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  1. Suggestions for a better feeling Gauss. 1. Match the maneuverability for normal sprinting, allow Gauss to turn on a dime when using his 1. This would make it feel better to use in smaller and more dense maps. 2. Gain enegry every time you hit an enemy using his 1. 3. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I believe Kinetic Plating's damage reduction only effects shields, if we could lower the reduction to 95% and have it affect his health as well, that would be great. 4. Have redline be instantly cast, or at the very least have it be instantly cast once you reach the redline mark before casting. 5. If you cast 3 while using his 1, it should empower his sprint and allow him to apply 3's effects to every enemy you hit using his 1.
  2. I've tested this against decently high level enemies that should be dealing at least one of those damage types and didn't seem to get any enegry absorbed. Although that may have been a bug from my session of playing. If it seems to be working now, then that's good.
  3. After playing him pretty intently for a few hours, setting him up with different varied mod loadouts. I feel like I have a good enough grasp on how his gameplay will feel, after many more hours of play. Here I'll list out a few things I think would make for a better Gauss. •The turning delay when you use "Mach Rush" makes him pretty diffifcult to control in smaller tile sets, and generally just makes him feel slow and clunky. I think removing this entirely would make him a lot more responsive, and in turn, a lot more fun to play. •"Kinetic Plating" doesn't actually seem to be restoring enegry. •Casting "Redline" takes too long. It seems out of place considering the speedy thematic that Gauss was based around. •Unsure if this is specifically Gauss but reloading doesn't always seem to work the first time you press the button, unsure if this happens on other frames.
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