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  1. When can we have our converted Liches claim tax on planets as a far better version than the crappy system of extractors? Make the gains slower sure, but at least it won't be waiting 4 hours to get 5k Nano Spores when I'm already capped at 999,999 of them. I'd much rather wait 24 hours to get a wide variety of drops in smaller portions.
  2. Orb Vallis just needs some freeroam critters like the Plains have, and it's so much nicer. No annoying tracking game. No pobbers that spawn alerted so are completely pointless to chase the objective for. No sawgaws or the armadillo whatevers that just flat out ignore shots. And no dumb immunity to Equinox sleep. On the Plains, you can get 4/6 from one group of Vasca Kavats alone within a minute of loading in. That's all it should be for common types.
  3. Jokie155

    Lich Lures

    A kuva weapon transmuter I'd go for, as a way of overcoming the chances of not getting a particular weapon out of the pool given how long it takes to cycle through. Obviously wouldn't work for the three original weapons, but I think that's fair enough anyway.
  4. I'm liking the Kuva Seer quite a lot so far, but since it'll probably come up sooner or later, I for one would like to see the hilarious physics at play when shooting at the feet of enemies to remain. So far I haven't seen it work on anything other than light troops and the like, so I don't think it's actually breaking missions like Capture and such. And seeing enemies fly off for several hundred metres adds a nice new novelty if nothing else, something important with how much more work needs to be put into maximizing Kuva weapons.
  5. Point is that Intruder is and always has been a completely redundant mod, and that the extra start-up animation is a bothersome delay before the option to use a cipher comes up.
  6. Ah yes, the typical 'stop giving criticism because no-one in the community cares' shutdown. Very mature.
  7. Above all else, I think knowing which weapon mods are being made Exilus is at the top of my desire list. Daikyu for example has two specific utility mods for it now, and I'm still holding out for it to be primed when Ivara Prime comes next year so it'd be a good move to have Broadhead or the Amalgam mod made exilus at least. I'd also hope that Syndicate weapon mods get the slot too.
  8. Since the reddit community decided to be pack animals over a simple joke that I elaborated on and got bombed for, I'll come here to be harassed as well. Arcanes are fine in the Arbitration rotations. Quite frankly I get the impression they'd be much more costly to acquire if put into the shop based on typical Vitus drop rates. Even if the cost ended up being just 10 essence per individual arcane for a total of 100 to get a max rank. And I am much happier seeing them in the reward screen over sculptures I can't do anything with for lack of amber stars, nor will have much use for because oh yeah, Arbitrations are meant to be endgame when endo is common place anyway. I'm actually enjoying things for the first time, but there are still so many on this dumb hangup about the shop. It's far less toxic than what happens with Eidolon arcanes, should they just be stuck in a shop too? Oh wait...
  9. How are they going to nerf Loki? Give him an actual Strength scaling ability? At least he won't be an outright waste of an arbitration cycle then.
  10. Wait for Titania Prime, I'd be highly surprised if they skipped her for Octavia after Ivara Prime. Who in turn should be coming after Atlas.
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