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  1. Hey DE. I want to thank you for the additions and fixes. My Steam contoller still doesn't work with all of in game UI in certain menus like the clan roster or friend request, but you have given me a disabled guy much ease not having to clutter my sitting area with a keyboard and mouse again. Thank You Soorah

  2. And yet we still can't get the fix on Steam controller not properly ineracting with UI, log in screen, or dojo/liset decor. Can't even accept freind request or some game invites. I'm beggining to think you care very little about some of your long term community members here......... not a good look

  3. I may be a bother about this, but as a 4 and a half year vet I ask....

    Can you finally and for once fix all the glitches and bugs before you worry aout new content? I use my Steam controller as my pc remote because the actal pc is across the room, and UI won't allow log in w/o using keyboard and my chat has several interactive glitches. I can't even interact with friend request at all. Come on DE. I've been a supporter since Dark Sector. Make me feel like its worth it

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