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  1. When are you going to add Octavia, Pandero and Tenora?
  2. Since when is Warframe a P2W game? FFS Seriously you're much more in PVE here not in PVP unless its an event ..... and looking at all the frames,weapons,sentinels mods you can get em from farming and trading too.. and you didnt spend a single buck for it then... sure if you want to get em fast and quick spend your $.. If we were talking about a MMORPG where you have to watch out constantly for PK's or fighting High Level Dungeon Bosses and need Boosters for your Skils, Hp, MP then yeah P2W is the best Option. But here in Warframe everyone got the same chance to play this game. SO Stop Complaing bout ppl who are going to buy the new frame and get for the quest a dumb mod which you can allways get over the sortie or from other players...... Nah something better instead of that go quit this game