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  1. Yes, he should feel bad for using the matchmaking system and relying on others to do more than the literal bare minimum. Screw off with unhelpful crap.
  2. It'll likely show up either in a gamemode introduced with The New War, or shortly after that. The previous TennoCon weapon was added to Veil Proxima derelicts a few months later, precedent is there.
  3. Magnus Prime is coming soon, the Akmagnus at least was fun to use. And here's hoping the Prime version doesn't add the awful BWOIP that was introduced for the Lex that absolutely ruined the guns for me.
  4. Right, and there was zero reason to expect anything other than Gemini Prime when it was Valkyr's turn coming up. And like I said, this was an expectation I've had for years. An art director's quote from a month ago does not mean I had 'zero' reason to expect it way in advance. :/
  5. For the longest time, I was always convinced the ideal would be Nidus Prime, Djinn Prime and Gazal Machete Prime for the synergy and theme all lining up. Instead, he's used as catch-up for 'missed' weapons? Really?
  6. Also, negative stats in an unnecessary category (rifles not being taken to open world for example) are basically a free boost to all the positive stats on a riven. There's a benefit to having them. The tradeoff of positive useless stats feels fair to me, as much as this awful gambling system can be fair.
  7. It has an alt-fire? Here I was thinking it was an ok head-popper that got absolutely gutted against elites because of the DPS cap.
  8. What's the download size like? I've been stuck on a very limited data plan for a while now, and I'd like to know how long I'll be banished from the game while I try to save up rollover data.
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