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  1. Thought DX9 was no longer supported. Hmm
  2. Those ticker changes are highly appreciated. Too bad they didn't come sooner when we needed them 😄
  3. Hope we see more on orbs and how they'll work. Also curious to see your reaction to our reaction on fortuna
  4. That fetch fix is really appreciated. Was having a hard time picking between easy pickup or cat buffs. Could you also look into Venari and fetch? Seems like it doesn't work on it, at least for clients
  5. Thought being able to use sleep on neutral critters was unintentional. Finally a reason not to be afraid to use my ivara
  6. Nice to see eudico not moonlighting as an ostron anymore
  7. Thank you for those drone improvements
  8. Thank you for those AI fixes. There seems to be a noticeable improvement in normal missions each update, looking forward to seeing how they improved in this one.
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