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  1. When are you going to fix the melee for Controller users? I literally cannot survive the Plate event solo because I cannot melee combo making Healing return and life strike or any defensive stance impossible. I feel extremely cheated in moy chances of completion.
  2. IDK if anyone else is getting this glitch, but when using Garuda powers, I keep ending up inside a wall or falling through the floor with no "respawn" or targets to try to jump out
  3. Hey DE, You fixed the Steam contrllor working at log in screen but now the items menu is broken. Menu pops up, but won't activates usage
  4. Hey DE. I want to thank you for the additions and fixes. My Steam contoller still doesn't work with all of in game UI in certain menus like the clan roster or friend request, but you have given me a disabled guy much ease not having to clutter my sitting area with a keyboard and mouse again. Thank You Soorah
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