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  1. Currently PvP uses a blanket nerf to Zaw stats (I don't remember the exact numbers; something like damage is .85 or such the normal damage). The problem is this doesn't really help due to the outliers (such as Hammer/Heavy Blade Zaws built for pure damage). My suggestion would be to add soft caps to damage/attack speed. So after, say, 1.1 attack speed further attack speed is further reduced. Something so that a pure attack speed Zaw will still do attack faster then a balanced or damage Zaw, but not as abusable amounts. Likewise for damage. Though, part of the problem is that some of the weapon classes Zaws are for are just terrible. Daggers for instance are all terrible PvP weapons due to the incredibly short range, being locked out of the Conclave attack speed mod to use a band aid for their range, and their terrible damage. Zaw Daggers always end up being the best even if they eat a nerf or two simply because all the other Daggers are so bad. It's the same for a few other weapon classes, although Daggers are the ones with the largest disparity.
  2. There's a few problems here, mostly revolving around Nyx's 4 and Titania's 2. Mainly, enemy damage is several orders of magnitude below enemy EHP. A mid-high level Heavy Gunner will kill most frames in seconds, but takes hundreds or even thousands of it's own bullets to die. This clearly illustrates the problem with Absorb: Nyx is bleeding out her own energy and ability to act or play the game to return said damage back to enemies. Returning said damage is frankly useless, as returning 5 or 20 or 50 Gorgon shots does not matter when it takes hundreds to down the enemy and Nyx wasted her own energy pool to do this. Absorb needs a actual rework because of that even if we ignore the "Nyx decides to stop playing the space ninja game with cool movement to sit in her bubble, completely immobile". This brings me to Tribute. Tribute is a very poor ability. It has 2 relevant buffs, and due to no scaling and poor numbers I can only barely count Entangle as 'relevant'. Going through them in order: Dust: it's good. There's not much to say, it's a accuracy debuff with decent range you keep up forever. It's the only remotely redeeming feature of this ability. Thorns: This is a waste of energy with no redeeming qualities thanks to how poorly made damage reflection is in Warframe. This ties in to Absorb: enemies have orders of magnitude higher EHP compared to their damage. And damage reflection in Warframe still deals all the damage to the Warframe, just then also reflects some back. This makes the buff completely useless, as the Heavy Gunner or Bombard or Tech hitting the squishy, MAYBE couple thousand EHP frame might take .1% of their EHP as damage back while Titania is smeared across the wall. Entangle: This is the barely relevant one! A high uptime radial slow sounds nice. A impotent, low range, unmoddable slow does not. No points for guessing which camp this factors into, as it turns out a 25% slow with measly 10m range is not that good when most enemies have guns, the ability to fire them, and the ability to not be constantly hugging Titania to taste this aura. Full Moon: This is a companion damage buff, in a game where most companions do crap damage, on a frame where the only good ability forces your companions into a pocket dimension where they cannot fight. It buffs Razorfly damage, but Razorfly damage is a joke and the Razorflies die within seconds of being summoned. Both of these abilities have glaring root problems that have not been addressed. Buffing the numbers does not fix the problems, and does not even bandaid the problems due to how bad the abilities are to begin with.
  3. Disposition is actually from .5 to 1.6. The little dots just give a very rough indicator of where the disposition is.
  4. So this is nerfing how fast we kill enemies, nerfing Focus gains, and making it even harder to ever go past wave 8 due to efficiency decay. How about instead DE focuses on fixing the many bugs and crashes the gamemode has, fix the terrible spawns and tilesets that force groups to spawnkill every enemy as they appear to only bleed out 50% efficiency instead of 100%, and maybe fix it so the enemies tab doesn't include Drudges? Maybe make it so the supposedly Endless gamemode can actually be done endlessly, instead of the best option always being to extract at wave 8?
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