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  1. Not sure if there has been a post on this bug yet but I am getting an issue where my Warframe is overlaying my mods in my arsenal so it makes it a pain to install mods if you search for a specific mod.
  2. I think I would have a heart attack or something if I manage to get +damage +Mutlishot +Critical of any sorts
  3. Dont worry guys I made the better choice 😄
  4. You know what, I think I am going to go with the +Damage +Multishot, cos when I really think about it the -reload is very bad, like very very bad. Thank you guys for your inputs
  5. Very good point, I hadn't really thought of the -reload too much apart from it been pretty slow at reloading
  6. I am using the Karak Wraith with 15% Crit Chance so crit will be a fair bit more viable, it has a 32.5% Crit Chance with Point Strike
  7. So, I have just roll my Karak riven and I am now faced with one of the hardest riven decisions of my life. Do I keep my +Damage + Mulitshot or do I take the roll, +Damage to Corpus +Crit Damage +Crit chance -Reaload Speed?
  8. That was Nvdias PhysX, it was removed from the game because it started to have stability issues or something of the sorts, I also really miss that. I never got a chance to use it but it was a dream of mine XD. But from what I heard Steve said they are working on their own version of PhysX. So maybe we get to look forward to that in the future. Soon™.
  9. ngl completely forgot about that lmao, maybe just keep is load how it is and then jobs a good one 😄
  10. I've revently been watching some old videos on Warframe (videos from 2013 when I first started to play) and I jsut remember I much I actually miss the old Warframe, don't get me wrong, I love the current Warframe but there are just some thing form the old Warframe that I also really love still, like the old colour pallet of the game and the old version of the gui/star map, I was just wondering if it would be possible for DE maybe in the future or something to release a "legacy" version of the game so plays like my self and new players can experiance the old version of Warframe, back when the fastest way to travel around was to run, back when bullet jumping and stuff didn't exsist. I just though it would be cool from a legacy version to exsist so people can if they want to play the original version of Warframe 😄 Below are some screenshots from one of the YouTube videos I watched about the 2013 Warframe.
  11. Yeah I am getting the extact same thing happen to my, I sent a support ticket in but they redirected the to bug reports.
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