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  1. It's already better than it used to be, having mastery rank set the minimum mod capacity after each forma. And yeah, I'm MR 28, 35k roughly short of 29, so it's literally 4/2 capacity difference now. I get that it's a different perspective for me. But I was there when they finally switched from the 0 capacity system at last, and it was such a wonderful time. And having to wait for 30 for the new polarity to 'activate' would actually be in worse in a number cases, like any 16 cap mod that quickly add up later on.
  2. 765, yay. Definitely something worth logging in for.
  3. Add some of the worst latency in the game for several years running to the ugly. Right now, there's no point for me communicating with anyone because of the FOUR MINUTE delay between messages. This also branches out to being literally incapable of ever finding a squad, and that flotillas will take several more minutes to actually catch up, and are completely empty up until then. No thanks.
  4. I used to play him primarily for his survivability in Level 5 Lich fights and other high level content. Now Hildryn and others do the tanking better, and hitting absurd damage points isn't as needed to keep things going. He'll probably still be the top pick for Profit-Taker in any case. You'd have to be doing some crazy things to not full-stack his buffs within a couple seconds of that nonsense.
  5. It's a bad objective and really needs to go. I shouldn't have to go solo and unequip companion weapon on the off chance it's going to spawn that horrid condition.
  6. Transmute. At the very least there's a slim chance of getting one that will actually be used by someone. Endo is abundant between Sorties, Sanctuary and Arbitration, and only newer weapons are going to be popular to buy junk rolls for since there aren't as many rivens available for them.
  7. That's how previous shotgun status worked, and it has finally been removed from the game. Shotgun status is now per pellet, and each rolls to proc its own status effect.
  8. Wouldn't mind seeing Tau damage get its own special status effect on that note, and then added to the Shedu as a little bonus. Cover all of it in one go as a proper Sentient update when they become even more common.
  9. You certain about this? I've definitely lost affinity (all the bonus that went to a 38 Kuva weapon was gone, leaving it at 37), and possibly lost items after extracting this way after the latest patch came out. I'm still not convinced. I've also been screwed out of rewards by ESO in particular in the past so I wouldn't be surprised.
  10. I've been playing her a bit since, and I've yet to have any issues with recovering shields when they break. Pillage has been working fine.
  11. 'Get crafty' apparently doesn't account for 1 torpedo. Watch as the AoE gets nerfed rather than the shield ships getting adjusted.
  12. Yep, noticed the exact same issue, and it's become rather bothersome.
  13. Nah, not just you, seems to be the trend this patch. Still not ever going to equip Primed Sure Footed, or anything in that line of mods.
  14. The fire rate is too high. Getting loop knocked down is what makes Profit-Taker one of the most laboriously annoying fights. I don't want it branching out into the rest of the game.
  15. Nah, the R3's aren't better, that's just nonsense, sorry.
  16. I got everything but the Health pads going instantly. #*!% that Mutagen Sample cost. Legitimately. I'm stuck as the only one contributing towards Hema, and now this. No.
  17. Personally I'd like to see it give something like a smaller version of Banshee/Helios' weakspot generation. Puncture outer layers, open up a vital spot, attack there.
  18. Oh no, I have to aim closer to what I'm targeting, how terrible.
  19. Here's hoping Kuva Kohm has it's range ungimped now that the 100% breakpoint is no longer a deciding factor.
  20. Yes, please do change the arcanes, and make them more accessible in general. I want to see the S#&$ty behaviour that has grown around the Eidolon farming to die a miserable death. Please and thank you.
  21. I never used self-damage when I played Chroma anyway. Didn't see the need to. I'm grinning happily at all this.
  22. And this is why I stopped bothering with Eidolons. Broken system, broken community.
  23. I don't want Syndicate progress overriding weapon affinity priority in the screen. Also, I really dislike the teaser of the new Mastery emblem.
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