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  1. At this point I assume it's because something went wrong with the lip-sync, because it still looks really awkward even with the enunciation.
  2. The issue I have with Nora is how awfully grating her lines are. That annoys me more than the delivery of them. But yes, overlap is a very annoying issue, and it's something I've been thinking about a lot since The Business will talk over conservation calls when trying to pick out the direction they're coming from. There needs to be some kind of cut-off for transmissions made already.
  3. The only problems I have are flat out mission-breaking bugs and the like. People *@##$ing about things being new are safe to ignore, people who somehow think they lost endo are complete morons, I ended up with way more endo by the end, and in general the best thing the devs can do is shut out any feedback that isn't 'doing this and this makes an objective straight up impossible to complete'.
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