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  1. I think you are missing the point. Your math is correct but you are looking at it the wrong way. In your scenario your status weapon is getting 25 more procs which is much more damage than the non status which is getting 2 more procs. One of these is much higher value just like a crit weapon.
  2. I really have no idea why you love posting so much and manage to never contribute anything to discussion while being generally crass and condescending. Any problem with this game is brushed off by you in sometimes a hilarious fashion. The huge amount of things interacting multiplicatively puts DE in a pretty horrible spot design wise for things like bosses especially, this is where people complain about the new adaptive damage reduction formulas and huge reliance on HP gaiting but the way damage works rn they literally have to so there is not a boss that can be killed in 10 seconds but is doable for most players or a boss that is 10 mins for a veteran but 10 years for nonmeta builds. Does doing 10 thousand damage instead of 1 million really take the fun out of the game when enemy hp is also vastly scaled back. Not really, gun play and abilities are still the same. Nerfing is okay sometimes. There are obvious problems with the way damage works right now and pointing that out is okay, I don't agree with his solution and that is also okay. Brushing it off as a non-issue makes zero sense however. I would look at the other post I quoted to get an idea of how to contribute to a conversation even when you don't agree with the topic. This hits the nail on the head, armor scaling and the many multiplicative interactions are what is broken, picking one in particular just doesn't make sense in general. The OPs solution to this doesn't make it not multiplicative. Make critical damage additive along with viral and multishot would go a long way and be a more equitable nerf. I think I've seen requests to make certain mod bonuses additive and I don't like how it makes so many weapons feel homogenous. Very weapon would be built like a hybrid if crit mods additively increase crit stats, which I don't think is ideal.
  3. "Play the way I want to play" then hunt voms on your own. What you're doing is equivalent to mining or fishing during an open world mission, you're shafting your team because YOU want more resources. This is super selfish and if someone calls you out on it idk why you can't understand why. People don't really take kindly to leeches not playing the objective so they personally can get more resources. Technically it's a playstyle but leeches are despised in every game and you unfortunately don't get to also demand people to not be upset by it. People in 2021, the year of our lord are really talking about leeching as a legitimate playstyle.
  4. Lots of people are complaining about the Yareli quest being too hard. The quest itself is pretty easy, I completed in about an hour and a half. I had never used a K-drive beforehand, and have no mods or alternate kdrives. If you want to complain about forcing dumb boards on people or how k-drives don't really works very consistently, I have no issues with you. If you are having trouble, here are some tips for the pages. Trick Chaining - Earn 500 points in a K-Drive trick chain - Earn 1000 points in a K-Drive trick chain - Earn 1500 points in a K-Drive trick chain - Earn 2000 points in a K-Drive trick chain - Keep a K-Drive trick chain alive for 20 seconds - Perform 5 10x combos Use this highlighted location in the transit depot. There are 4 rails all positioned in a circle, and you can chain grinds and copters together infinitely with them. I randomly stumbled upon this spot, and you can easily get x30 combos which quickly fulfill all of these quest points. K-Drive Airtime Just fly up in your archwing to the sky box and switch to K-drive. Not sure if this is the intended way or not but whatever. Races Look at all the races! Long ones give so many points you can screw up really bad and still get 5000 points. These quest points are free, just preview the leader boards before you do the race. Getting the score to show up I personally do not understand what gets the game to actually start tallying your score so that tricks count for all the different "perform X trick" points, but I always started on a grind until the counter showed up, then started to do my tricks. Conclusions K-drive has a lot of issues, and now that it's necessary to do for a frame, it is being scrutinized for it instead of kicked to the corner. However, this quest isn't hard and has no RNG, which is always a plus. There are some people calling this a cash grab from DE, just as the did grendel, which literally has no RNG. You want a cash grab? Think harrow or khora or sevagoth. Yareli is more reminiscent of acquiring older frames where there was limited or no RNG, you just got the frame. Either way, K-drives kinda suck, but I hope you this mini-guide helps with getting the quest done. lmk if you have any other questions (:
  5. The Situation Glaives are hilariously over-tuned, particularly glaive prime. A standard glaive heavy attack build with volatile quick return guarantees 66,000 damage slash ticks on glaive prime. I have a friend who uses the cerata, which is a horrible weapon, yet it is still able to pull off similarly ludicrous damage numbers. This deletes everything in one shot even into level 500 steel path enemies in a huge AoE. It is safe to say that the game has never seen anything remotely this powerful, except maybe maiming strike atterax, even kuva bramma or tonkor at their most powerful were nowhere in the same ballpark as glaives. The Problem Many people are understandably skeptical of nerfs, but glaives (and most melees in general, but especially glaives) are so powerful that any DPS frame except one that is buffing weapon damage is completely outclassed by any frame just spamming a glaive. Frames like Vauban or Khora that group up enemies make these weapons even more absurd and it is not unusual for my vauban to score 80-90% of team damage in missions despite being a support/cc frame. Mesa, baruuk, or lavos would kill to have damage like that, but they don't. So why would you use the DPS frames if the point is they are doing more damage than if you went a non-damage frame, but the best damage comes from glaives? There isn't a reason, you will always go a buffer, cc or tanky frame and spam glaives. Nerf glaives, nerf melee and make dps frames relevant again.
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