting so tired of repeating myself. So many people have come here relating the same issues and the same handful keep trying to convince everyone that the new system is great and that we're just stupid for not realising that and accepting it. If we're not supposed to give any feedback and quietly bow our heads and adapt to any and all changes that are forced upon us, why would DE even ask for feedback in the first place? My ammo counter is still missing most of the time, because I have to stop and aim my currently equipped gun to make it re-appear (which I can't easily do in a pitched battle). Once again, my scanners, mining lasers and other tools get auto-unequipped if I make the mistake of daring to fight off an enemy or break a nearby box! I thought that had been fixed! The animations for many different weapon type stances have full stops and long pauses that interrupt when I'm trying to kill many enemies quickly. I get stun-locked by my own stupid auto-block that doesn't even block much, leaving me unable to counterattack for a precious second or two in a game in which quick kills can be the difference between life and death. Certain Exalted weapons are almost as much of a hindrance as a help now... god. Just... read my old posts on the topic, because all of the same issues are still present. For a short while I was feeling like maybe this wasn't so bad, that maybe I was getting used to it... but then I noticed that, subconsciously, I had abandoned whole classes of melee weapons and was only using slide attacks because the stupid Stances wouldn't trigger if I just did that. I only use 2 or 3 out of the nearly 80 melee weapons I have! That's only 4%! And all those slide attacks are wreaking havoc on my wrist, so I actually had to stop playing Warframe altogether for a while to give my wrist a break. It's a nightmare, and this game that used to be so fun to play just... isn't. This is exactly why I was terrified when Melee 3.0 was announced. because primaries and secondaries had gone through changes that made their level of utility go up and down, but no matter what happened to guns at least I had my melee to fall back on if the weapon I brought wasn't performing how I had hoped. Now I just dare not use melee at all most of the time. So I just play other games instead.
  2. Good lord, Cloud Walker was originally intended for STEALTH? ...I guess it didn't really have any other uses that make sense... but still. It's rather surprising that such a straight-up bad ability was included, however thematically appropriate for Wukong it was. The new version sounds much more versatile. Honestly, I haven't played enough of Monkey Boi to say how much these changes will affect his use, but I see great things for the Monkey King going forward! (Next is that Deluxe Skin, but updated to be slightly more sci-fi as well as more in line with his existing cosmetics, right? I'm already excited!)
  3. Agreed! It's going in a very different direction than it initially seemed like it was going to, but it isn't bad by any means. I agree that maybe the "eye-holes" could be stretched a bit, either vertically or maybe even horizontally. Better yet, I think they would be improved by making them less circular (or in other words, subtly more angular and almost angry-looking). The fact that there are "eye-holes" at all already evokes Grineer, so that aspect wouldn't be lost. Just a thought. If this does turn out to be the final draft, then that would be fine too.
  4. I will never, never use my slow, plodding, ugly, weak Operator for anything remotely important in this game, so every Nightwave challenge involving Operators is going unfinished by me. Guaranteed. That goes triple for Spy missions. The Ayatan socket one is basically a free win for me whenever it appears. Newer players should get in the habit of running Maroo's Ayatan mission whenever it appears. The "Transmute Mods" one will actually hurt me the most... that's a big amount of credits (at least 144,000 without Transmutation Cores) to waste on getting back 3 Pressure Points, 2 Reaches, 5 Warm Coats, a North Wind and a Maglev (or some mostly-common-with-some-uncommon mixture like that). The longer you've been playing the game, the lower the chance of getting something you don't already have from a Transmute. 😐
  5. I fear that the reason that there is no comment from DE about this is because they intend to push ahead to Melee 3.0 anyway, and our feedback is mostly meant for very, very fine fine-tuning in the system they're already going to implement no matter what. If that is the case (and without any official word we can only guess that this is the case), then that suggests massive confidence in Melee 3.0. Specifically, confidence that the Melee 3.0 system will be so different (and thus improved? I guess?) as to make most to all of our current concerns irrelevant. It feels strange speculating with so little information, but that's where we're at right now. The best I currently hope for is having "no stance/quick melee" as a stance all its own, as some people in this thread have suggested... despite the fact that many of the other problems with this system would persist, even if DE did stomp out all of the bugs and other technical issues.
  6. WAAAAARGH! Oh god. I mean, "WAAAAARGH" in a good way (a response that any good Infested design should elicit!), but still. It's so pleasantly gross. The colour scheme subtly seems to suggest both Harrow himself and a few existing Infested weapons like the Lesion and Dual Toxocyst. This is great work. If I had critique of any kind, it barely counts but I doubt the helmet would easily integrate with any Harrow skin besides this one. It could be the same way with the skin vs. any other helmet; I don't know.
  7. I dunno how I'd feel about the "eyes" even if they didn't make him look absolutely furious with everyone and everything. I kind of liked it better when it was smooth (in that teaser image). Not that that was in any way a completed helmet, but I rather liked it the way it seemed to be proceeding. It just needed a bit of refinement. I know it would be quite a bit different than previous Graxx skins, but on this new mockup, I don't think the "eye-holes" or big side-pipes really add anything to it. Er, but that's all up to Faven. They've kept up a consistent level of quality... no reason to think that would suddenly change, especially if the rest of this skin is any indicatioN! (I kind of like the pineapple, myself :P)
  8. There's a lot of negativity about Tennogen these days. Not critique of the items themselves, which is always valuable to creators, but just anger that this or that item did or didn't get in. Sometimes there are stylistic concerns (which I cannot impress the importance of maintaining enough!), and other times there are bits of the skins and helmets that the creators themselves aren't happy with, so they have to wait until the next batch to submit the finalised version. It's not that your favourite item just isn't going to make it into the game unless it is poorly made (which is very rare these days with such talented creators behind them) or wildly outside of DE's preferred style for their universe. As long as that's taken care of, it's really only a matter of time until it gets in. Personally, I'm really, really pleased with this batch. There's nothing that is completely over the top or huge and glowing, but are instead rather conservative by Tennogen standards. It's all beautiful, but not in an overbearing way. I'm particularly interested in the Hydroid Karkinos helmet, the Nikana Ungulata skin and of course the Nyx Technopsyche skin and helmet! I really want to see how items like the Valkyr Leonessa end up looking in my colours, too.
  9. Don't worry!! This is all stuff you're doing for us. You're voluntarily submitting your time and energy into building things for Warframe, and it's very much appreciated. If you're looking for more general suggestions, then perhaps a Harrow skin or a new helmet for Revenant or Baruuk in your trademark style? Any of those should hopefully be less time-consuming than a Syandana from scratch.
  10. Not sure... how about... I don't know... themed Syandanas? Like a Syandana built to complement an existing 'frame? Would that be something you'd be interested in? Operator Cosmetics are always a good bet, too.
  11. Same thing on console. It seems to be (maybe??) fixed on fishing and Scanner tools... at least, performing a melee strike doesn't cancel them. Not so for mining tools, though! I checked. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Autoblock occurs, doesn't mitigate very much damage but, crucially, prevents me from drawing my weapon long enough for the enemies to kill me... It's a situation where, under Melee 2.5, I would have survived with no issue. Another melee strategy that has taken a huge hit is Berserker weapons like the Heliocor, Ack &Brunt and Fragor Prime. Berserker is almost more of a hindrance than a help, when moving faster and faster while performing the acrobatic maneuvers that make up so much of stances sends you pirouetting all over the place, barely able to keep yourself trained on the enemy. I've tried it without melee auto-target and with melee auto-target, and (besides reminding me how much I hate melee auto-target) it didn't make a difference; I was still soaring past my intended foe and meleeing nothing. It happened over and over. All I was trying to do was mash the melee button, but even that turned into what the game considered a combo and I started doing moves I didn't want to do. Only relatively new categories of weapons seem to have more reserved and less flashy combos, like Two-handed Nikanas (the Tatsu).
  12. Axios, while I'm glad you're mostly happy with the new system, you don't speak for all of us. For instance, much of my enjoyment of the game comes from acquiring and messing around with every cosmetic item I can get my hands on, creating new colour schemes and mixing-and-matching skins and helmets within those colour schemes. I get new Warframes not just to try their abilities but for more canvases for customisation. I'm far from the only person that plays the game this way. I'm struggling to get that Wolf armour set even though I play every day, due some real-life issues like a wedding taking some days off, as well as the appearance of Operation: Buried Debts right in the middle. That doesn't mean I'm asking to be given the rewards for free like the newest Dex item or some Warframe unscheduled update apology reward. All I'm asking for is for rewards to be shuffled a bit for the next Nightwave based on their feedback from this one. It was the Warframe devs themselves that said they wanted to reduce grind moving forward... and once you're above MR20 there's not much in the game to do BUT hunt for rare new cosmetics and such. I don't mind that, because I have more free time to play Warframe than many other players. But I recognise that not everyone can afford to put in 2+ hours a day for 35+ days, out of potentially 65 days total, if they want to feel like they actually completed the event. And no matter how much I love Shadow of the Colossus or Resident Evil, if I had to play them that often daily I'd get very tired of them. And by the way, that's all with the inclusion of almost every single Elite challenge completed per week. For players who aren't far enough in the game to complete even the easiest of those Elite challenges even with veteran help, they have absolutely no chance.
  13. Kind of funky name aside, the skin does look incredible. Those buckles are making me weak in the knees...! Best of all, should you desire to, you could always toggle Prime Accents on while using this skin too! The Syandana is... gigantic. Probably one of the biggest I've ever seen. It would basically make every Prime Syandana, future and past, obsolete with the crowd who want to look the biggest and most impressive at all times. Maybe the fabric is thinner than it looks from the front, but it's also very wide.
  14. They come around for Easter week! You can get them (as well as a free pastel Easter colour scheme) from the Market during that time. I don't think the ears stick around, though that has been changing with some seasonal items, but the colour palette DEFINITELY does! Enjoy!
  15. Still haven't fixed that dummy statue model, eh? I've seen it when it loads properly, with the same stone-like patterning as the rest of the body, but most of the time it loads like it looks in that gum-darn screenshot above. Regular Grineer torso but everything else loaded properly. Hopefully a fix for that is coming at some point! Since development of my clan's Dojo has slowed to nothing, the Obstacle Course that we removed hasn't been put back in yet, let alone completely rebuilt... oh well... Next contest, then.
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