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  1. I want to talk about this bit right here. You know what you got for doing these things? You got to use the strong content or make piles of plat for months or years before anyone else reasonably could. I already did everything here except Arcane Helmets (which were already trade only by the time I started) and Liches (because I didn't interact with Liches past the first 3 I did). I got to make thousands of platinum off of Exodia Contagion and Exodia Epidemic because I ground out the gems and wisps. I got to use whatever Operator or Zaw Arcane I wanted for years before most other players did unless they did the same grind. I got to use full Arcane sets years before most of the playerbase, or sell them for a significant chunk of plat. I got to own everything with Vitus essence months before others. I got to use the Wolf Sledge months before others. I got to use all the shiny Avionics I wanted thanks to a good reactor a few months before others. Warframe doesn't do this "it was once terrible so it must always be terrible" crap. You can do it early, and take advantage of everything for months or years before anyone else. Or you can wait. Your time isn't being devalued because of how sad you feel that you got to use full sets of Arcane Grace and Energize years before most players even saw one.
  2. Empyrean: Kuva Lich Changes Fixes: Fixed Ivara Prime's butt being slightly less elastic than intended. Proper ass suppleness has been restored! Fixes towards Eidolons sometimes working correctly. Optimized lighting in side tunnels of the Grineer Sealab Sharkwing segments. No more will sharks eat your FPS! Removed seagulls from Conclave. Toned down the Kuva Bramma particle effects. While going over particles we noticed the effects were larger then the area, so this also fixes that by buffing the Kuva Bramma's explosion range from 7m to 11m as intended. Fixes towards the Prisma Uru Syandana clipping weirdly with Ivara's Skathi skin. Fixes towards Quiver placement on Ivara's Skathi skin. Improved texture quality and luster for the dull metallics on Ivara's Skathi skin. Fixes towards the Telos Boltace ragdoll lasting an unintended short time in a much shorter range; this should restore it to the original vision of a tile wide CC option for melee. Removed seagull adjacent birds from Conclave. Additional fixes towards Ivara's Skathi skin's butt not being as full as it could be. Removed Zephyr from Conclave, as she was seagull adjacent. She will be readded after her kit is looked over and rebalanced for Conclave! Changed beam weapons that can chain to now properly chain to any valid target within range if possible instead of requiring direct aim on a valid target. Increased Hydroid's passive chance to spawn a tentacle to 100%, and improved tentacle duration. Tentacles now also gain a damage and duration buff if spawned via a heavy attack slam. More fixes towards Ivara's ass. Re-added seagulls to Conclave.
  3. This all sounds really good. Going through in depth here. ETA: Thank you. I would much rather wait a week to have the most painful bugs ironed out and progression issues finalized than have it a week early and play the guessing game of "what's intended, what's broken, and should I bank on exploiting whatever is broken now to get progress in case it gets nerfed or made less fun later". Not much else to say but please also do this in the future. Kuva Larvling: All good; this helps a lot if I want, say, a Kuva Tonkor and now can just roll Larvlings for one instead of slogging through 3 hour Lich hunts or forced into trading. The minor Kuva gain is also nice as a smol consolation prize while farming for that. Only other thing I can think of to improve this (if it isn't in already!) is that the weapon pop up appears 2-3 seconds before you can stab the Larvling and the weapon pop up is always visible without being in stab range: this way a player can see if the Larvling has the weapon they want as soon as they down it, and means the player won't accidentally knife their way into a Lich while the weapon pop up appears. Back breaking: Thank you. I know gameplay wise this isn't a big deal; the Lich shattering your spine is effectively just a 5 second frozen cutscene and -10% current affinity. But this is a huge feel change, as now it will actually be the Lich surviving the wound instead of the Lich murdering you for guessing wrong. Valence Transfer: Again, thank you. This is more for minmaxers who want a perfect Kuva Seer or Chakkur, but still amazing. It also means a 50% or 55% or 60% Kuva weapon still has trade value (since you bypass the grind!) but it gives a method for any normal player to grind up their own 'perfect' roll. It also means getting a duplicate that isn't a great roll won't be depressing, which is nice. These all just look amazing. I'm going to remain somewhat skeptical given your track record with these kinds of things, but assuming this is what it says on the tin it would get me to actually do Liches again.
  4. Old UI: Warframe Abilities New UI: Warframe Abilities I hope you get my point. Current UI seems obsessed with being 'clean' with no regards to how much of a pain in the ass it is to use. If I click a Warframe's ability page, I don't really want a full diorama showcasing that they exist: I want info on their abilities. If I must have such a diorama, at least let clicking on an ability give me all relevant information instead of squirreling important info behind several layers of Tabs in the Tips screen to get a grossly simplified Tip that might not even explain everything. If I click a weapon's page I want to see what MR it is, how I get it + the plat option for paying, and the stats. I don't want to see a diorama of Valkyr holding a Kraken, with a little About page I have to trawl through to learn basic things like how much damage it does, or that I can buy the blueprint from the market.
  5. " the Kuva weapons earned from Liches are top-of-the-line statwise." Can you please look over the Kuva weapons then? The Kuva Kohm for instance is a massive downgrade compared to the regular Kohm, before even factoring in the worse Riven disposition. It loses 33.3% of the Kohm's base damage, and the damage fall off at max range goes all the way down to ~6% compared to the Kohm's ~50%. That's massive, and due to the short fall off means the weapon is completely nonviable (just shooting the end of a hallway already reaches max fall off!). This is silly. The weapon is already crippled by needing a fantastic roll to have the same base damage as normal, and then is further crippled by dealing 8x lower damage even with that fantastic roll. The 'benefits' it has over the regular are also almost completely useless (+ crit on a non crit viable shotgun, where the crit chance mod sucks? Minor +firerate on a gun you generally need to build firerate already?), or are useless in the face of those nerfs (+status means you can 100% status without a Riven, but dealing 8x lower damage means that it's still worse then a regular Kohm with no Riven for 100% status). So, y'know. Please look over and actually buff these weapons. As is my enjoyment at getting what I consider a close to perfect Kuva Kohm after hours grinding my Lich died the instant I used it and found out it's the same as my regular Kohm, except S#&$tier.
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