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  1. How much skill does Excavation actually take? Having Vazarin's invul + heal on dash maxed, and then dashing back and forth through an excavator with Magus Lockdown isn't something that requires literally any skill. It's just dashing back and forth every ~3-4 seconds, and the only 'skill' involved is not going insane from doing only that for hours on end. The incentive is constant C rewards. I'd also add there isn't much draw to the other gamemodes for level 500+, because most people don't want to play Survival where they sit as an Operator for hours spamming Lockdown mines. You can still play into the high levels with good teams. The only challenge is staying awake, and doing the same dash spam forever. You can still do that though! The only change to Excavation is 2 Excavators but normal Excavation time, so you can still Void Dash to your heart's content up to an arbitrary enemy level. If that's what you want to do it is still entirely available, and still gives rewards.
  2. The rotation changes are nice, Drones dying with a chance at Vitus is nice, the Endo and Vitus economy changes are fine. The problem I have is dumping even more drops into the pool instead of making them something bought with Vitus essence. This will just end up being an Adaption +the other 3 situation, where 1 drop is worth plat and wanted and the others are all a wasted rotation. Instead, please put the mods + Arcanes for sale for Vitus essence, and if you have to dilute the drop tables do so by making the drop chance that would be mods/Arcanes the 3x Vitus essence pack. Also a annoyance with Arbitrations overall is it seems to be based on nodes. Which means things like Infested Salvage and Defection (or any node with Orokin) are incredibly rare, when ideally Arbitrations should have a more even chance. Currently for instance there are 11 Infested Defense nodes out of 27 total Defense nodes; if a Defense mission is picked, 40.7% of the time it will be Infested (on the flip side, only 7.4% of the time will it be Orokin). What should change is Arbitrations picks 1 of the 7 mission types (Defense/Survival/Excavation/etc.), and then picks a valid faction type. So if Arbitrations rolled Defense, it would then have a 25% chance to be Grineer, 25% chance to be Corpus, 25% chance to be Infested, and 25% chance to be Orokin. The skew does not have to be exactly 1/7 for missions and 1/4 for factions, but ideally it should allow players who prefer Infested Salvage or Defection or fighting Orokin to actually encounter Arbitrations for them.
  3. I'd like if there was a way to keep the Celestia permanently lit, but personally I don't think it would be a good idea. Instead they could just add a smol Celestia Syandana that is permanently lit, but is less impressive to compensate. Something so dedicated Conclave players have the cooler syandana, and people wanting fire spires can get a less impressive variant.
  4. 1. Probably. Current standing gain is tied heavily to kills/oro and low deaths. Deaths should just be removed from the equation entirely (or severely downplayed) and the first X oro/kills are worth more. Something so a new player getting 3 kills and 13 deaths still gets a nice amount of standing instead of almost nothing because they died a lot. 2. I would prefer it did not. Gaining PvP standing for PvE is silly, and even sillier because the only matchmaking Conclave has is Recruit Conditioning which turns off at rank 3.
  5. I think you kind of dropped the ball on this event. Dog Days from the looks, sound, and dialogue wise seems to want to be a super silly, fun tactical alert. Great! That's a fine thing to aim for, and a good way to introduce some silly beach floofs to the game. Problem: the rewards are locked behind insultingly high grind wall, and the best way to play in a multiplayer game is to go solo so you cannot be killstolen. This is very poor design for what should be a light hearted summer romp. This is made even worse by the gun's controls and firing being so bad that it makes the Plasma Sword look good. Suggested fixes for when the event is brought back, since I assume DE either will not or can not change it currently. 1) Massively reduce pearl costs across the board. Make it so 1-4 max level runs is enough to buy at least 1 of any item. Let players who want everything to just have some beach time fights instead of hour long grinds. Let players who want piles of floofs to have the realistic option of getting them without sacrificing their sanity and days of play time. 2) Make all kills give pearls, not just own kills. Tying into 1 for how it works; a player in the fun shooty water mode should not feel or be penalized for playing in a group. For people worried about afks/leechers: make pearls a 'drop' that are marked on the map and expire after 1-2 minutes. This doesn't help the case where someone does nothing but run around picking up pearls, but the current system has the exact same problem with killstealing and penalizes the entire team to boot. Penalizing 2-3 other players because of the possibility of a troll getting the same rewards as a normal player is stupid. 3) Redo the super soaker's entire firing system. Currently the super soaker feels like a depressed attica. It should feel and shoot like a powerful water gun hosing down wave after wave of grineer with glistening tenno water, not like somebody leisurely spitting out a sunflower seed. Make the super soaker a gun-beam, play up the particle effects, and make it a straight up hose of watery goodness. Make the gun actually fun to use instead of a frustrating, slow mess. I suspect this will be buried or ignored, but please rethink Dog Days. It has the potential to be a quick, fun tactical alert to hop in and mess around with. Due to the frustrating gun, terrible gains, and gacha tier grind it ends up being a tactical alert better played via afking just so players can maintain sanity while grinding out hours of games for a single floof.
  6. First, not a Wukong main. Want to get that out there; I'm a melee loving Valkyr noodle first and foremost. I have a few concerns though, especially given how DE normally does reworks and puts numbers on things. Passive wise, I feel A) a player should be able to guarantee a buff, and B) buffs should be approximately equally useful in the event Wukong would have died. On that note Wukong's passive fails both. First it only triggers 3/5, and second half the buffs are useless in combat. Wukong should not have to gamble on if his death will give him invulnerability/functional invulnerability for 30 seconds, or make energy orbs more effective. I think the 2x loot and orb drops should either be removed (so he only has 3 buffs), or replaced with survival/damage buffs that Wukong would feel good about having in the event he had just died. Wukong should be able to know that when he dies, he will either be harder to kill or kill enemies better for a while. 1 wise the only problem I have is clone survival (clones don't know how to dodge), and the fact that AI is really poor so Wukong likely has to lock himself to melee only to get the clone to function well. Preferably the clone would just always use a ranged weapon as at least then it contributes. Cloud walker is there. It exists. Only real use is for the heal or spy but let's be honest by the time you have Wukong you have a multitude of other frames capable of cheesing Spy if need be. This will rely entirely on the numbers on the heal, so hopefully those are high enough to be a full heal or close to it (especially since Warframe has a lot of ways to stay healthy now so a weak heal just won't be worth using). Defy heavily concerns me due to animations and DE's very poor track record when it comes to usable numbers. Damage reflect wise, damage reflect is just outright terrible. Unless you give Wukong +10,000% damage reflect (or realistically even higher then that) it won't function well enough for the reflect to be meaningful. Armor buff sounds nice, but requires the duration be long enough to keep up often/constantly, and the armor amount to actually be useful instead of something like +300 armor or +20% armor. Ideally the "reflect" should be changed to a single Iron Staff spin (using his actual Exalted mods) with the absorbed damage being a multiplicative boost for that single attack. That means absorbing damage actually boosts his damage in a meaningful way, and means the damage isn't terrible to begin with. Primal Fury sounds good, although I really hope the Drain is Excalibur style, not Valkyr style. Being forced into a Energize set if you want to actually use the cool melee Exalted as a main weapon isn't fun, and a melee Exalted that can't pass through walls is already only as strong as regular high end melee at best and does not deserve a extreme drain. Also personally wish the augment provided even more crit or his Staff's base crit chance was upped, but that's more because if he's using a entire augment slot for crit chance I feel it should be worth it. Again, not a Wukong main but I feel a lot of this rework will heavily rely on decent numbers to be useful. Very concerned since DE doesn't have a good track record when it comes to that, which is why I'm even making a post.
  7. The Sentient Amalgams in Puzzle rooms drop the Rare non set mods. However, even when said mods drop the player upon picking up the mod drop nothing shows up or is received.
  8. There's a few problems here, mostly revolving around Nyx's 4 and Titania's 2. Mainly, enemy damage is several orders of magnitude below enemy EHP. A mid-high level Heavy Gunner will kill most frames in seconds, but takes hundreds or even thousands of it's own bullets to die. This clearly illustrates the problem with Absorb: Nyx is bleeding out her own energy and ability to act or play the game to return said damage back to enemies. Returning said damage is frankly useless, as returning 5 or 20 or 50 Gorgon shots does not matter when it takes hundreds to down the enemy and Nyx wasted her own energy pool to do this. Absorb needs a actual rework because of that even if we ignore the "Nyx decides to stop playing the space ninja game with cool movement to sit in her bubble, completely immobile". This brings me to Tribute. Tribute is a very poor ability. It has 2 relevant buffs, and due to no scaling and poor numbers I can only barely count Entangle as 'relevant'. Going through them in order: Dust: it's good. There's not much to say, it's a accuracy debuff with decent range you keep up forever. It's the only remotely redeeming feature of this ability. Thorns: This is a waste of energy with no redeeming qualities thanks to how poorly made damage reflection is in Warframe. This ties in to Absorb: enemies have orders of magnitude higher EHP compared to their damage. And damage reflection in Warframe still deals all the damage to the Warframe, just then also reflects some back. This makes the buff completely useless, as the Heavy Gunner or Bombard or Tech hitting the squishy, MAYBE couple thousand EHP frame might take .1% of their EHP as damage back while Titania is smeared across the wall. Entangle: This is the barely relevant one! A high uptime radial slow sounds nice. A impotent, low range, unmoddable slow does not. No points for guessing which camp this factors into, as it turns out a 25% slow with measly 10m range is not that good when most enemies have guns, the ability to fire them, and the ability to not be constantly hugging Titania to taste this aura. Full Moon: This is a companion damage buff, in a game where most companions do crap damage, on a frame where the only good ability forces your companions into a pocket dimension where they cannot fight. It buffs Razorfly damage, but Razorfly damage is a joke and the Razorflies die within seconds of being summoned. Both of these abilities have glaring root problems that have not been addressed. Buffing the numbers does not fix the problems, and does not even bandaid the problems due to how bad the abilities are to begin with.
  9. Disposition is actually from .5 to 1.6. The little dots just give a very rough indicator of where the disposition is.
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