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  1. Hey guys, I just returned to Warframe from a long break, would like to join the clan :) IGN: xsc2
  2. Amazing investigation. Thank you for taking the time to write this up!
  3. xsc2

    Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

    328149 - Can walk into level geometry 328155 - Container in ground 328158 - Locker in wall 328163 - Control console in wall 328171 - Interesting barrel behavior 328175 - Label on MOA hacking is off 328180 - Stuck in level decoration 328185 - Weird geometry 328186 - Deathorb/shield panel simultaneously spawns 328189 - Osprey stuck position 328192 - Container in ground 328193 - Container in level decoration 328195 - Pipe in level decoration
  4. xsc2

    Coming Soon: Devstream #49!

    1. Are there plans to create an open API for developers? 2. Are there any plans to further develop/update the Nexus app?
  5. xsc2

    March 13Th: Community Hot Topics!

    My only problem with this whole AFK debate, is that it just beating around the bush, but not solving the problem. A game system that decides if someone is eligible for rewards/energy/whatever is a bad way to handle this. Firstly, the false positives. Secondly, what if a few friends decide to help a new friend of theirs level their stuff, and this newbie just sits still until the big guys take care of the mission? In this case the AFK status of the player was accepted by the team. (Even if this is a crap example) Thirdly, what about the players who are not contributing to the mission, just running around following the ones who do the killing. In this case this player is also an unwanted one, just like an AFK player, the team doesn't want him to leech (opposite to the previous example), and want to get rid of them. The AFK system won't flag him. So whats better? The ability to pick our team, and get rid of the leechers. Even a half-legged system which only activates after 2 minutes would help a little. But proper team management tools are really needed.
  6. xsc2

    Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

    308664 - Map generation error 308665 - Half of friendship door's console in wall 308666 - Invisible wall 308667 - Container in pie 308668 - Mean containers 308669 - Container in ground 308671 - Levitating insignia 308672 - Pit eats loot 308673 - Container in ground 308675 - leaking corpus tile 308677 - container in ground Edit: add more 310111 - Container in ground 310112 - Container in ground 310113 - Hard to reach friendship door console 310114 - Map generation error 310115 - Iced room on phobos 310116 - Container in ground 310117 - Container in ground 310118 - Container in ground 310119 - Interesting Grineer engineering 310122 - Stuck position
  7. xsc2

    Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

    302494 - Hard to shoot sensor 302496 - Loot stays in pit 302499 - Hard to shoot sensor 302500 - Container in wall 302502 - Invisible wall 302503 - Level geometry pops out 302505 - Prop missing volume 302507 - Black locker in secret room 302508 - Camera in roof 302510 - Map escape 302512 - Container in ground 302514 - Container in ground 302518 - Closed door a bit open 302519 - Loot stays in pit 302579 - Hide in level geometry
  8. xsc2

    Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

    A question: Should we create new comments here whenever our comment is not the last one, or edit our older comments with new findings? Just because whenever I come back I see at lest 2-3 new comments, and it feels wasteful to create a new one every day.
  9. xsc2

    Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

    This is a really nice feature! 296679 - Missing "art/geometry" 296681 - Locker not opening 296682 - Missing ice volume Edit, more: 297269 - Insignia in air 297271 - Container in ground 297272 - Container in ground 297273 - Container in ground 297976 - Misplaced fire 297977 - Pit not teleporting loot up 297979 - Hole in map 297980 - Container in ground 297982 - Lockers not opening in secret loot "room" 297987 - Map hole 298677 - Map escape 298679 - Container in wall 298680 - Missing water volume 298681 - Un-openable lockers 299252 - Levitating locker
  10. Thank you for this detailed report, it is always fascinating to read about developmen. :)
  11. xsc2

    Psa: Matchmaking & Presence Server

    Thanks for the detailed case report! It is always nice to see that the hamsters are taken care of properly :)
  12. xsc2

    Coming Soon: Devstream #38!

    Unrelated to the planned topics, but I'm curious: Q: Are there any plans to create a public API to access data about the game (alerts, invasions, operations, leaderboards, etc) and users (mastery, challenges, stats, etc.)?
  13. Hi! If there are empty spaces left, would you add me? IGN: xsc2 Thanks! :)
  14. xsc2

    Hotfix 8.3

    So many changes and fixes, it's long even to read it. Thanks!